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We’re Not in the Clear Yet

December 29, 2012 3 comments

I’m going to make this a quick post, seeing as I have to get up for work tomorrow morning and was planning to go to sleep until when checking the weather network website I stumble upon a headline that says
New comet could appear brighter than moon in 2013
. Click the link and read that this comet called Ison may be 15 times brighter then the moon, and visible in the day time. That’s when my Nibiru-meter goes off the chart and I begin googling shit and thinking shit like: Maybe the end of each Bahktun in the Mayan long-count calendar was really used as a way to mark Comet Ison coming back again, and maybe there was an error when they synced up the Mayan calendar with the Gregorian calendar and they were off by 1 year? Maybe the Mayan calendar has nothing to do with this comet? Maybe it’s Nibiru? Maybe we’re all going to die!? ahhhhh! Maybe it’s another false alarm like Y2K&Dec.21/2012? Hewwww…. Maybe I should migrate to a nice underground city for the year? Or maybe this is just another bullshit story being used as a distraction from fiscal cliff and the upcoming economic crisis?

Now I’m no astronomical genious, nor do I have any idea the calculations involved in mapping a comet trajectory and what not, but hearing stories from mainstream media sites saying that this comet may be 15 times brighter then our moon in November 2013 makes me wonder. Another thing that is bugging me is I can’t seem to find out how big this comet is. There’s this quote from a Nasa page saying:– “In the best case, the comet is big, bright, and skirts the sun next November. It would be extremely bright — negative magnitudes maybe — and naked-eye visible for observers in the Northern Hemisphere for at least a couple of months.” Something weird about a Nasa site saying at best the comet is “big”, while not saying how big, which they should be able to figure out seeing that this comet is between Jupiter and Saturn by now.

Ok so here’s a hypothetical 2013 scenario:
January-March.. economic crash, chaos erupts, people lose all their wealth because of hyper-inflation or some next shit? People resort to cannibalism or starve to death etc. etc.

March-May.. World war 3 officially begins seeing as war seems to always follow an economic crash. Iran get’s attacked and, well maybe not all hell- but some hell breaks loose.

June-August.. Aliens invade, break up WW3, kill 144,000 in Israel to make the prophecy in the book of revelations true, and then unleash a zombie virus on us because they don’t want us blowing up the Earth as it would make a good colony. Oh ya, and these Aliens are riding 4 different coloured horses.

Sept-November… Comet Ison is visible and impending doom is apparent, that is to those of us who have survived the zombie apocalypse that was brought upon us by the alien horsemen of the apocalypse.

December.. 90% of humanity is wiped out from the cataclysmic even caused by comet Sion, while the aliens watch from their space ship like depicted in the picture depicted below…


Remember I said “hypothetical scenario”, not “likely scenario”. Ah well, looks like we have yet another year to wait to see if the world’s really going to end- whoop-dee-dooo. All in all, I gotta wake up in 6 hours.. so suffice to say… End Log?

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Conditioning Division

December 24, 2012 Leave a comment

Whether or not you want to accept it, we’ve all been conditioned. Through school, the media, music, our family, friends, politicians, advertisers, and through all of our life experiences. Or maybe I’ve been conditioned to think that we’ve all been conditioned- just kidding… So through all these different things most people or rather sheeple join one side or the other of the opposing dichotomies that are constructed for us (liberal/conservative, coke/pepsi, CNN/FOX, Bloods/Crips, Judeo-Christians/Muslims, Blacks/Whites, Democracy/Communist) while the minority of people who choose to not pick sides as they’d rather be individuals get ridiculed or labeled as crazy or ignored at the very least and seldom get taken seriously. This is probably why the majority rather be sheeple, to avoid being ostracized for being different. That or they’ve been programmed and conditioned to the extent that none of their views are truly their own. But is there any truly unique views on anything? Or have we all become parrots repeating some of the shit we’ve heard without even realizing it? Just saying that in this age of digital communications where memes come out of the digital feed on a daily basis, it’s hard to be an individual or creative.

I decided to write this blog because one of the people I follow on twitter claims to be a conservative and says all this shit about liberals. This person has a lot of views I agree with, although I think I’m a little more cynical when it comes to any efforts actually making any real difference- regardless of whether you’re an activist who takes to the streets or a digital aged slacktivist writing tweets I rarely see any real changes in the name of righteousness being made. Furthermore I find identifying with one group while attacking it’s opposite is falling right into the game designed by the powers that be. The ole’ divide and conquer strategy that has been used for hundreds if not thousands of years to keep the working-class AKA the serfs incessantly bickering with each other while the people on the top continue to take it all. Also by the people on top I’m not referring to the politicians. The politicians do what the powers that be tell them to do, and act as temporary scapegoats so the people have some one to blame when they’re having difficulties making ends meet in the economic rat-race they call freedom. You have a hard day at work and you’re stressed out trying to make ends meet, you turn on the TV and you’re nations “leader” is making a speech, you call him an asshole and feel better about yourself.

So in short be an individual and think for yourself- turn off the television and don’t rely on any source of information to be absolute truth, whether it’s the MSM, politicians, teachers, religious leaders, Alex Jones, WikiLeaks, Anonymous, Michael Moore, or any other source of news you use- because to quote the late George Carlin “Bullshit is rampant”, and here’s the paradox, if you read this blog and it opens you up to these ideas- isn’t it just another form of conditioning? It’s times like these that I envy the animals, life must be much more simple without having to deal with any subjective dimension in reality.

End Log

My Hope for Chaos in 2013

December 21, 2012 Leave a comment

Well today is the day that was supposed to mark the end of the 13th bahktun in the Mayan calendar- and as it turns out nothing happened! Which really sucked because I really didn’t want to have to go into work today, tomorrow, or ever again for that matter- but who does right? Coming to terms with this fact makes your perpetual economic enslavement become more apparent and can really suck the joy out of living an ambitious lifestyle where climbing the hierarchy of this economic caste system is all that matters to you. Do you know what else can suck the joy out of that? Realizing that in the end we’re all going to die and it’s all fucking meaningless! Hahahahaha! Don’t mind me- I amuse myself and have a tendency to ramble off-topic from time to time, speaking of rambling! Just kidding… Any who! Back to the Mayan apoca-muh-lypse, nothing happened! It’s like Y2K all over again, which pisses me off. I like having a date of impending doom to look forward to, I admit I’m a bit twisted, but I really don’t want to be alive in a meaningless generation where nothing big really happens. I’d rather witness chaos, destruction, explosions, sinkholes, zombies, aliens, robots and freakin cosmic rays and big ass coronal mass ejections that bring about solar storms which destroy all technology and bring us back into the stone age! Anything to get out of the tedious routine of everyday life- aside from drugs since I’ve already done them all and have recently lost interest- or any decent drug connections, I forget. Also a little something to wake the sheeple up to the truth which is the fact of just how fragile our way of life is in this system. Too many people completely oblivious to any part of history- even that past 100 years, and they think that their current way of life isn’t ever going to completely collapse randomly one day. Such a thing isn’t even fathomable to them because they don’t know shit about history and a big rule of history is that it always repeats, and the biggest rule of history- that the course of human destiny has been driven by a hidden hand for at least 2 and a half centuries, at most many many millenia.

So this entire Mayan apocalypse may have been a bummer, but I have hope for the future. That is hope that human civilization will be faced with events that lead us into a state of hopelessness. Like I said I’m twisted so fuck you for judging me! Truth is, I have no faith in the masses to organize and figure a way out of this manipulated state which faces the human race- so fuck it! I’d rather enjoy the ride instead of trying to fix an unfixable problem. So back to my hope for hopelessness- when I hear fiscal cliff, to me it sounds like a euphemism for shits going to hit the fan economically for the US, which I can imagine will splatter some turds on the rest of the world as well. If you break down the term “fiscal cliff” and use a thesaurus you can replace the word “fiscal” with financial, and “cliff” with nosedive- maybe a truer picture will come to light. Financial Nosedive is gonna getcha! I also think they keep mentioning Republican leader Boehners name because even though it’s pronounced Bayner, on a subliminal level people read Boner, and subliminally it gives the reader a little less to worry about with regards of the state of the economy. Another sexual term used to describe an economic solution is stimulus. Just an observation, but I guess it’s fitting for the capitalist gang-bang.

Now I’m not a economic genius, but I know that our monetary system (that is the most of the worlds) is based on a system of debt-perpetuating usury, which in poor terms means the banksters (rhymes with gangsters- because they are gangsters) has the entire world by the balls- and they plan to squeeze the worlds balls even tighter with the implementation of yet another new world order, but this would require a new world chaos to accomplish, hence the term “ordo ab chao”. So when hearing about this fiscal cliff shit which will hit the US in the next fiscal year or in layman’s terms 2013. I know the US is trillions in debt and that their economy is unsustainable, and I also know that the powers that be have switched from empire to empire throughout history through the strategic game of divide and conquer. I also know that the powers that be use numerology EVERYWHERE they’re active, and this is how I end up sounding crazy when pointing out certain numbers to some of my friends who don’t believe in most of this shit. 2013 could be broken down to 20+13 which = 33, like the 33 degrees of of the Scottish rite of freemasonry. Sounds crazy but JFK was killed on 11/22, 11+22=33, WW1 ended on 11/11 at the 11th hour 11+11+11=33. ‘K’ is the 11th letter of the alphabet therefore KKK is 11+11+11= 33, and I can go on. Numerology is every where, and once you understand which numbers to look for this shit becomes all too real. Just saying perhaps 2013 will be the year to kickoff the economic collapses, zombies and aliens – and I welcome every bit of it!

End Log

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Breaking the Taboo

December 8, 2012 Leave a comment

Just wanted to share a relatively new documentary about the war on drugs called “Breaking the Taboo” (it’s embedded at the bottom). It’s narrated by Morgan Freeman, and it covers the cost of the war on drugs and it’s inefficacy in stopping or for that matter even slowing down the flow of drugs. It shows that the war on drugs is but a paradox and is causing more harm then good, and it’s less then an hour long so it’s not too too bad for those of you with ADD who aren’t reading my blogs verbal diarrhea anyways. All in all I recommend checking it out.

There are some things in this documentary I personally think it should cover such as my personal belief that the government (or at the very least, certain elements of the US government) are at the top of the drug trade, and I do have some evidence to support my claim. Certain events in history like:
The Opium Wars.. and here’s a watered down quote from that Wikipedia page. “In the 18th century, despite ardent protest from the Qing government, British traders began importing opium from India. The introduction of opium into China was caused by Britain’s need to send something back to China in return for their highly consumed Chinese tea. Britain first tried exporting European clothes, but the Chinese preferred their own silk. With India and its poppy fields under Britain’s command, the logical option to fix the imbalance of trade was to start trading opium.[14]
Because of its strong mass appeal and addictive nature, opium was an effective solution to the British trade problem. An instant consumer market for the drug was secured by the addiction of thousands of Chinese, and the flow of silver was reversed. Recognizing the growing number of addicts, the Yongzheng Emperor prohibited the sale and smoking of opium in 1729, and only allowed a small amount of opium imports for medicinal purposes.[15]”
Iran Contra Scandal– In the 80’s the CIA sold weapons to Iran and South American countries in exchange for cocaine which was imported into the US and sold as crack. The documentary The Mena Connection contains irrefutable evidence of government involvement in the importing of cocaine. The fact that Bill Clinton was governor of Arkansas when this was going on only makes his appearance in “Breaking the Taboo” seem like empty rhetoric.
-The war in Afghanistan and the opium production jump from the year 2001 when it was at it’s all time low when the Taliban started cracking down, and every year after the war it’s been breaking records since as depicted on the picture below:

So you might be asking, why would the government prohibit a drug that they secretly traffic? To keep the drug prices as high as possible, while making it tax free, and to create a racist police state without seeming like Nazi Germany or Soviet Russia. It’s easier to make cocaine then it is to make sugar, but sugar is about couple dollars for 2kg where I live, and it’s about $80 for a gram (a 2000th of 2kg) where I live, so do the math. Why legalize substances that you can inflate the price thousands of times higher and still have customer?
People say cannabis will be legal soon because it recently became legal in Washington state and Colorado- and I’d like to believe this but there are so many lobby’s that fight to keep cannabis illegal. Big Pharma, Liquor&Tobacco, the prison industry, paper, oil, etc. Then why did it become legal in Washington and Colorado? I think they made it legal in Washington state because it would ease law enforcement and make it easier to traffic drugs between the Canadian province of BC and the US, and they made it legal in Colorado so that it wouldn’t seem as blatantly obvious. This is mere speculation that I am basing on nothing but my crazy scenario-generating mind, so it’s gotta be true! Ah, I’ve rambled enough, hope you enjoy the documentary and I hope the drug war will be ended but I doubt it will (any time soon at least).

End Log

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Biblical Royal Genealogy and Jesus Caesar

December 7, 2012 1 comment

While I was on one of my random internet journeys a couple weeks ago, which started with some occult shit- specifically I thought Madame Blavatsky resembled Queen Victoria and that led me to look up some shit on the royal family, this was then followed by seeing how far back I can trace the royal families bloodline, which ended with a mind-fuck. On the website they traced the descendants ofQueen Elizabeth II genealogy as far back as King Offa who reigned in the year 757, so I googled King Offa descendants and found this wiki which listed the descendants of King Offa all the way to Sceafa which was a linked name. Also interesting to note that the name Woden was on the list which is another name for Odin. Was this really the god Odin? Or perhaps just an inflated ego of a king who thinks he should be described with this name, not unlike ‘The Great’ being put at the end of your name. Some cocky motherfuckers these Royal twats have huh? Too soon? Any ways… I clicked the link Sceafa which depicts a chart with the name Noe at the top. That’s when I noticed the similarities to the names in the bible specifically the old testament. Could Sceafa be Seth? and can Noe be Noah? I found this link and this link which shows the complete family tree from Adam and Eve to Queen Elizabeth. Regardless of whether or not this true, it is still kind of a mind-fuck to say the least. Suppose Royalty is descended from Adam and Eve assuming that Adam and Eve actually existed, then where do us non-royal peasants AKA the profane come from? Our moms vaginas I suppose, But it only gets weirder.

This next paragraph may offend some Christians, but like they weren’t going to get offended any ways, right? Like Jesus Christ! Do they have to be so touchy about Jesus Christ? Speaking of Jesus, suppose Jesus was actually Julius Caesarian? Son of Caesar and Cleopatra? Well the 3 short videos in the playlist below say that Jesus was actually Caesarian, and planned to retake his fathers throne through Christianity which the birth of the Holy Roman Empire implies he was successful. Watch the video for more information. This info although crazy-sounding at first, makes all but too much sense, and is but another link between Israel, the Vatican, the Royal family, and the US.

Considering the fact that every president is related to royalty just goes to show how deep this is and how long this bloodline has ruled the Earth. You could say that it’s all a coincidence, but then I’d have to say that you’re in denial. The democratic process is a bullshit show to perpetuate a false left-right dichotomy paradigm so that we can bicker with one another every 4 years about how all Republicans or all Democrats suck balls and it goes back to divide and conquer. In reality the leaders of the main 2 parties are both related to this bloodline, and usually the candidate with a stronger genealogical connection to royalty wins. As for the American Revolution- just an event in history to create the illusion of independence- but truth is the Queen of England is probably the most powerful person on Earth, with Rothschild as her right-hand man controlling the world through a system of international Usury. But for all I know there could be an entire hierarchy above Rothschild and Queen Elizabeth that controls from an even more incognito position. Anywho that’s all I wanted to say… oh ya! and the Vikings are part of this bloodline as well and the duke of Edinburgh was a Nazi… coughs*.
Check out the video below for more info on the monetary system and how its controlled by the Rothschilds:

End Log

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The Technological Singularity: Utopia or Dystopia?

December 3, 2012 Leave a comment

Trans-humanism covers a wide range of future technologies currently being researched and predicted to be available within the next few decades. This is a topic that covers a wide-variety of different technologies, and more research&development is being done now then ever before in history in the fields of computers, robotics, genetics, nano-technology, virtual-reality, life-extension, and biotechnology. The technological singularity is defined on Wikipedia as and I quote: “the theoretical emergence of greater-than-human super-intelligence through technological means.[1] Since the capabilities of such intelligence would be difficult for an unaided human mind to comprehend, the occurrence of a technological singularity is seen as an intellectual event horizon, beyond which events cannot be predicted or understood”. I have never felt so excited and worried at the same time about anything like this before. They seem to be selling all the positive potential applications this technology that’s coming in the very near future will have in many documentary’s while the possible negative seems to be downplayed- at least in the case of Ray Kurzweils last 2 documentaries on this (They are available on netflix). Positive ideas like living forever, nano-bots in our bloodstream being able to end sicknesses(kind of like the nano-machines in the video game Metal Gear Solid), being able to upload information into our brain in a matter of seconds (I wouldn’t mind being able to do this given the time it takes to read books), being able to upload ourselves into a computer and live in a virtual reality environment (like The Matrix/Lawnmower man), and merging ourselves with technology so that the robots don’t out-smart us(to avoid a Terminator/IRobot like situation).

No death, disease, the option of uploading yourself into a computer and living in a virtual reality environment no longer bound by the laws of time&space, the ability to learn anything in seconds, and evolving into super-intelligent beings able to leave this planet at will and travel the universe. Sounds too good to be true right? Well maybe it is. Some scientists are predicting a war between robots and humans that will end in billions of casualties because if (or rather when) the robots get smart enough- whose to say they’ll want to remain subservient to us? Another possible scenario is that this technology won’t be available to us all, only the super-elite will be able to afford it and become super-humans, while we live in a new order of technocratic serfdom. Perhaps this technology is really just an integral step in the NWO, and it will be used to read our thoughts, make us into obedient slaves always working and always happy because of the feel-good electrical signals activated in our brains. Makes me wonder where the money for this research is coming from specifically. The thing that really bothers me is the insidious ways nano-technology can be given to a mass population- and whose to say it already isn’t? Perhaps chem-trails contain nano-tech particles. I first heard of this idea from the Maxwell Igan documentary “Trance-Formation” (video embedded below) and he does connect some dots that draw a very plausible picture.

Ray Kurzweil is an American inventor who made a timeline of predictions in his books and up until 2009 89 out of 108 of his predictions were right. If you check out the predictions on the link above, predictions like in 2029 Robots having a rights movement, seems ridiculous from a 2012 perspective, but would someone who lived in 1942 have imagined that in 17 years there would be things like nuclear bombs? Household televisions? washing machines? or Rock&Roll music? Or would someone living in 1984 have been able to predict the explosion of computers? The internet? online shopping? Just trying to show the amount of change that happens in 17 years and that maybe Robots will be fighting for equal rights in 2029? Ray Kurzweils predictions are based on the exponential advancement of technology which has been accelerating to the point where every day new discoveries are being made. Every year and a half overall computing power doubles, and once we get to quantum computing or nano-tech processors, shits going to keep going. Not to mention nano-technology in general which can create things on the-go. With regards to robots, some of the trickier aspects is getting robots to move like humans. We really don’t realize the amount of complexity that goes into walking in to a room, picking up an object, and dropping it until we try engineering a robot to do this. Many are predicting that in the 2020’s the robots will pop-up out of nowhere, kind of like the birth of the internet did in the late 90’s, or handheld touchscreen devices did these past few years. How smart will the robots have to get, before they have consciousness? Will they have souls? Or will they be cold machines incapable of emotions or being able to laugh at certain things, or feel sadness after a tragedy.

Here’s a list of documentaries available on this topic that I recommend:
Technocalyps (Part 1 of a 3).. each part of this documentary is about an hour long. Very interesting topics covered, and presented very well
The Age of Transitions.. Less then an hour long, covers more of the NWO controlling mechanisms this technology may have
Building Gods
Human 2.0

This robot, cyborg, future scenario is already being predicatively programmed in to the youth with the media. Mostly with MTV music videos or artists on stage doing the robot, or childrens TV shows that all seem to have a robot in them now adays. I guess the youth are being prepped for what is going to happen, and the implication this has is the extinction of the human race as we know it and it being replaced by the post-human. But there’s no need to worry about extinction as we could all kill ourselves before this happens right? ah? ah? alriiiiiiight… In conclusion I wish I had blogged about this when I first watched some of the documentaries above and this shit was fresh in my head, but whadyagonna do?
End Log

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