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The Hidden Agenda behind Climate Change and Geo-Engineering

February 19, 2013 Leave a comment

Now I admit that I play devils advocate often, but that’s only because the majority of people take what’s on the news as fact if there’s a doctor, scientist, or other expert saying something without taking into the account that the news is controlled by corporate interests and political motivations and there’s usually a hidden agenda behind everything that’s reported. The idea of global warming, or climate change, or rather what these terms represent, which is the idea that our species is responsible for the planet getting warmer, and if we don’t make efforts to reduce our energy use to lower our “carbon footprint” it may lead to our species ultimate extinction. Using fear to sell the people on an idea is pretty standard, just look at terrorism, epidemics, shootings, meteorites, the economy, Y2K, and drugs. Regardless of how irrational the idea may be, it always has the desired response on the people mesmerized by their televisions.

Now I’ll agree that there are many scientists saying that our co2 emissions are making the planet warmer, and that we are polluting the environment to the point where it’s affecting our health and the health of the planets natural ecosystems. There seems to be a rise in abnormal weather lately, but this could just be that their reported more now a days and that the news has a way of making it sound worse then it is, so given this and the pollution and the scientists going on record saying man-made global warming is real, whats wrong with “going green”? One thing you have to realize is that the many scientists who say man-made global warming is real are paid to do so, and that the majority of meterologists do not believe in the theory of man-made global warming yet seldom get heard on the mainstream news. In addition to this there are certain methods being implemented to modify the planets weather, things like chem-trails or cloud-seeding and HARP are accepted as having the capability of manipulating the weather, yet this never gets discussed in the mainstream when the global warming story is being covered. And finally- clean energy sources were invented by Tesla before you were born but they are being suppressed for the same reason the cures (yes there’s more then one) for cancer are being suppressed- it would be devastating to many huge industries and corporations, so it’s in their best interest to suppress these things by any means necessary.

Anyways check out the 16 minute video made by Global Research below. It has a lot of important information on “climate change” that needs to be heard.

Just if people don’t wake up to see how the weather is being modified by the same people who are telling us that we meed to lower our co2 emissions, there’s no telling how far they can go with this bullshit that’s being presented as science. I mean oceans and volcanoes are responsible for the majority of our planets co2- and to call lowering co2 emissions the green movement when plants breathe co2 and plants are usually… Green! It’s illogical, and seeing that we exhale co2 this will be used for population control which is what they want. A small population, where the prices for energy will be raised as high as they please under the guise of “saving the planet’, and I’m going to end this blog with a quote from the late George Carlin, “we haven’t even learned to take care of ourselves yet, and we’re gonna save the fucking planet?”

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New Papacy and Meteorites? Wrong!

February 17, 2013 1 comment

Pope Benedict has announced his resignation due to “health problems” which is suspicious on so many levels I don’t even know where to begin. For starters, if Christians really do believe that the pope is some sort of holy man with divine power that he has because of decades of the traditional celibate-pedophilia loop-hole, and wearing different costumes while spreading “the word of God” or rather a book that was composed from the end results of several century long game of broken telephone finally written down, then by some scribes, then translated a bunch of times, and edited by Nero – well what I’m getting at is the bible is not the word of God, if you think it is that’s because you’ve been brainwashed, but this is all besides the fact. Where was I? Oh ya so if Catholics really believe the pope is a divine holy man, wouldn’t they question why he couldn’t just use some crazy pope healing powers- isn’t healing of the sick an optional sacrament? Or better yet ask why God would give the pope vaginal warts? or whatever the unspecified health problems may be? In addition to this, don’t popes traditionally end their papacy through death? He’s resigning because of supposed health issues, but he was able to hold up the pages of the resignation speech when he read it to the press. Just saying he can hold up sheets of paper and read without assistance whereas Pope John Paul II could barely hold up his head for his last few years, and when he did speak it was inaudible and sounded like a dying giraffe.

What I’m getting at is there’s gotta be a reason that the pope is resigning, and I’m assuming that he’s not making this decision on his own. The real powers that be, the men behind the curtain have told him, on 2/11/2013 you announce that you are resigning on Feb 28, then you’ll go from Pope Benedict back to Uncle Fester the molester Sith Lord and that will set the stage for Pope Mabus, or ET or whatever! The pope has been a power politically throughout history, but recently it’s been downplayed just like present-day royalty. There’s a bunch of dark shit in the Vatican and they have amassed huge amounts of wealth through the fear of hell, while suppressing information via book burning and the laws of heresy. Now either they’re switching the pope up because this pope isn’t selling as much merchandise as John Paul II was, so the Vatican needs a new Pope for better PR, or it’s something that will become more apparent when the new Pope comes. One last thing on this, there has already been a black pope, Pope Gelasius I was from Africa, and even though he’s not depicted as black on that link, that’s only because the Church had a habit of drawing black people white. I mean Jesus probably resembled Bin Laden as opposed to the specific characteristics of Hitlers ideal Aryan superman. But enough about Jesus, Bin Laden, and Hitler- black pope has been done and even if it hasn’t the papacy is nothing but a political figure-head but then again so is the president? What I’m getting at is Fuck the pope, fuck institutional religions, and fuck your negative reaction to these statements. Best way to be a good Christian is to be like Christ, and I doubt Jesus would be down with the Vatican amassing fortunes and suppressing knowledge, while kids are starving and the masses are stupid- and doing it by twisting his teachings but that’s just my view on Asus da Kristos.

On to some real news, I’m sure you’ve heard that a Meteor came down in Russia, and 150, 200, 300, 400, or 500 people were injured depending on which news tweet you follow, and ya- seemed a little spontaneous. Question is, was this a meteor or a weapons test? I’ve never seen a meteor enter our atmosphere before so I can’t say whether or not the smoke should’ve stayed in the sky afterward, lingering on like a chemtrail see the embedded video above. To me this looks like it could be a meteor or a weapons test, then I read this article and the plot thickens. To take a direct quote from the link: ” Russia’s controversial Liberal leader, Vladimir Zhirinovsky, has blamed Americans for today’s meteorite scare, local media report.
“Those were not meteorites, it was Americans testing their new weapons,” Mr. Zhirinovsky confessed to journalists.
Zhirinovsky further posited, according to the story, that new U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry had attempted to tell Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov about the “test” in advance. Lavrov has reportedly been dodging Kerry’s phone calls for a few days now.”

So was it a US attack? Possibly, or maybe it was a secret Russian test passed off as a meteorite to avoid the liabilities involved with fucking shit up for hundreds of people? I mean this happened in Chelyabinsk which has been a top-secret Russian nuclear facility since the 40’s. I mean if a UFO were seen in Nevada, you’d know that Area 51 was up to something, so this happening in this city was probably a test and how else would Russia test a space weapon without making the US media go into hysteria-mode like when China tested a space weapon in 2007? So meteor? Russian secret test disguised as a meteor? US attack on Russia described as meteor? Or potential Russian false-flag attack being used by the Zhironovsky to escalate tensions further and bring us one step closer to WW3? I don’t know, but I’m leaning more towards the weapon scenario seeing as they haven’t showed any footage or images of ground zero. Now I just discovered a similar scenario just happened in Cuba 15 hours ago so this brings in the possibility of an alien invasion? Or the US targetting Russia and Cuba?

But the biggest question is… does the pope shit in the woods? ah I gotta goto work

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Who are the Real Terrorists?

February 10, 2013 Leave a comment

[ter-er] Show IPA
intense, sharp, overmastering fear: to be frantic with terror.
an instance or cause of intense fear or anxiety; quality of causing terror: to be a terror to evildoers.
any period of frightful violence or bloodshed likened to the Reign of Terror in France.
violence or threats of violence used for intimidation or coercion; terrorism.

Informal. a person or thing that is especially annoying or unpleasant.

[ter-uh-riz-uhm] Show IPA
the use of violence and threats to intimidate or coerce, especially for political purposes.

the state of fear and submission produced by terrorism or terrorization.
a terroristic method of governing or of resisting a government.

“How can you have a war on terror? What does war create? Terror… so you’re having a war against the consequences of the actions you’re involved in”
-Steve Hughes

Eisenhower warning Americans about the Military-Industrial-Complex

JFK’s secrecy is repugnant speech, and about the importance of the 1st amendment

George Carlin on conspiracies

Evidence that the “proof” that 9/11 was committed by Osama Bin Laden was fabricated

Van filled with explosives found by the George Washington bride on 9/11, 5 men detained which were believed to be Mossad agents

Watch all the videos embedded above with an open mind and make your own conclusions. Nuff said.

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Anonymous and The 4th Branch

February 8, 2013 Leave a comment

So apparently Anonymous hacked the federal reserve, and next stop they plan to hack Goldman Sachs. Oh ya, and they leaked this story about Obama being able to assassinate Americans without trial or due process. They use the word leaked, a word reminiscent of Wiki-leaks- who Anonymous supports. In addition to these stories a few Anonymous accounts on twitter were claiming responsibility for the lights going out at the Super Bowl. Then there’s this recent story on new internet legislation where the Obama Administration is going to and to quote from the link: “issue an executive order aimed at bolstering U.S. cybersecurity as soon as next week, according to two former White House officials briefed on the administration’s plans….The administration is preparing the order amid recent high- profile cyber attacks, including the security breach of a U.S. Federal Reserve website, intrusions at the New York Times and other newspapers attributed to Chinese hackers, and a wave of denial-of-service attacks that disrupted the websites of major U.S. banks. ” I’ve been saying this since December, Anonymous false-flag = new world wide web = my balls in a vice-grip.

Now all I see on Twitter is a bunch of people supporting Anonymous every time they post a tweet about who they hacked this time, and this bothers me because it’s a reminder of how most people lack the ability to critically asses shit like this, but I suppose it’s not their fault seeing as it’s what our education system produces- a vast majority of people who have a strong ability to memorize and regurgitate shit but an atrophied sense of thinking critically or questioning the legitimacy of the world as the mainstream news presents it.

Here’s some of the shit that only adds to my belief that Anonymous is another false-movement. For starters the fact that the fed openly admits to mainstream media sources that Anonymous did in fact hack into their servers which to me this is bullshit as openly admitting this would reveal to the public that such an attack is possible and potentially set the stage for other possible attacks. Now instead of supporting Anonymous or recommending other sites that should be hacked, people should be asking Anonymous what their desired outcome for these seemingly specious cyber attacks? Do they even have a desired outcome? As a matter of fact that do! and it’s to control the internet because both Anonymous and Wikileaks are fronts for the same “lords of this world” who are slowly bringing about a new world order a world where they’re ubiquitous in every sense of the way- like Santa Claus or God- only this is reality as opposed to a way of controlling people via superstition, and I think they’re very close considering how many people have cellphones tracking them on a radar, how many people post every part of their past, present, and plans for the future on facebook, how they have license plate scanning technology to track and display where any car has been on a map, then there’s spy drones, how cameras are at every corner of the streets and subways, facial recognition, and don’t mean to make you paranoid or to sound overly-paranoid myself, but they could be potentially watching you through the camera on your computer/cellphone/ipod etc. I know for a fact that this is possible because there was a time in my life that I used to hack into peoples computers- mostly for shits-and-giggles- I could look into peoples webcams without them being aware. The next phase would be reading thoughts, and with the predicted future of a transhuman civilization maybe future brain implants will make every bodies thoughts open to being heard, thought-crime here we come!

The fact that the mainstream media covers Anonymous, Wiki-leaks, and even Alex Jones is what really makes me question their validity. This is my litmus test for trying to disseminate the truth from bullshit. The media is the 4th branch of the government, and they simply cover what they’re told to cover and when both Anonymous and Wiki-leaks gets regular media coverage this is a HUGE indicator that this is all just a psy-op false flag illusive pretext which will justify controlling the internet in ways that I can’t even begin to fathom. Check out the video below where Anonymous supposedly hacks fox while it’s live on the air, and tell me that’s not a crock of shit? ok I’m done.

End log

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