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My Retort to the Reported News Distortions

January 29, 2013 Leave a comment

Just one of those days where blogging seems imperative because the amount of bullshit in the news stories linked on twitter makes me wonder how many people actually read the same thing and believe it’s the truth. Nod their heads in an affirming signal to indicate that these stories make perfect sense. It worries me that this is probably the case of the majority, and it scares me because it means no one questions anything. Rather they call me crazy for questioning the official story, probably because the MSM has programmed them to see certain perspectives as crazy whereas everything they report must be true, why else would it be reported by a news anchor wearing nice clothing sitting at a desk looking into your eyes with a piercing stare that’s almost mesmerizing. Mass-hypnosis hocus pocus programming you with beliefs without you even knowing it.

In addition to TV reports there are articles like this story on Mali and the recent wave of troops being sent there to fight Al Qaeda militants or to milk this defenseless nation of natural resources. “Mali is endowed with bauxite, copper, diamonds, gold, Granite, gypsum, iron ore, kaolin, limestone, lithium, manganese, phosphates, salt, silver, uranium, and zinc…”. So like they continue to do with Afghanistan their going to do commence in Mali, raping of the nations resources under the guise of fighting the war on terror. Something tells me this won’t be the only African country that get’s robbed via occupation by US imperialism in Obama’s next 4 years. The only thing that bothers me is the lying. Can’t they just say “the US is under pressure to milk Africa dry of it’s resources before China ends up getting to it first, so we have sent troops to Mali with the assistance of France who has sent troops as well in order to translate our communications with the Malians and effectively commence what is now being called Operation Finders Keepers.” It’s just the mere fact that Al Qaeda keeps being used to justify any military intervention. I mean you’d think 12 years after 9/11 and the amount of wars and the economic turmoil the US is in that there would be a little bit more Americans speaking out against this shit. Especially after they’re taxes have gone up recently as a result of the bill passed as a solution to “fiscal cliff”. I guess Americans are too busy debating about the 2nd amendment that they could care less about how the 1st amendment- the right to a free press, has been long gone for a while now. Or maybe they do care, and are in a demonstration but the press isn’t free so they’re not getting attention. Hmmm…

Next thing I want to talk about is this wholeIsrael giving Ethiopian Jews birth control scenario. You’re probably thinking, Israel committing horrible acts isn’t anything new, so why should I care? Well you don’t have to, but the reason why this is such an interesting story is because it opens up a segway for a brief history lesson on Jews. See there are 2 Jewish races, the Semitic Jews who are said to be descendants of the Jews in Ethiopia and the Khazarian Jews which were part of the Khazar empire and weren’t originally Jewish. This empire had Muslims, Christians and Jews residing in its lands until at some point in the 9th century all the Khazar nobility converted to Judaism. Now why does this matter? The implications of Israel giving birth control to the Ethiopian Jews is racist, anti-Semitic, and shows the true colours of this Zionazi regime. Their just like the Nazis hence why theyre practicing a form of eugenics on the real Semites. Check out the documentary “The Khazarian Conspiracy” embedded below for more information on the Khazars and the modern state of Israel:

Last thing I want to talk about is all this environmental bullshit, specifically the term “climate change” which seems to have replaced the term “global warming”, and even though I didn’t believe in the theories of man-made global warming it didn’t piss me off as much as the “climate change”. Well this story which I didn’t even read because the headline, “Toronto’s Infrastructure at risk from climate change” – says it all. The reason this pisses me off is because the only thing the climate has ever done and most likely ever will do is change. The Earth is spinning around the sun, there are variations in the planets jetstreams, there are solar variations, lunar activity and many natural variables which results in a variation of climate from a day to day basis. This is why we have weather forecasters, why the seasons change, why we dress differently for different times of the year. Now articles like this are blaming climate change for Toronto’s incompetent leaders. They want to hide away from the fact that they’ve lost the tax payers money and might have to raise taxes for Torontonians, so they blame the climate for changing as if this is some sort of new phenomena. Really the climate changes? I thought it was a fixed constant. If you think Hurricane Sandy is a result of climate change caused by humans, you are half-right. It was caused by humans only it’s not our co2 emissions that created it. It’s the humans in particular the ones in the US military, using ionospheric heaters like HAARP to create super storms in order to profit off the stock market, create justification for potential carbon taxing, and eventually initiate additional legislation for population control seeing as humans exhale co2 and co2= warmer temperatures according to their theory. That means if there’s any truth to this man-made “climate change” premise then ironically our continues breathing may lead to our eventual demise. Truth be told, this is all just bullshit to move towards an agenda, and any truly scientific analysis of why the planet may be getting warmer or the climate may be having changes that are unprecedented to the norm should take the sun into consideration seeing as its the biggest variable literally.

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The Anonymous Apocalypse

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The group Anonymous has declared War on the US as a result of the death of Aaron Swartz. Aaron Swartz was the co-founder of the website Reddit who was charged about a year ago and recently committed suicide (or so they say). What do I think of Anonymous? I think that the group Anonymous is like the Al Qaeda of the internet, that is to say that they are a front being backed by the same powers that be in order to further a political agenda, which in this case is to bring about changing the infrastructure of the internet. To take a quote from the story,”there will be change or there will be chaos’. ” Order ab Chao, naw mean! There’s going to be a false-flag cyber attack that will be big enough to justify a new kind of internet. I believe one of they key changes will be that anonymity on the internet will be a thing of the past, and that instead of having a screen name, your full name will be used- hence why the PTB named the fake group Anonymous, so that after the big false flag goes off, being anonymous will be prohibited in a means to prevent this from happening again. What the big false flag be specifically? Beats the hell out of me, but it will be big enough to get Cispa 2.0 passed, and then koblamo! That is to say kablinki…

As for the Anonymous members who have been arrested like this guy who the headline called the leader even though that’s horse shit used to hide attention from the fact that it’s being run by the US government. This guys official charge was “threatening a federal agent”, he probably said something dumb online and they used it to make a story on anonymous. Then there’s yesterdays arrest on this idiot. This idiot joined anonymous and learned how to do a distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack, which is a way of shutting down a site temporarily by refreshing it multiple times through irc. The reason I call him an idiot is because he attacked pay pal, MasterCard, and visa costing them millions of dollars and why did he attack these companies? To get payback for them for banning payments to Wiki-leaks! Wiki-leaks is yet another bullshit group secretly backed by elements within the US government to work towards their political agenda. Now note how the US government sites got DDoS attacked by anonymous on several occasions and no one got arrested, that’s because it’s all a ploy, they’re just shutting off their own servers temporarily to create the illusion of anonymous striking again. These attacks are illogical, this isn’t real hacking, and do they think shutting a website down is going to achieve anything?

It’s just one false threat after another, I wonder if I’ll live to see the coming alien threat…

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Strange World

January 25, 2013 Leave a comment

We’re living in a world where:

Poisons are pervasive and panaceas are suppressed, and suicidal ideation is an anti-depressant side effect

Conventional cancer treatments are radioactive carcinogens, while they ban guns domestically as Apache choppers shoot Iraqi citizens

Outspoken gun-nuts speaking out to uphold the 2nd amendment, how about the 1st- the right to a free press not this illusive choice deception

Fewer corporations control the news with this super concentrated media, and why is 9/11 a topic that is locked on Wikipedia?

Why do so many refuse to me an individual and blindly follow a faction in this divide&conquer polychotomy?

God bless America, and it’s depleted uranium induced deformities more weapons contractor profit for the most evil atrocities

I guess Manifest destiny is destined to be a systemic ethnic cleansing malevolent invention

Weapons of mass deception on television got you supporting relentless incessant military interventions

But domestic shootings are such a tragedy, because you’re selfish mentality rationalizes collective punishment for the false flag on 9/11

Subjugated in this matrix, sedated indoctrinated in an education system of classes which atrophies the imagination of the masses

Grade you on how well you memorize and regurgitate their selection of useless information, separating youth from family is integral to their enslavement

Make you love your nation which is just a corporation, just like the name in all caps on your birth certification

Legal ease isn’t English that’s how they keep it cryptic, to keep it complicated, statutes aren’t laws but funny how presumption quickly becomes incarceration

Scare the youth with pseudo-spiritual superstitious domination utilizing fear of a ubiquitous God and a children’s belief in information from an adult presentation

God made you a sinner but loves you yet promises pain if you sin without reconciliation that shits insane

Bullshit is rampant and hypocrisy is blatant, the Queens power is downplayed with puppet politicians reading speeches of verbal defecation

Followed by applause from the sheeple a standing ovation indication, that they’re swallowing this shit like they proved with the white house demonstration the made praising Obama after he announced that he got Osama, with no proof of this claim like there was no proof of the claim that Osama really even carried out 9/11 from a remote cave in an Islamic nation made history with the infiltration of the most secure aerospace and melting steel airplane fuel which some how blew up the basement before the towers rained down, babylon has fallen triggering the work of Satan 911 was the trigger to a great tribulation a war with no boundaries and like the towers a coming economic controlled demolition, famine and starvation, and a coming apocalypse in the form of an alien invasion…

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Is NASA Telling the Truth?

If you haven’t heard already, NASA is considering capturing an Asteroid and bringing it to orbit around our moon. More info on this here and here. Now am I only one who thinks they’re either in a state of lunacy which is beyond astronomical proportions, or they’re covering up something- and I can’t help but lean towards the latter given the circumstances. Having said that, I always think everythings a cover up.

I like how the stories I’ve read says that they’re “considering” this, as if this type of mission is as easy as going over to the store to pick up a case of beer or something. Shouldn’t we first try this out on a different planet like the Martian moon phobos, before trying this out so close to home? I mean we’ve never done this sort of thing before and they act like bringing an asteroid that weighs about 1.1 million pounds into an orbit around our moon is something to consider, and they don’t seem to mention what purpose this will serve. I know it’s fairly small compared to the mass of the moon & Earth, but how will we get it to orbit the moon without accidentally launching it towards the Earth?
“The robot would catch the asteroid in a large bag and tow it back into lunar orbit.”- (quoted from the first link above- Realistically what robot specifically will be able to move a 1.1million pound asteroid a million miles in space? I mean we can’t even lift stones that weigh a 10th of this a few miles given our current technology (well I’m sure there’s an anti-gravity method being suppressed google coral castle for details). Also where the hell are they going to make a bag that is capable of hold such a heavy object without ripping? Here’s another source I just read which has a different procedure description which says “To make this happen, NASA will need to build a robotic spacecraft that is capable of dragging the said asteroid (see photo below) ….But it won’t be a walk in the park…If the asteroid makes it to the moon’s orbit, Robotic probes, or possibly even humans, can study the asteroid and its origins. The Obama administration has already confirmed that it wants to send astronauts to a near-Earth asteroid. Albeit the asteroid was not named, researchers believe it is the 1999 AO10”
So the motive mentioned in this last quote is they want to study the origins of 1 arbitrary asteroid? Once again something doesn’t add up when you think about it, like can’t we study 1999 AO10 (aka Aten) from where it is now? I mean they have a probe named curiosity which has penetrated deep into the sphinctery regions of Uranus, whoops I meant to say Mars, and this asteroid isin an orbit that’s closer then Mars.

I can’t help but get the feeling that there’s more to this story. I’ve speculated a while ago the notion that our moon may be an artificial satellite given the following facts:
-Our moon just happens to be at just the right distance from our planet to sustain life on Earth, if it was any closer or any further we wouldn’t be here.
-Our moon is the second biggest moon in our solar system (the biggest being a moon on Jupiter) and it’s size in comparison to the Earth has always been hard for scientists to explain. That is it should be way smaller to fit our model of gravity.
-During an eclipse our moon covers the sun so precisely. I mean what are the odds of this being a coincidence?
-Only one side of the moon is facing our planet and the dark side of the moon is an amazing album by Pink Floyd- I mean it’s always hidden in darkness.
-We stopped going to the moon after the Apollo missions in the 70’s, and there hasn’t been a reason given as to why.

Given these strange moon anomalies here goes my crazy science-fictiony pseudo-religious hypothetically theoretical hypothesis: man was genetically created by a more advanced race who spliced their DNA with chimpanzee DNA, this advanced race can be referred to as gods, aliens, or angels. They made us to mine the natural resources of Earth seeing that they can’t survive exposure to the suns rays, and chimpanzees are too difficult to train with regards to mining. They have lived in the moon for millenia, and they put the moon where it is to make life sustainable for us so we can excavate the planet. Then there are the fallen angels who were kicked out of the inner moon (aka heaven) for having sex with the daughters of man which impregnated them and made them give birth to the nephlim (giants possibly the neanderthals who went extinct). They live inside the Earth because like the angelic beings who live in the moon they can’t take our suns rays. But any ways the fallen angels have kept in contact with man since WW2 when they supplied the Nazis with advanced technology when the Nazis found them during their search for the Aryan race before WW2. After WW2 the US passed Operation paperclip which moved the Nazi scientists to Nasa and this is how NASA is in contact with the fallen angels of the hollow earth. Another interesting note is that a lot of the telescopic satellites are owned by the Vatican, and the Vatican came back into existence when Mussolini was in power. Maybe there’s a connection between the inner Earth, the Vatican, the moon, the Nazis, Nasa and our world leaders being a bunch of evil cunts? Maybe they’re just a bunch of dumb evil cunts and there’s no validity to this theory… whose to say? In conclusion doesn’t this moon of Jupiter resemble the death star from star wars? Think about it!

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Divide and Generalize

Guns don’t kill people! People kill people! With Guns! Also knives! Perhaps their bare-hands. Don’t mind my intro, a little tired. I did that thing I do where I write like 800 words, save draft and then go back to it a few hours later only to delete it all at first glance and start over. So I’m going to try this again, and hopefully the intro will sound a little less stale this time.
In other news….
Americans are debating the idea of gun control, that’s right-the gun-loving rednecks and the liberal hippie douches are at it again with yet another meaningless debate in the US. My logic for it being meaningless- if they pass a law banning guns guns will still be widely available, along with all those illegal drugs that you can get if you ever have to go to jail for getting caught with. For the sake of argument suppose they effectively ban guns and they become impossible to get, whose to say the next nut won’t pull off a chainsaw massacre next time? Personally I think I’d prefer a shooting over a chainsaw wielding maniac, wouldn’t you? Just saying killing and causing bodily harm existed before the gun was around and isn’t exclusive to gun violence. I also suspect most of these “lone shooters” who never have a motive are just programmed assassins sent by the CIA. If you don’t believe such thing is possible watch Derren Brown’s The Assassin as he clearly proves how suggestible people can be made into killers via hypnosis. Now a lot of these conservative gun-nuts argue that every dictator who committed genocide throughout history first disarmed the people. I can agree with this notion, but if they pass the gun control law you can simply use the gun to stop them from taking your gun, and if you can’t effectively use it to stop them in that hypothetical situation, then what makes you think having the gun will protect you from being sent to the fema camps? In conclusion this is yet another meaningless debate being used to keep the American people divided on yet another bullshit topic, while sending troops throughout Africa for it’s natural resources, i mean uh Al Qaeda, terror, Muslim, yada yada yada, and they’ve also already sent troops to Turkey to prepare for the Syrian invasion, I mean to help protect Turkey from Assad, chemical weapons, evil regime, Syrian people yada yada yada and they’re doing this right after they raised taxes to try to pay off a $16 trillion in debt. I really don’t get how a country with so much debt can continue it’s quest for world dominance, but I suppose the short answer is- the economy is fake.
Next topic labeling people or identifying yourself with any group is the dumbest way to progress as a society and truly find any middle-ground in politics. In fact a lot of people will dismiss someone because they’re “left-wing” or “right-wing” or a “Libertarian”, while basing their dismissal on the belief that all liberals, conservatives, or libertarians are the same is retarded. Labeling leads to generalizations, and because instead of saying you’re left or right and calling someone else a fascist- be an individual. Both groups want the same thing more or less but they’re both indifferent on which political party is more effective in bringing these things. Truth is, they’re both fucked and salvation isn’t going to be found in an election, a debate, a protest or by blaming any particular group for this or that. Really there are more then 3 or 4 ways of looking at things, in fact there’s an infinite way of perceiving what is and what can be done to solve it. Instead of lumping people into groups which divide us further, everyone can be individuals and speak their mind. Just an idea…
In the end, We’re all going to die! Just a friendly reminder, but seeing as I’m to exhausted to continue writing…six six six
End Log

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Cold Calculated Crisis

Looks like this stupid “fiscal cliff” phrase that’s been headlining the US news a lot these past few weeks will finally stop being said soon, and thank God, or God help us? How about in God we trust? Never mind that shit- like usual I think they’re up to something. Well I know they’re up to something, but I think there’s something else that I only think I know. Ya dig? Even though I’m not in the belly of the beast being in Canada and what not I don’t know how much I should be concerned about America’s financial woes, but the US economy taking a hit respectively effects the rest of the world seeing as it’s the biggest, or was the biggest economy (I think EU is #1 now), and how many countries use the US dollar in their reserves, and even though Canada isn’t one if them, if America’s the beasts belly, Canada must be the torso and arms so if the belly of the beast get’s indigestion it may effect me. Just saying the US economy crashing may be a systemic problem, but I don’t know for sure, I’m not a freakin economist, and I hope I never become one. It’s just any time they overuse any bullshit phrase like “fiscal cliff” that you can imagine they probably stayed up late one night brainstorming different ideas to come up with I always think shit is about to go down. Terms like Fiscal cliff, stimulus bill, austerity, quantitative easing, quantitative easing 2 etc. are just sophisticated phrases to conceal the truth, the government needs to take from you to even put a dent in it’s (for the US) $16trillion debt and they do this by cutting government programs(austerity), raising taxes,and insidiously by printing money which devalues the peoples currency through inflation(QE1, QE2, stimulus, and any other bailout I may have missed), so in conclusion it’s just another day of the people taking it up the ass at the capitalist gangbang.

The truth is this, every economic strategy the US has used since JFK was killed has never attacked the root of this problem, always just assessing the symptoms and it’s always at the peoples expense. See the entire planet is in debt to a private banking cartel which has manipulated their way into being in charge of issuing the currency of almost every country (google Rothschild for more info on the history). When it comes to power the US president and any other world leader is just a figurehead for the money makers behind the scenes who have the world by the balls mainly with their implementation central banks based on usury, their control of the education system, and their control of all the mainstream media. What is usury? In simple terms it’s how money is circulating to governments with their central banks lending money to governments on interest. Seeing as there can never be any more money then the principal amount lent it’s a debt perpetuating method used to keep governments indebted who thereby raise taxes for the people only making the rat race more stressful and intense. There is basically a central bank run by these banksters present in every country and the US central bank is called the Federal Reserve which is a name used to mislead people by giving them the impression it’s another part of the federal government, when it’s as federal as federal express. In truth t’s a private cartel that took control of the US in 1913 when the federal reserve act was passed, and then it took away the gold standard and essentially robbed the Americans of their gold in 1933 making the US dollar a fiat currency, so the US dollar is basically paper backed by nothing and they are lending money that is mostly all digital today and they keep the world economies in debt with changing the amount of dollars on a computer screen. It’s such a huge scam and the reason most people don’t know is because the curriculum they control doesn’t cover it, the news always hides it, and most people in the western world are distracted by sex, drugs, and rock and roll! Ya! I mean television, video games, mind numbing reality tv, sports, and are to stressed trying to make ends meet to have time to open a book or rather even read a blog like this. If any world leader goes against the banksters global control monetary system assassination usually follows, and now a days it’s usually recorded and aired on TV globally. seeing as JFK was killed for going against the banksters bypassing executive order 11110. Qaddafi similar scenario, he created his own gold-backed currency and was planning to bring more prosperity to not only Libya, but all of Africa, shortly afterward the mainstream media makes him into a demon through bullshit stories of how Gaddafi is a crazy dictator who has gone crazy killing his own citizens, because the CIA&Mossad armed a group of rebels who were causing unrest in Libya and Gaddafi was forced to mobilize his military in an attempt to neutralize them. Before you know it the US&NATO got the no fly-zone go ahead, carpet bombs Libya killing 20,000 people in 3 weeks, and the rebels drag a bloody Gaddafi on his last moments of what looked like a very painful death and recorded it with a cellphone camera at it was aired on the worlds news channels. See the footage is a message from the banksters to the world leaders, saying, this is what happens if you fuck with us. The video embed below is a speech by JFK describing the secret conspirators which is less then 5 minutes long,

Wasn’t planning on going into the details of the central banking system again, but I feel it’s important during times of economic uncertainty- to know that economic recessions and depressions are coldly calculated, not just spontaneous events that happen randomly because the economy is a fluctuating mystery. Economic depression is usually followed by war and epidemics so.. we’re all going to die! Ya! I mean, stay… safe?
Now Here is the American Taxpayer Relief Act(source: cnn) which is the bill proposed as a means to smooth out this fiscal cliff crisis, or at the very least post pone it to another year. I wouldn’t be surprised if their going to use this bill to sneak in some unrelated draconian stipulations like ducks having to wear hot pants on Tuesdays. Note that this is not written in regular English. It’s written in legalese so if you do read it use a law dictionary to certain words, even the ones you think you know, because in legalese person means corporation, issue has 15 different definitions, unlawful is different from illegal, and a bunch of shit is in latin. Just another way they maintain control, through bullshit legislation written in legalese so most people don’t understand it, aside from the Jewish CommuNazis from Uranus! I really suck at ending blogs…

End Log

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