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Thoughts on the NSA Internet Surveillance Scandal

‘Edward Snowden’ has been a name repeated in the medias (news & social) for weeks now. For those of you who aren’t sure who Snowden is, here’s a gist of the whole NSA story: On June 3rd NSA employee Edward Snowden (or rather ex-NSA employee now I would imagine) exposed certain elements of the NSA’s methodology for collecting information from not just the American people, but the global populous. He went into the details of an NSA program known asPRISM which has surveillance on all live communications and is collecting internet usage information from the 9 internet giants Google, YouTube, FaceBook, Apple, Microsoft, Yahoo, Aol, Skype, and Pal Talk.

Just like Bradley Manning, Snowden also revealed information that isn’t really news to me. I mean aside from the name “Prism”, I had suspicions of this shit years ago, and I only stopped giving a shit recently. Now the MSM is reporting it so the docile masses have commenced giving a shit the only way they know how- posting tweets about how Snowden is a patriot, or how Obama should be impeached, or a tweet that includes the term “police-state” or makes reference to the novel “1984”. The irony of this is that they’re using the internet as the medium to express their opposition to internet surveillance.

Since the MSM is operated by high-levels of governments and corporations as well as the 9 internet companies listed above, they’re probably also responsible for the reporting on the Snowden and Manning whistle-blower stories. Therefore I believe that Snowden and Manning are staged whistle-blowers and that’s not to say that the information they are exposing is bullshit, but rather to say the government is using these staged whistle-blower stories to see what the public reaction will be to this idea of a such ubiquitous surveillance of all communication technologies. It’s the totalitarian tip-toe- they have to gradually introduce this shit to the public, if they really are planning to make a 1984-like scenario. I mean in the novel 1984 the telescreen watching everybody all the time was known and accepted by everyone, so in order for them to get there they first have to introduce the idea of internet surveillance to the masses, and eventually this will be an accepted part of reality. As opposed to Obama saying “we’re going to monitor the internet derp-de-derp”, they stage a whistle-blower create a scandal and have Obama respond to the scandal by saying something about how they can’t have both privacy and security. I mean this shit has probably been going on for years, but its been incognito- they’re now implementing it overtly in order to integrate it as just another normal part of society that no one questions. 5 years from now everyone will accept all communications being monitored for security, just like everyone accepted the ultimatum of being molested or being seen naked to get on a plane, as a way to prevent another 911/underwearbomber/(insert other bullshit terror plot on a plane here).

Perhaps this was why the internet was invented to begin with. I believe they had planned to eventually build up to this point where they have instant access to detailed information on practically everyone in the world. The internet evolved from the ARPAnet which was created by the US department of defense, so it should come as no surprise that information from Facebook and Google are being collected by the same people who created the internet. Sure they said the creation of the internet was to avoid loss of communication if a nuclear attack hit America during the cold war, but I believe this was just the excuse they used for an ulterior motive. Much like the NSA surveillance of the internet is justified by the threat of a terrorist attack, and Obama’s already going on record to say how this has already saved lives.

Here’s one way to avoid your privacy being invaded, for one thing stop uploading so much information about yourself on the internet. I mean a profile 10 years ago was a nickname, a brief description of yourself, your country, and maybe some interests- a few things to relate to the people you randomly met on ICQ. Facebook on the other-hand has information on everything from all your friends and family, the events you have planned, pictures of what you did yesterday with an option to geotag, what’s on your mind, what books, movies, shows you like, the schools you went to, where you work, the pictures you’re in may have you tagged to them, and I think now you can even put an entire timeline of your lifestory! I’m just saying if you don’t want certain private things to be a part of government record, then don’t put the private things on any internet profile. If you want to research some things in a more private way, use the web browserTor as it will mask your ip/location. But all in all this internet surveillance thing is small potatoes, compared to when brain implants become common-place and the government will begin surveillance on everyone’s thoughts, but luckily that won’t be for another decade or 2.

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