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SOPA, the Internet 2.0, and the next President

January 19, 2012 Leave a comment

I made several attempts to try sleeping in the past hour. I worked 2-10:30pm Tuesday and 9:30am – 6pm Wednesday, so I’m surprised I’m not able to fall asleep. I am definitely tired enough but my mind is playing a feedback loop of every single stressful thing going on in my life at the moment. So since I have no sleeping pills/melatonin/5HTP/Gravol etc… I’ve decided to take my digital placebo which has proven efficacy in the past and hope that writing a blog about shit happening in the world will help shut the voice in my head up so I can sleep. So now that I wrote this unnecessary irrelevant introductory paragraph… shall I begin?

As you probably may have heard the US has 2 bills SOPA and PIPA which some people say will mean the end of Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, Google, Wikipedia, etc. Wikipedia and many other sites went off today in protest of this senseless bill. Now I myself can’t see the true reason behind this bill as it seems it will just be a hit in the economy and I can’t see how anyone will profit from it long term. But then I remembered reading about some predictions of this year, and maybe this year will bring about the beginning of the new world order. For starters there’s a presidential election coming up, tensions have risen high in Iran and all super powers seem to be waiting for the first move to be made so they can start world war 3, and then there’s the Mayan prophecy which most people believe has lost any credibility after the movie blew the whole thing out of proportion. Fact of the matter is this is a year for some next shit that remains unfathomable to the masses.

If the elite do truly want to bring about the New World Order, they can’t have people such as myself blogging about how corrupt, fucked, and destructive the real owners of this planet really are. They need a method of controlling the internet and this bill whether or not it passes or not is in my opinion just the beginning. If this shit doesn’t fly as it doesn’t seem like it will as of now (but I could be wrong)- they will use some other bullshit reason to change the internet for good. I wonder if such thing is even possible- to control the ENTIRE internet- but if they shut down any big site like Google, Youtube, Twitter, and WordPress- will people just blog in an email and send it to their address book? It definitely won’t be the same and whose to say the NDAA bill passed on New Years Eve won’t be used to read our emails and anyone speaking against the military-industry-murder-maniacs will get detained indefinitely without trial until the war on terror ends or as Jon Stewart put it, “when terror surrenders”. It seems like Nazi Germany and Communist Russia on a global scale slowly controlling more and more everyday and with more insidious methodology and technology then ever before.

Ah it all seems to be slowly coming together and the majority of the populous are too busy with their own lives to notice. The minority that do know about it are stuck for a solution on how to turn the tides around, and all I know is it’s an interesting time to be alive. This year will bring many changes, and I wouldn’t be surprised if all out chaos broke out as the waves of entropy reach their peak. Reminds me of a quote, “Countless millions will protest against the New World Order, and will die fighting it.” – HG Wells

Which finally brings me to the upcoming presidential election, which seems important no matter what country you’re in as the US spends the most annually on it’s military by more then double the 2nd military in the world (China), so I’d say the leader of the country with that much fire power is relevant. Still I really don’t know how much I believe the presidents to be the true leaders, ya never know- maybe the web of corruption hasn’t got to every possible candidate ~coughcoughRonPaulcoughcough~. I believe Obama will win because he has the financial support to win. He raised double what McCain did in the 2008 election (campaign contribution info at -> and his financial contributors are probably no match for I dunno lets say Ron Paul. I do hope Ron Paul wins though as he seems to be the most consistent and least full of shit who has said the same things since the 2008 election. He said if elected he’ll bring the troops back homes, stop the wars over seas, end the drug war, cut annual spending, end the fed or audit it etc. Having said that whose to say he won’t be full of shit should he get elected which is a long shot as it is?

This whole election brings me back to a video I watched that stated how all the presidents are related, and what David Icke said in one of his books that most of the presidents are related to both the Charlemagne and the King of England or some shit. Also knowing that Obama is cousins with Bush and Cheney doesn’t help. Like tell me what are the odds of a black president having any genealogical relation to his white presidential predecessor? Has monarchy just been molded to the point where we think we’re choosing our leaders in a democratic fashion- as it’s a more effective form of economic slavery? Here’s a youtube video talking about the presidential bloodlines:

Any how I hope Ron Paul wins, doubt he will, and if he does he’ll either end up being full of shit or he’ll get assassinated or impeached. Wow I’m pessimistic aren’t I?

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SRA or Psychosis? The MPD Riddle

January 2, 2012 1 comment

This Christmas, my friends told me that their aunt who they hadn’t seen in a month came to their family dinner and was in a state of what they described to me sounded like psychosis. From what they told me, she was aggressive, delusional, paranoid, manic, showed signs of grandiosity, and no one knew what to make of it. My friends told me that she has a history of cocaine&meth use- but they had never seen her quite like this. She was so out of touch with reality that my friends couldn’t understand exactly out what triggered such a dramatic change in her demeanor the month after they had last seen her. She ended up making a comment to her kid that didn’t sit right with her sister (my friends mom) so my friends mom called the mental clinic (or something) who then had to call the cops to make sure her kids would be safe from her the unpredictability of her lunacy. The Aunt was taken and put in a hospital for 3 days which became 6 after they realized she wasn’t taking her pills. The next day my friends found spell books, questions written in a notebook and answered in different writing, a picture that was vibrant and colourful on one side and dark on the other. The hospital said that their aunt had Multiple Personality Disorder (MPD), then all the stuff I had read about Satanic ritual abuse (SRA) all came back to me.

My friends Aunt had to stay at the hospital for 6 days or something if she wanted to keep custody of her kids, but she signed herself out early giving custody of her kids over to her Niece (as is my understanding). The reason she signed herself out early is because she said that there was going to be a ritual using her kids because a ritual day was coming on new years or something. I looked it up on google and some satanic cults do have a ritual on New Years (or that’s what it says) but all satanic cults are different and they change holidays from year to year. Even though this is not my personal family- I’ve heard about stuff like satanic cults being pervasive in the western world- and that they do rituals involving sacrifice and sex and demonic invocations for power. Apparently 80% of all people with MPD are involved in these satanic families that do this shit on certain times of the year, and get this, 74% of all statistics are made up! Including this one! Yet that 80% of MPD being SRA related I got from a source- not saying it’s true- but it wasn’t pulled out of my ass. Apparently they make a young child take part in a sacrifice, or they rape a young child- and this is such a horrific and traumatic thing for a child’s mind to handle that it breaks down into a separate personality that way the mind doesn’t have to live with any horrific memory of the horrible experience they had.

I’m am just conflicted on what to believe is the actual cause of this. Did my friends aunt just enter a state of psychosis caused by drug abuse and sleep deprivation? Did she use the spell books found in her house to invoke a spirit/demon or something? Is her family really apart of a Satanic cult that does this shit regularly? Does that mean my friend may be apart of this craziness without even realizing it? It seems like the older I get, the more things that I once dismissed in my teenage years as fantasy or fictional shit from scary movies when looked into more deeply sound like they could actually be going on, in all classes of human hierarchy- or all works of human life. From our politicians in Bohemian Grove, to our celebrities the entertainment industry, to people I see ever day. Or is my friends aunt just crazy and that’s that? Then why do so many of these “crazy people” all have delusions about SRA? Is that just the typical delusion for any psychotic episode? Is it just a coincidence? Maybe she’s crazy but this stuff does happen to other people? I guess there’s no way to find a definite answer to this question- but it does make me wonder just how close I could be to this occult mysticism without even knowing it.

Maybe this shit’s been going on under our noses for a very long time, and the reason we never hear anything about it when it does happen is because the media and the police never mentions the satanic ritualistic component of the ongoing crimes that we see in the news every so often. We usually just hear about some people going missing, then after so many days we hear that they found the body dismembered in a creek or some shit, and we say to out self “a lot of fuckin sickos out there eh?” and then go on with our lives without making anything else of this. I’m starting to think that the majority of missing persons that occur annually are all tied into this Satanic shit. I think the media or the cops don’t report on this as such because either a) they’re part of a similar satanic cult and want to keep it incognito, or b) they don’t want to incite another witch hunt involving burning people at the stake. One witch hunt in American history is enough I suppose.

All in all, it’s a tough call- is it satanism or schizophrenia? Is it demonic presence or delusional paranoia? This is probably one of those topics that will be conflicting to me and that I may never find out the truth because even though it seems very credible the whole thing does have plausible deniability and making accusations about this can make me seem crazy as well, so I’m limiting my opinion to mere speculation. Anyways check out the videos, google this shit, and ask yourself the same questions.

End Log

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