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False Flag: Trayvon Martin is a work of Fiction

Before I get started, let me just say that when I initially heard the events of this story I strongly believed that George Zimmerman should’ve got prison- seeing that in the official timeline of the story as I know it he was the one who pursued Trayvon and it is strictly because he pursued Trayvon that there was any confrontation at all, therefore the entire murder could’ve been averted had George Zimmerman not felt the need to play the hero role in this instance. Just wanted to say this so that this post isn’t misinterpreted. I’m only considering a possibility that seems to be the most plausible to me at the moment, so don’t get it twisted.

So here goes, a couple days ago I entertained to myself the idea that this entire scenario was nothing but a staged event being used to bring about a race war within the US. I initially entertained this idea because like every other story that the media goes into a super propaganda blitz with to the point that I’m sick of hearing about it, I start to suspect that it’s complete staged horseshit used for a hidden agenda. Some other examples of what I believe to be complete fabrications include Bradley Manning, Snowden, Assange, Anonymous, and Wikileaks. These are being used to co-opt any real resistance and misguide it into stupid shit like #FreeBradleyManning hashtags, or showing your support for Assange or Snowden because they did this this and that. You can see how these tactics can take any organized group of people and subvert their energy into bullshit causes like supporting these fictional characters for exposing the government, as opposed to using your energy to actually do anything that would actually make a difference. Just like the illusion of freedom these examples offer the illusion of revolution.

Back to this Trayvon bullshit. Here’s a quick reiteration on the story:
George Zimmerman a white latino possibly Jewish man in his late 20’s kills a 17 year old black boy who ended up having nothing but a packet of skittles on him.

I like how they seem to use hidden advertising in these media fabrications now adays to eh? Like the guy who found the girls who were held in captivity for decades had to say that he was was just eating McDonalds when. Kind of makes me wonder if this fabrication was brought to you by Skittles or something?

When I first thought about this scenario being fabricated it seemed a bit far out, and then I thought about 9/11 and remembered- oh ya! If they can pull 9/11 off and have the world believe the bullshit behind that story this would be easy. Like usual they build up the fake dichotomy in this case using the black leader cunts (the real truthful black leaders like MLK and Malcom X were assassinated and replaced by cunts, deal with it) and the gun nut Zimmerman supporter cunts to create the 2 fake oppositions- and the majority of people either take one side or the other or are apathetic, leaving people like me who see how methodically they’ve manipulated the masses with the media.

The thing that bothered me about this is the black community mobilizing to have the stand your ground law changed, and showing their outrage, yet none of them gave a shit about the million dead innocent Iraqis caused by Bush’s lies and that Obama said we need to move forward from after he was inaugurated. That’s why Martin Luther King was assassinated, he spoke out against the US war machine, not that they replay too many of those speeches. Also not every black leader with political power is a cunt- but the cunt to non-cunt ration today is vast..

Proof that this is some bullshit media blitz propaganda see exhibit a) Trayvons Facebook page. I like how it says official, it’s rather appropriate seeing that Trayvon isn’t a real person, he’s just a symbol like Nike… Stream down that facebook page and scroll down as far as you possibly can until you reach the bottom- you’re probably not going to reach the bottom. But you’ll reach the conclusion that this facebook page along with all the media on this Trayvon story is some ethos pathos logos hocus pocus..
Next see exhibit B) this embedded video below that was uploaded yesterday does offer a lot of evidence that Trayvon isn’t real:

Now I have to wake up early for work tomorrow, so having said that

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