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My Hope for Chaos in 2013

Well today is the day that was supposed to mark the end of the 13th bahktun in the Mayan calendar- and as it turns out nothing happened! Which really sucked because I really didn’t want to have to go into work today, tomorrow, or ever again for that matter- but who does right? Coming to terms with this fact makes your perpetual economic enslavement become more apparent and can really suck the joy out of living an ambitious lifestyle where climbing the hierarchy of this economic caste system is all that matters to you. Do you know what else can suck the joy out of that? Realizing that in the end we’re all going to die and it’s all fucking meaningless! Hahahahaha! Don’t mind me- I amuse myself and have a tendency to ramble off-topic from time to time, speaking of rambling! Just kidding… Any who! Back to the Mayan apoca-muh-lypse, nothing happened! It’s like Y2K all over again, which pisses me off. I like having a date of impending doom to look forward to, I admit I’m a bit twisted, but I really don’t want to be alive in a meaningless generation where nothing big really happens. I’d rather witness chaos, destruction, explosions, sinkholes, zombies, aliens, robots and freakin cosmic rays and big ass coronal mass ejections that bring about solar storms which destroy all technology and bring us back into the stone age! Anything to get out of the tedious routine of everyday life- aside from drugs since I’ve already done them all and have recently lost interest- or any decent drug connections, I forget. Also a little something to wake the sheeple up to the truth which is the fact of just how fragile our way of life is in this system. Too many people completely oblivious to any part of history- even that past 100 years, and they think that their current way of life isn’t ever going to completely collapse randomly one day. Such a thing isn’t even fathomable to them because they don’t know shit about history and a big rule of history is that it always repeats, and the biggest rule of history- that the course of human destiny has been driven by a hidden hand for at least 2 and a half centuries, at most many many millenia.

So this entire Mayan apocalypse may have been a bummer, but I have hope for the future. That is hope that human civilization will be faced with events that lead us into a state of hopelessness. Like I said I’m twisted so fuck you for judging me! Truth is, I have no faith in the masses to organize and figure a way out of this manipulated state which faces the human race- so fuck it! I’d rather enjoy the ride instead of trying to fix an unfixable problem. So back to my hope for hopelessness- when I hear fiscal cliff, to me it sounds like a euphemism for shits going to hit the fan economically for the US, which I can imagine will splatter some turds on the rest of the world as well. If you break down the term “fiscal cliff” and use a thesaurus you can replace the word “fiscal” with financial, and “cliff” with nosedive- maybe a truer picture will come to light. Financial Nosedive is gonna getcha! I also think they keep mentioning Republican leader Boehners name because even though it’s pronounced Bayner, on a subliminal level people read Boner, and subliminally it gives the reader a little less to worry about with regards of the state of the economy. Another sexual term used to describe an economic solution is stimulus. Just an observation, but I guess it’s fitting for the capitalist gang-bang.

Now I’m not a economic genius, but I know that our monetary system (that is the most of the worlds) is based on a system of debt-perpetuating usury, which in poor terms means the banksters (rhymes with gangsters- because they are gangsters) has the entire world by the balls- and they plan to squeeze the worlds balls even tighter with the implementation of yet another new world order, but this would require a new world chaos to accomplish, hence the term “ordo ab chao”. So when hearing about this fiscal cliff shit which will hit the US in the next fiscal year or in layman’s terms 2013. I know the US is trillions in debt and that their economy is unsustainable, and I also know that the powers that be have switched from empire to empire throughout history through the strategic game of divide and conquer. I also know that the powers that be use numerology EVERYWHERE they’re active, and this is how I end up sounding crazy when pointing out certain numbers to some of my friends who don’t believe in most of this shit. 2013 could be broken down to 20+13 which = 33, like the 33 degrees of of the Scottish rite of freemasonry. Sounds crazy but JFK was killed on 11/22, 11+22=33, WW1 ended on 11/11 at the 11th hour 11+11+11=33. ‘K’ is the 11th letter of the alphabet therefore KKK is 11+11+11= 33, and I can go on. Numerology is every where, and once you understand which numbers to look for this shit becomes all too real. Just saying perhaps 2013 will be the year to kickoff the economic collapses, zombies and aliens – and I welcome every bit of it!

End Log

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