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The Hutchison Effect and 9/11

February 19, 2014 Leave a comment

Watched this conference by Dr. Judy Wood about what happened on 9/11 (full conference link here)– and a hypothesis of what may have caused it. Her analysis is strictly scientific in that she doesn’t make theories about who was responsible for 9/11 or why, but rather questions what happened on 9/11 and how.

In her analysis she points out in the pictures and videos many of the anomalies that occurred on 9/11 and how they look similar to some of the phenomena (known as the Hutchison Effect) videotaped by John Hutchison when he tried to duplicate some of Nikola Teslas experiments. This is more so about how the scientific establishment is suppressing a technology which could give the world free limitless clean electricity- and she believes it was this same technology used on 9/11 and it’s how they turned the towers to dust.

Where did the towers go?

Lack of debris


The Hutchison Effect

Toasted Cars

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Connect the Sochi Dots Yourself

February 12, 2014 Leave a comment

Hate to speculate about a potential false-flag attack yet again- especially when I’ve done so for so many other big events that nothing ended up happening at… so I won’t. Instead of connecting the dots- I’m simply going to show the dots and let people do their own connecting.

For starters- why the hell did the choose Sochi? Considering it’s one of the warmest most humid places in Russia- seems kinda dumb to host the Winter Olympics there. Especially when you’re the largest country in the world and have at least a dozen better spots where the climate would be more fitting for a Winter Olympics. In addition to it being too warm in Sochi, Sochi also required a ton of extra construction and planning since its a city that was rather lacking in any proper infrastructure to host an event of this magnitude. It’s not even in the top 10 biggest cities in Russia, and its one of if not the warmest region in Russia.

Then there’s all this concern over security at Sochi in the weeks leading up to the games. Although in all fairness there’s always mainstream speculation of security concerns over any event on the globe since 9/11. Plus it’s clear that the US has been using the Sochi 2014 Olympics as a means of attacking Russia with their manipulative use of propaganda. However there was a couple “terrorist” attacks in the weeks leading up to the Olympics in Volgograd (formerly known as Stalingrad). So maybe the “security concerns” are not completely unfounded- then why did I just quote “security concerns”? Because if anything should happen I’m going to assume it was staged. Then there’s allegations of a video threat on Sochi made by Islamic Russians which would be a great way set the stage for a potential shit-bomb.

Now for no reason whatsoever, lets take a look at the map of Sochi- just to get an idea of where it is and what nations surround it(map source: google maps):

Moving on…

In a seemingly unrelated story Iran successfully tested new ICBMs according to the associated press. Apparently these missiles have a surface to surface range of 2000km. How about them apples?

That concludes this post. Like I said I’m only putting the dots on this post and you have to connect them yourself. Yep- I’m not speculating at what I think could happen- I am merely speculating that there may be a speculation being implied in this post.. yep- just speculating on the possibility of a speculated implication…all in all- whatever happens or doesn’t, will or won’t- so might a well just sit back and enjoy the freak-show that is human civilization as it get’s narrated by misleading news reports being read by hypnotic news anchors.

End log

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