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Syria, Iran, and the 2012 Olympics in London

June 27, 2012 3 comments

If you keep track of world events and looked at the news at all this week you must’ve heard about how Syria allegedly shot down a Turkish warplane. This initial report was followed by reports of Syria apologizing for the incident, and Turkish PM Erdogan saying something along the lines of this is a provocative attack, Assad should step down, Assad is like Hitler, yada yada yada. So sick of every new enemy the west creates being compared to Hitler- isn’t any one like Ghengis Khan anymore?

Anywho, as all these news reports kept popping up, the only thing I’m thinking is that this is utter horse shit. I have no proof of it being utter horse shit, but I do have about as much proof as they have claiming this event took place- I just don’t have the news media on my side to report any thing. Just the fact of the matter is this, they first tried to use “Houla massacre” as a pretext for a Nato invasion- but despite Russia & China condemning the massacre they were still not giving the US and NATO the green light for war this time. Probably because they noticed the same pattern used with Libya all too recently. Obviously they had their mind set on war, and since the first plan didn’t work they move on to plan B) which is all this bullshit about an F4 being shot down.

My opinion is that this incident never even happened only because of the recurring pattern in history. This same recurring pattern in history is what first made me speculate that 9/11 could be a false flag, and then enough evidence was presented to me to prove this to be the case without reasonable doubt. Anywho.. This whole scenario reminds me of the Gulf of Tonkin incident which was the pretext for the Vietnam war, and this event never happened as the news media would later admit. It was “news” being reported that was complete bullshit to suit the hidden agenda of the 4th Reich AKA the United States of America. In this instance Turkey is the member of NATO being summoned to make the false claim as the US doesn’t have much credibility these days with the amount of undeclared preemptive wars they have initiated ever since the biggest weapon of mass deception was unleased upon this world in the aftermath of 911- the war on terror. All I know is I’ve examined a bunch of articles and can’t find a video of any Syrian officials claiming responsibility. All in all looks like NATO will be going into war with Syria very soon just as they have been scheming to do for a while now.

Then there’s this article from titled U.S., Israel continue preparations for strike on Iran nuclear facilities where it states and I quote “A senior Israeli official recently told Reuters that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has decided to attack Iran before the U.S. elections in November”. This too can be considered hearsay as well, but given Netanyahu’s past statements and overall stance on Iran this is a much more believable quote. The fact that it says it will happen before the US elections to me is indicative of how the Zionist lobby controls who the president is. If Israel attacks Iran before the US election, Obama and Romney can either condemn the attacks which will hurt their chances of winning the election astronomically or they can use the usual lines, “Israel has the right to defend itself” or “we support Israel unconditionally”- which is more likely, but even more likely then that is the US invading Iran itself. Maybe they want to first take out Syria so that an Iranian invasion won’t mean a possible retaliation strike on Israel from the Syrian border? I just wonder what Russia & China will do if Iran gets invaded as well, unless there is a proper precursor to invade Iran.

Which brings me to the 2012 Olympics. I’ve said this already, speculation for a potential false flag, part of me thinks it will happen for sure, and another part of me thinks that it won’t because there’s already too many people speculating that it will occur. Then again many people foreshadowed 9/11 before it happened & that didn’t change anything. Some people will refuse to believe any of this shit regardless of the evidence- they’ll turn a blind eye and a deaf ear and I think I can understand why. This shit can really weigh on a persons mind at times, and there are times when I regret taking the red pill and unlocking from the comfortable illusion of the matrix.

Any who back to the false-flag info…the 2 things that struck me as potential foreshadowing to this event are this article which goes over a report released by the Rockefeller foundation in 2010 where a terrorist attack on the London Olympics is mentioned, and also this video that shows some predictive programming in the media

Also ahe Olympic mascots are basically walking all seeing eyes, the 2012 Olympic logo clearly says Zion.. Then there’s the fact that Ahmadinejad has been banned from attending the 2012 olympics. So During the closing Olympic ceremony a small nuclear bomb goes off, kills a 100,000 instantly then it’s basically like post-9/11 all over again where any thing governments do are permitted ie. more freedoms taken domestically, and more wars abroad beginning with Iran who will be held responsible for the attack. That’s just my theoretical scenario, exactly 1 month away til the Olympics begins- hopefully this doesn’t happen- but if it does don’t believe who they claim to be responsible without any sold proof.

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Planet overpopulated? Or politricks manipulation?

June 17, 2012 1 comment

The media, the politicians, and the UN keep selling us the idea that the planet is overpopulated. Most people believe it because: a 3rd of the world is starving to death, there are occasional blackouts, costs of living going up, & because of the buzzkill of being on the highway during rush hour traffic. So basically the media says the planet is over-populated, and you may even add in the exponential rate at which we procreate if your a calculating person (one family has 3 kids, each kid has 3 kids who have 3 kids who have 3 kids etc.) and it seems like a realistic notion, but no one questions why they would keep selling us this overpopulation idea… is it simply to raise awareness that we should have less kids because they give a shit about the planet? Or is it a politically motivated idea being used to slowly move towards forced sterilization (which I think is being done covertly with GMOs and the h1n1 vaccine), and to eventually keep the population down to what the Georgia guidestones have written on them, a limit of 500 million population. I believe in the more sinister latter (big surprise!) which is probably a less popular stance on this.

Why would the powers that be want a small fraction of the planets current population? I think it’s because it’s easier to control a smaller population and that would be ideal for the new world order which they openly admit in speeches like this one from Obama . 500 million population plus some technological mods to our bodies which will be sold as something that is more secure against fraud and better for healthcare emergency’s (rfid chips/cashless transactions) or something that will make you smarter, faster, stronger, or even immortal (transhuman mods) and voila! You’ll have everyone on a hive mind like grid in a new world of technological serfdom- and we will all be happy slaves because of the the electrical signals in our brains making us happy to do the elites bidding. If one in a thousand of us should start thinking for himself, the hivemind will detect it and the thought police will take you in and ‘fix’ you (think 1984).

Here’s a video by Max Igan which breaks down the over-population myth and shows that we are not over-populated but rather poorly managed, it’s only 16 minutes long and contains a lot of information about the new world order and other stuff, if you believe in over population check it out. He mathematically breaks down this fallacy using the amount of space we all need to live versus the number of people on the planet at the time he made the video:

So why are people starving then? It’s a coldly calculated form of modern eugenics- is it coincidence that most of the starving people are brown? Eugenics is the idea that inspired Hitlers final solution and is still a popular belief amongst the elite- you think Bill Gates is actually in Africa to stop disease? Why doesn’t he give Africans food? and by food I don’t mean the GMOs that are another form of sterilization that Monsanto is offering. Monsanto has got to be one of the most evil corporations on this planet and has a long history of making chemicals that always haunt humanity for generations.. Ethnic cleansing is still a reality of today, just done in a more covert way with lab-made diseases like aids being spread amongst minorities. That being said it’s not like the Nazis told the German people about genocide- so its not that its more covert but rather no longer requires concentration camps to commit genocide.
What about gas prices and peak oil? We don’t need gas to run our cars. The electric car and the car that runs on water are 2 examples of technology that have been invented years ago but are being suppressed for profit. Tesla was going to give the planet free wireless energy until JP Morgan found out the details of this project which resulted in Tesla’s funding being cut and virtually the end of his career after JP Morgan had Tesla black balled. This was in the early 1900’s so free energy is not a new idea, its been proven possible but suppressed just like everything else that will better mankind as a whole at the expense of some greedy corporation having to release its grip on the populations balls.
As for rush-hour traffic, the nazis invented and perfected anti-gravity saucers (aka UFOs) which I’m sure the US has as well- but it’s being sold as aliens through hollywoods effective predictive programming. Also because these UFOs do not run on gas, and profit losses etc. Not to mention the complete freedom we would all have with a personal UFO which can go any where (under the ocean included). Oh ya expect a fake alien invasion coming soon! But that’s a whole other topic of discussion.

If you have any other proof for the planets over-population or any thing to disprove any thing I just listed feel free to comment me your rebuttal.

More proof that goes with the population control theory:
-Weed kills no one and is illegal while tobacco kills more then all illegal drugs combined but is available and advertised through bitchin movies where the coolest characters are smokers and what not.
-War continues to kill innocent people every day and has been the rule of post WW2 US invasions, not the exception.
-Aspartame, GMOs, vaccines, MSG, food additives, chemtrails, etc.
-Cancer cure suppressed
-Aids made in a lab and cure for it also suppressed
-Depleted Uranium…

But if you do believe overpopulation is true, then terrorism would be a way of going green… and why the hell do we still celebrate fathers day and mothers day? We’re only encouraging people to have kids with this. How come we have to wear seat-belts by law? If someone wants to commit suicide, why do we have them institutionalized? Honestly how badly do you want to save the plant? Honestly we should create a disinformation campaign promoting poor hygiene, once the bubonic plague comes back ehhhhh! That will save the planet and make the planet more sustainable. Shit the black plague is really a green plague. Also whats with everyone thinking nuclear war is bad? We’re over-populated remember? A nuclear war would probably fix everything!

The abover paragraph isn’t to be taken seriously, I’m just trying to show the extremes that can come out of this ideology…


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Zombie Apocalypse part of the New World Order?

June 6, 2012 1 comment

Just when I think the world can’t possibly get any stranger, a zombie apocalypse scenario comes out of the woodwork. I’m sure you’ve already heard the story, 31 year old Rudy Eugene(on the left in the picture below) chewed the face off Ronald Poppo(on the right) at an off-ramp in Miami. I watched a few news clips, and apparently he wasn’t just biting, he really ate the entire face and swallowed the flesh- from the forehead to the chin, nose and eyes included. Even after the cop shot the man he didn’t stop. Only after like 4 shots or so Rudy fell over and died, according to a cop who was interviewed. Not the cop who actually shot him, he was apparently too traumatized from the event to speak about it, and I can’t say I blame him. When I first heard this story I thought it might’ve been an exaggerated tweet, like biting, but not literally eating the face off and swallowing the flesh, while growling at the officer telling him to stop. Also 4 shots to kill the zombie brings back the game Resident Evil 2 that I used to play.

The first explanation of this attack was that the attacker was on drugs, big surprise. First the cops were saying it was a new kind of super LSD, which I knew was bullshit from the get go because there’s no such thing, and I’ve done my fair share of acid in my day and researched enough on LSD to know that LSD would never lead to behavior like this. Eventually the media switched the story and said it was bath-salts. Since bath salts are a newer drug that I have never tried or read much information about, it seemed plausible enough(note this is before I knew the extreme nature of the face chewing). Now bath-salts are being demonized on the news and many laws against it are being enacted despite the inefficacy of prohibiting any substance to slow down it’s availability, but I’m not talking about the failed drug policy now so this is besides the fact.

Then earlier today I was reading an article about bath-salts on (couldn’t find the exact link), but it mentions that the toxicologist has yet to confirm whether or not Rudy had bath-salts in his system. So all this hysteria about bath-salts being responsible for this kind of behavior were in actuality police speculation. Just the way every news outlet is going off about flesh-eating and bath salts while there isn’t any conclusive evidence to support this theory is ridiculous. This whole bath salt condemnation has been blown out of proportion that states are passing laws to make it illegal, and this is all based on the assumption that this zombie behavior was a direct result of bath-salt abuse when that is based on speculative police inquiry, who in all honesty aren’t drug experts. The cop even had a theory for why the attacker was naked, “the drug makes you so hot that you feel like you’re melting inside so you have to take your clothes off”. He actually said melting inside! I really wish people who don’t know what they’re talking about would not spread bullshit on the news. Guess I should’ve figured a cop describing the effects of a drug is dumb seeing as most cops have never used drugs. Still the info I have read about bath salts does make it sound like a bad drug that is addictive and could leave you in a mental hospital for weeks in a state of psychosis. So not condoning the use of bath salts, just saying that this is not what caused this attack. Here is a link of Rudy’s GF in an interview by CBS where she says “Despite the fact that he smoked marijuana, he didn’t use stronger recreational drugs and even refused to take over-the-counter medication for headaches. He was sweet and well-mannered”.

Then I hear about this, ya a “copy-cat” Miami zombie. Once again they’re blaming bath salts, but this is where the official story loses complete credibility. I know little about bath-salts, but what I do know is it was used all over north America (if not the whole world) and suddenly there are 2 zombie attacks that both take place in the same city weeks apart? Then I read This article listing 8 unusual events surrounding the attack in Miami and finally the Zombie-like symptom disease that has reached epidemic proportion in Uganda. This is where I connect the dots.

Some one once told me that he predicts a zombie apocalypse would come from the H1N1 vaccines, I kinda dismissed it as a little bit ‘out there’ but maybe it wasn’t completely ridiculous after-all. Not saying the H1N1 vaccine is behind this(it was behind miscarriages though), but that the idea of a zombie scenario being made a reality as just another part of the new world order agenda seems more plausible now. Even the high amount of zombie video games, shows, movies, etc seemed a little odd to me. Should’ve suspected it was predictive programming for a coming reality. I assume this much with robots and aliens being all over the media now adays- just didn’t think zombies were all that plausible until just recently. I’m thinking corexit and/or the synthetic bacteria used in the gulf of Mexico after the oil spill are more a more realistic explanation then bath salts. Another possibility is that they used Uganda as a testing ground to finally get this zombie disease to spec, and now its been released via the the shores of Miami. These are just theories. All in all I guess we’ll see, and look at the bright side, for those of you who like ‘Walking Dead’ or ‘Zombieland’ here might be an opportunity for us to live out a similar scenario. Times like these I wish I had a gun.

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