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Does Cannabis Really Lower the IQ of Youth?

Yesterday the mainstream media reported that a study done by PNAS (no not penis) has proved that weed lowers the IQ of youth. Now most people will read the headline and see this as undeniable proof, others will read the article and see that as undeniable proof- especially because it’s being reported by so many different major news companies, it has to be true! Or does it? Very few will actually take a good look at the study and see how poorly it was done, and come to the conclusion that this is bullshit being used as anti-marijuana propaganda. There are 4 files given as the supporting evidence of this study, but there are so many specifics left out. Things like the procedure details are left out, the amount of cannabis smoked by the people in this study is left out, and really, just any writing describing any possible variables, or how they knew who had smoked weed and who hadn’t. We can assume that they drug tested them, or that the students were asked, but in any real scientific study there shouldn’t be assumptions, as there should be a description of such important key elements of any given study. It’s bullshit studies like these that completely distort public opinion because for the most part, the majority of the public will hear any news report making any random claim like “a study was done proving that albinos have hairier nipples that non-albinos”, and then say to themselves, “well, ya don’t say”.. I know it’s not the best example, but you know what I mean.

When looking for this study done by PNAS, I came across a similar study done in 2002 done by CMAJ and when you compare the data of the 2 studies it becomes clear which one has an approach that is more scientific. The study done by CMAJ in 2002 describes everything with meticulous detail as every credible study should. I suggest you read it if you want a more detailed study about the effect cannabis has on the IQ of youth. Here’s a notable quote from it:
” The mean IQ difference score for the former users did not differ significantly from that for the non-users, which suggests a lack of long-term effects. Similarly, there was no negative impact on IQ difference among former heavy users relative to non-users (in contrast to the situation for current heavy users). This lack of a long-lasting negative impact suggests the absence of any CNS alteration as reflected by global IQ performance. ”

Perhaps I am in a position where my opinion on this matter is biased towards the story weed lowering IQ in the youth being bullshit having been a heaviy cannabis user when I was an a teenager, smoking more back then, then I do presently. But I kept an open mind and looked at the study, and in my opinion that is not a study that merits any media attention whatsoever. I was skeptical from the get-go knowing that bullshit studies have been done like this one in the past to demonize cannabis, for instance check out this short clip from The Union, about a study where monkeys were given marijuana via gas-masks which suffocated them and prevented them from getting any oxygen to the brain and brain cells dying. This “study” (more like act of animal cruelty) was used to claim that cannabis causes brain damage:

For people who don’t smoke weed, and lean towards it being a bad thing- you are wrong, and in all odds you are letting the burnouts in your high school give weed a bad rap. That, or the anti-drug propaganda taught by Dare or Raid, which lumps coke, heroin, and weed into the same category (at least it did when I was in grade 5) have manipulated your perspective. I’m not saying if you don’t smoke weed, you should- because its recreational use is a very small part of why I believe this plant should be legalized. The reason these anti-cannabis studies are still getting covered in the corporate media is because the truth about weed is coming to light. This plant on an industrial level can be used to make bio-degradable plastic, very durable fiber for clothing, renewable fuel for sustainable energy, paper with 4x the efficiency of the methods currently being used, cement, and then there’s the medicinal ailments it can cure more effectively then any prescription pills, diseases like cancer, diabetes, arthritis, alzheimers, fibromyalgia, epilepsy, glaucoma, and I barely scratched the surface. Sounds like a good thing, but not for the corporations that would go under if this plant were legalized. This plant can be grown anywhere and if people could grow something that would cure them of most diseases, the drug companies would simple go down hill. This is why many corporations lobby against weed being legal, in fact it’s one of the primary reasons it was made illegal in the first place- the paper company made the campaign against cannabis knowing that this plant would run them out of business. That and racism, because in the 30’s, 40’s, and 50’s weed smokers were primarily blacks and mexicans in the Jazz club scene.

In conclusion, don’t believe any news headline, any thing you learned in school, and any law that spreads disinformation about this plant. Do your own research and you will come to the same conclusion that it is the most useful plant on this planet. It’s a shame that we are not able to use it because of such catastrophic legislation. If you have doubts of cannabis being able to cure cancer (or any other diseases I mentioned), I strongly urge you to watch Run From the Cure – It’s only an hour long, and it’s a real eye-opener to the fact that the powers that be don’t want the cure for cancer to be available to the public, because they’re making a killing. (pun intended)

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The Illogical ‘Go Green’ Movement

Well before I get to the actual topic of this blog, here’s an update of the news: Iran, nuclear program, terrorists, Israel, Ahmadinejad, wipe off the map, good vs. evil, Hilary Clinton, Obama, Netanyahu…. Syria, rebels, chaos, death, Sanctions, Obama, Warning, Assad, Russia, China, UN, Chemical weapons, Alepo, Al Qaeda, Zionists, Libya, Pakistan, murder, murder, drone-drone, murder, murder, drone, drone… Attack Iran, before US elections? Nuclear warfare! nuclear warfare! Economic crises, economic collapse, Controlled demolition… Inflation, massacre, epidemic, unemployment… Hurricane Isaac, US election, Romney, Romney, Romney, Obama! Romney! Obama! Democrat! Republican! WW3! WW3! Celebrity distraction! Celebrity distraction! Mass-hypnosis, television, drought, drought, flood, flood, drought, drought, fire, fire, flood, hurricane, twister, higher food prices, gas prices, bullshit science, bullshit science, commercial, commercial, commercial, commercial, fear, fear, fear, consume, obey, work your life away..

Sorry to write in sentence fragments, but I get the feeling I’m saying the same shit over and over again. Aside from the subtle differences here and there its the same bullshit in the news, and I think all the sentence fragments of the last paragraph will tell the story just as well as any actual sentence structured paragraph. I didn’t include local news for obvious reasons and some sentence fragments I mentions without getting too specific, things like commercials, celebrity distraction, and bullshit science. Speaking of bullshit science I noticed this bullshit on niacin. Niacin is vitamin B3 and up until this recent trial it was known to reduce the risks of strokes& heart attacks- plus there are many other benefits of taking niacin as well, but that’s not relevant to where I’m going with this. Apparently they had a trial and concluded, “Niacin Does Not Reduce Stroke Or Heart Attack Risk, Trial Ended 18 Months Early”, other headlines indicated that it actually increases the risk of stroke and heart attack which I don’t buy. First of all why would they end the trial 18 months early? There’s a reason these trials are made to go on as long as they do- to get a better analysis of the effects on a group of people over an extended period of time. Also what they don’t mention in the headline of any articles when you google “niacin stroke” is that in these clinical trials they used time release niacin (niacinimide) and also included a prescription drug that is used for high cholesterol and to reduce the risk of strokes, and heart attacks- statin which is basically a pharma counter part of niacin. What people don’t know is that statin has been known to cause strokes. So this is the bullshit science that goes on regularly that I’m talking about. This is like doing a clinical trial for a cure for aids, and ending it early and saying the cure increases the risk of aids in the heading, yet leaving out the fact that the people given the cure also had to have sex with a hoe with aids afterward, and that the cure was a time release version. It’s bullshit science like this that has the masses changing their lifestyles every 2 weeks based on a reporter reading what they’re told to read- while coming off as an official and most of the time it’s not in the people’s best interest- but the interest of bigPharmas quarterly statement, and the population control agenda.

Now let me ask you this, is a birds nest natural? How about a bee hive? A beaver dam? An aunt hill? If you agree that they all are- then why is something that humans make considered unnatural? Everything animals make is considered natural, so if we’re part of nature (assuming we weren’t genetically modified by an advanced species) then everything we make would be natural to then, right? Just saying everyone says that’s not natural! It’s not good for you, it’s unnatural! Natural shit can also be bad for you too. Ever try eating dog shit? Anywho everything is natural if we accept ourselves as part of nature- we just have more complexity and the things we make are advancing exponentially. So let’s grant the notion that everything we make as a species is natural as true- then if we made a robot that made things would that be natural? How about a robot, that makes a robot, that makes things? I’m just wondering what is the criteria which defines something as ‘natural’ or ‘artificial’? Been thinking about this lately and couldn’t explain it with 140 characters on twitter so I put it as paragraph in a blog despite the fact that it’s probably a we bit off-topic.

Now to point out the bullshit in the “go green” meme which irritates me on a regular basis. Now I personally don’t believe that the average human is responsible for global warming. I do think the climate is in a constant flux- but if anything I think this is part of a long regular cycle that our sun goes through which changes the climate in the entire solar system. That or maybe the ionospheric heaters like haarp are impacting the natural (there’s that word again) balance of the weather? But here’s the bullshit- why is it called “going green”. For those of you that have been living in a cave for the past 10 years and don’t know the big man-made global warming THEORY, it proposes that co2 (carbon monoxide) is causing global warming so we have to reduce co2 emissions or else we won’t be able to live on this planet any more. Here’s what I don’t get, co2 is what plants breathe- so if we’re reducing the gas that plants breathe, where does the green come in? You’d assume “go green” would be about some tree-hugging self-important ‘save the planet’ ideology where green is supposed to symbolize plant-life specifically because the chlorophyll in plants which makes them green. So if we’re reducing co2, wouldn’t that be detrimental to plant life? What really pisses me off is the fact that this “go green” bullshit never mentions legalizing weed. This whole green movement is nothing but an insidious method of taking away more freedoms, imposing more taxation, implementing population control, and doing it under the guise of saving the environment. If this was really about saving the environment they would also include the environmental implications of depleted uranium- but that’s the thing. Everything covered in the news is always to build a case for us (the working class) to eventually change our way of living- while never criticizing the corporations that our responsible for far greater damage, or the inefficacy of our bought and sold elections, and any bullshit military endeavor which is leading to the economic implosion of the modern day Roman empire the US- covering that on the corporate news may result in you losing your job as a reporter.

Well the economy is going down, and if you examine the pattern of the last 2 great economic depressions, they were usually followed by great wars (great is a strange word to describe an economic depression or war)- and also potential epidemics. The best way to fix this turmoil is to have a bunch of men kill each other, thus reducing the population dramatically so that we don’t ever have to fix the root of the problems- and the corporations and bankers can continue their crazy ambitions of a new world order- and I call them crazy because I can’t see the appeal in that much power personally, and I can’t imagine any body with the right mind who could. War is fighting strangers from countries you’ve never been to, for bullshit reasons, or because of an ultimatum given by the government of fighting or being imprisoned. I’m not criticizing the troops, because they truly believe what they are doing is the right thing. The majority of the western people are believing in a false terrorist threat because of the 9/11 attack of mass deception which has it’s 11th anniversary coming up. The system has been made to fail, the enemy isn’t in Iran or Syria, and there won’t be any clear way out of this unless people have a mass awakening and see the anomalies of the WTC attacks- so that they can accept that they’re being lied to. It is only then that we can refuse to comply with the military industrial complex collectively. The loss of life in WW1 and 2 could’ve been avoided if the people chose not to fight… If on Christmas they can effectively have a cease fire during WW1 for a day it proves that this behavior is not an impossibility.. so why do we fight at all? “All war is based on deception”, if we can see past the veil of deception maybe there will be peace- research 911!

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Corporate Distortion and the Freedom Illusion

August 15, 2012 1 comment

When you take a look around the world, it becomes clear that our way of living is unsustainable. Some people will argue that over-population is to blame, but I beg to differ. I think that even though population may be a small factor in sustainability, the real problem is the entire paradigm of our current corporate driven, consumption based system, with a monetary system based on usury, and also institutional religions which manipulate mans irrational sign by using fear and shame to create a bunch of robotic believers who don’t hesitate to put money in the basket at mass. How much of that money actually helps the poor? God knows- pun intended.

You see, all corporations are under pressure to keep growing so that their investors are pleased with their investments and don’t end up selling. So corporations put the greater good for humanity and the well-being of the planet second and third to the bottom line, capital, profit, *plays worlds smallest violin*. This is why sweat shops exist in some countries where free trade has also been implemented. This is why prisons are privatized and prison populations in the US have increased by 700% since Nixon declared the war on drugs 40 years ago (the American version of sweatshops). This is why the FDA regularly approves drugs without adequate testing to ensure the drugs are safe, and pharmaceuticals kill more people then all illegal drugs combined. This is why cannabis is still illegal despite the fact that it’s the most useful plant on this planet which can do anything from cure cancer, to make oil, or create the strongest fiber for clothing- and I haven’t even scratched the surface with it’s uses. This is also why the US has invaded 66 countries since the end of WW2, and by the looks of it 67 is just around the corner. This is why we are still using gasoline for energy and why we are using so many ineffective and sometimes dangerous methods for power. It all goes back to the corporate sponsors, their lobbyists, and the presidents promises he made them after they gave him campaign contributions which is what really wins or loses elections if the winners aren’t prepicked from the get-go (this wouldn’t surprise me). This leads to an unprecedented amount of corruption in politics- and simply voting democrat instead of republican or vice versa never changes anything.

Then we look at the world as a whole, and you see obesity and diabetes rates soaring in the west, probably due to high-fructose corn syrup (a cheaper alternative to sugar for more corporate profit) and the methods of industrial farming, then on the other side of the world starvation and cholera are epidemics, because there’s no food or even clean water in a lot of places. While this is happening the US spends a trillion it doesn’t have on it’s military- all part of the military industrial complex, oil companies, any corporation who can profit of whatever any given country has to offer (just think about Afghanistan) and I’m sure the long-term goal of a new world order is also a factor. Then you see floods on one side and droughts on the other, and with HAARP (an ionospheric heater) being able to control the weather how do we know this isn’t just another method for milking profits. But no need to think about this chaotic imbalance on the planet when you’re at the mall shopping. Maxing out your credit cards on shit you don’t need, only to get a temporary feeling of happiness followed by a need to shop again. I’m sure there’s a release of dopamine or some other neuro-transmitter(s) for people when they splurge, and in that way shopping is like a drug for some- all cleverly implanted in you via commercials and ads that manipulate one’s irrational desires or gets you singing catchy jingles and saying catchy slogans because you’ve seen the commercial so many times. “Bet you can’t eat just one!”, “the energizer bunny keeps going and going”, “Nobody beats the brick!”, “Always coca cola”, “Make 7up yours!” etc. This coming from a person who has watched nearly zero commercials for the last 2 years- just goes to show how deeply engrained even a person who avoids ads is with the corporate slogans.

In addition to the corporate monsters which were created to meet the demands of goods and services of a growing population, the federal reserve has highjacked nearly the entire planet, and the governments of every country is in debt by huge amounts of money putting pressure on them to raise taxes gradually while hiding the tax under some bullshit euphemistic name. So pressures on while we’re on this treadmill. It’s like plate spinning, we’ve got our bills as a plate, taxes as another, our materialistic needs another, and an ever increasing inflation rate making the plates bigger and harder to balance. If the plates fall, you go bankrupt- so you work week after week, at a job you may hate, in a repetitious cycle counting down your days of work until the weekend- which you will probably use to spend money on something you don’t need to cheer you up temporarily amidst the economic slavery you call freedom. Then you go home and watch the news which pumps you full of paranoia- that anyone and everyone around you could be a shooter/rapist/a child molester, or that a terrorist wants to kill you because of this freedom you have which is so amazing right? At the same time everyone else thinks the same about you. Everyone keeps there head down at their cellphones, and I predict at this rate that simple human conversation is going to be very hard for the next generations. The entire planet is under pressure, maybe even those big elite families as well. Their pressure is the fact that they know we have the numbers, and if we ever realized how much their fucking us we’d have their heads. So they’re under pressure to ensure we remain divided, dumbed down, and too stressed out making ends meet to ever organize amongst one another and revolt on these elite pricks who have taken all the wealth and are gradually bringing about a new world order which will include such features as a micro-chipped population and a hivemind always monitored by a computer to which we will all connect to. We will be forced to subordinate… but on the bright side they might have technology which can release feel-good chemicals into our synapses so that we will be happy to serve at least… ah? ah? alriiight….

How do we change such a complex interconnected web of deceptive dilemmas? That’s something I don’t know. There would have to be some sort of organizing, which would need many people to wake up to some of these facts, but most people are too stressed making ends meet, or too stupid to comprehend any of this because of all the toxic chemicals they ingest regularly (aspartame, fluoride)to even begin to fathom that they’re being fucked in the ass on a regular basis. Most people in the west believe they are free, and will work their entire lives with this belief, and the illusion of freedom makes it that much harder for people to feel the need to take down the powers that be. I wrote this blog, not with the belief that this is going to make any difference, but rather to get this shit out of my system- and maybe this will plant seeds amongst some, maybe it won’t, either it’s going to take more then a few seeds to fix this mess we’re in as a race- because if we continue the way we’re going all I see in the horizon is chaotic times, but maybe this is how it has to play out…

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Sikh Shooting, Anti-Climatic Mars Mission, and Dumb Spending

Last Sunday yet another lone shooter strikes in America, at a Sikh Temple killing 6 people until he was shot dead by police responders. The shooter used to be in the military and prior to his leave he joined the military psychological division. Once again a man who had no clear motive- and once again I can’t help but get the feeling that this was another mind controlled human predator drone. There’s always a connection to the military, never any real motive, the anti-gun stories precipitate in the media afterward, and there are anomalies like cop told mayor to prepare for a shooting 3 weeks before this attack, yet mayor says in an interview this event was shocking. Similar to the Bush administration saying they couldn’t of imagined being attacked with planes even though it was one of the training simulations they were doing on the day of 911. The killer was an alleged white supremacist who played in a hate-metal band but I have yet to see the lyrics of the band he was in but a band name “End Apathy” doesn’t seem too neo-nazi to me. Maybe he was a neo-nazi douche, maybe he wasn’t- either was I still think this was but another false flag, designed to build on the case for gun control. Another thing that bothered me was the Sikh who said “we are not Muslims, yet we are collateral damage for 9/11” implying that had it been a shooting at a Muslim temple this would’ve been justified? This had nothing to do with 9/11 and I bet this false flag was planned to cause yet more division by getting another religion involved. But still I do see how the Sikh’s can be frustrated being called bin laden when they’re in a completely different religion- I live in a part of the world where there are a lot of Sikhs, and I always see ignorant generalizations but the dumb majority who don’t understand different world religions- and nor do they care.

In other news, the Mars mission was a success but I can’t help but think this story is truly blown out of proportion. Not to mention the celebration of when the rover successfully landed- it almost looked like an acted celebration- I bet that was like their 4th take. Apparently this is just a repeat of other mars missions, but this time the rover that they dropped on the Martian atmosphere was much larger, so it required a different method for landing. I personally think this is just another way of making Americans feel patriotic again, and to distract them from the fact that the American empire is in unsustainable wars overseas, and the wars only appear to be gradually moving towards another world war. Just reminding Americans that they still are the leaders in space travel. Still when you consider the fact that this mission cost $2.5billion, while the US spent over $500billion every year for the last 5 years on military, and apparently 2012 is going to be over a $trillion spent on it’s military, you get a clearer picture of where the US has it’s priorities. If the US spent even half of the money it spends on military on space travel it would still have the highest military budget in the world and they’d probably have space colonies by now. Just saying this whole Mars mission is made to seem a lot more epic then it really is, and certainly more epic then it could be if the money spent to kill brown people and destroy nations were used constructively instead. Not to mention the crappy pictures they’ve released that almost makes me doubt this event actually happened.

Speaking of the US’s foolish spending, Obama gave Israel $70billion recently, in addition to the $3billion Israel gets every year. All the mainstream news reported it as $70million, but as you’ll see on the last link it’s billion and the MSM is downplaying this since they don’t want Americans to start revolting, or revolting more so that is. But if you want to win the next election I’d say that’s a smart move on Obama’s part. The remaining days before election day we’re going to see both Obama and Romney sucking Israel’s cock as that seems to be the key to being successful in politics in the US, and also in several other Zionist controlled nations. If you doubt the influence of the Israel Lobby, I suggest you watch the 50 minute documentary below to see why no one in US politics speaks against Israel and stays in office afterward.

Probably why Israel broke the truce against the Palestinians on the US presidential election day November 4th, 2008, and when Hamas retaliated with some rocket attacks (allegedly) Israel initiated Operation Cast Lead. 22 days of terrorizing Gaza resulting in 1400 dead Palestinians, mostly children. They used white phosphorus and scalar weapons and it was this event that made me realize Israel’s true nature as a terror-state, that Israel controls the western media, and that the US is under Israel’s control because as this was going on, I was getting online updates of all this shit I couldn’t believe, while the news on TV failed to even mention it most days.

But in conclusion, I have to wake up early for work in the morning so….

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