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The BP Oil Spill the Gulf Stream and the Next Ice Age?

First things first, if you believe in the man made global warming caused by green house gasses specifically CO2, you sir are an idiot. I’m just fuckin with ya, but really you walked right into that green fallacy in reality a political ploy which has already been used to tax us further, and will continue to be used to tax us on our CO2 exhaling, the amount of kids we have, the amount of animals farms have, etc. etc. etc.  Then you got douche bags like Al Gore (the first green billionaire) making ridiculous statements comparing global warming deniers with racism which makes no fucking sense at all.  One is based on hard science, and the other is based on discrimination that someone is lesser then you because of, well, their race… duh….  Anywho I embedded a video below this paragraph called ‘The Great Global Warming Swindle”, and I’m hoping it will enlighten you with how very little us humans are impacting the climate on our planet.  We are polluting the air, the oceans, genetically modifying and splicing anything, and we are dropping depleted uranium shells that will be here for millions of years, so I agree we are fucking this planet to shit, but the climate is something that has more to do with the suns activities then carbon monoxide, the gas that plants breath.

Having said that, there is a little thing known as the jet stream, which is basically the earths circulatory system that goes under and over the oceans creating hot and cold fronts through out the planet.  Below is a picture of the approximate cold and warm temperatures that get circulated through the earth.

Last year there was the BP Oil spill which is currently still leaking just no longer being reported on. Apparently there is an estimated 10to15 thousand gallons of oil at the bottom of the ocean, and some scientists are saying this has slowed down the part of the gulf stream which brings the warmth of the gulf of Mexico to Europe. Last winter tutors winter was unusually colderthen normal. As the years pass this part of the the gilt stream being blocked may have dyer implications on the planets climate and some believe this will bring about at least a mini ice age. I myself see this as plausible, and the fact that this story isn’t being coveted by the MSM only helps its credibility in my eyes. It may not happen, but well just see if this is going to effect us in the next couple of winters. I’d keep writing but my pc shutdown so I was forced to use my iPod to finish this blog, so if you see any shitty grammar or typos, Stop yelling! It’s a pain in the ass to write with this touch screen keypad.
End log

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The 40 year stalemate that is the war on drugs

I was just looking up the latest drug stories on the drug bot website (the best database of stories relating to drugs on the internet in my opinion), when I came across this dumb ass article.  For those of you who don’t feel like clicking the link, its about a study done by the Center of Addiction and Substance Abuse(CASA), which is pointing the finger at social networking sites(twitter, facebook, myspace) and claiming that they increase drug use amongst teens.  This pisses me off on soo many levels, but the main reason it pisses me off is because you never see an article titled Prohibition increases drug use amongst teens.  That is a fact without the need of any further study, simple because any drug that is prohibited can be sold to people of any age and doesn’t require id from a dealer or anything.  I remember when I was 16, I could get weed, coke, shrooms, E, and crack, but alcohol was always a tricky one to obtain.  Cigarettes I was fortunate to know of two stores that I could buy from, but alcohol I would almost always have to get an older friend or sister to buy me my 40 of old e(as that was the only thing I bought when I was really young because it was so cheep). Even after turning 19, before I had my G1 I still had trouble getting alcohol or getting into ALL bars, and at the same time the list illegal drugs I could get just kept growing.

All I’m saying is articles like this are propaganda put in place as a stepping stone for increasing police officers using social networking sites as a means for investigating drug related crimes (not that the cops already haven’t been making arrests over shit people put on their facebook page).  The CASA should look into a group called Law Enforcement Against Prohibition (LEAP) and see the information they have of the progress of the so called war on drugs.  Since this war has been going on for 40 years and drugs are still readily available, when you look at the info that LEAP has it really makes you see how much worse these policies have made the world.  It’s funny to see that in countries where drugs are all legal like Portugal drug use goes down for ALL drugs with the exception of cannabis (marijuana), which in my opionion is great.  If more people would replace alcoholism with being a pothead, there would be a lot less incoherent obnoxiousness from loud violent fuckers, a lot less traffic accidents, a lot less communication breakdown, and even a lot less cancer as a study has been done showing that heavy cannabis smokers are less likely to get cancer then people who smoke nothing at all.  I skipped so much high school to well, get high, I thought thats why it was called high school.  Had weed been legal, I wouldn’t have been able to get it as easily, and maybe I wouldn’t of wasted so many years getting my useless high school diploma.

I’m so sick of having to sneak around to smoke a joint, sick of people judging me when they see me smoking weed, but not saying anything about the drunken asshole, sick of getting locked up and put in a holding cell like im some sort of threat to civilization, and im really sick of the rampant hypocrisy, how prescription drug and beer commercials are followed by don’t do drug commercials.  Just because my drug of choice is weed Im made into a pariah, having to brainstorm where a location to smoke, while waiting for the prison industrial complex goons to come out of no where to throw me in jail.  I know the governments at the very top of this so called war on drugs, and I know that drugs to becoming legal in the commonwealth countries (Austrailia, Canada, New Zealand) and America, will be like the car that doesn’t require gas being made available to the public, and the cure for cancer being made to the public.  The huge amount of money being made on all different levels through this fake war on drugs is to massive.  You have the prison-industrial complex which half its prisoners are there for drug related offenses.  The US has the Rockefeller minimum mandatory sentences, and because of these policies the US has 25% of the worlds prison population doing slave labour for privitized prisons which I see as the Sweatshops of the West.  Then you have the ability to inflate the prices of the most addictive drugs because addicts are going to buy the drugs their hooked on no matter how high the price goes.  All this plus you get to take away a countries constitutional rights.  If you don’t believe the government is responsible for flooding countries where drug laws are enforced, just read up on the Iran Contra Scandal.  Where a little airport in Mena Arkansa (i believe that was the city name), was used as a central location to distributed huge amounts of cocaine through out the world.  The fact that they were exposed this one time only, just shows me that one of their ops was poorly setup, and there a lot more going on that any one can fathom.

Bottom line is whether or not the governments are responsible for flooding the planet with drugs is irrelevant, the bottom line is the government should have no say in what anybody puts in there bodies.  Especially when I’ve read that tobacco kills more then all the illegal drugs combined, or that prescription drugs given to patients by doctors kills more every year then illegal drugs, or that even sugar kills more people then all drugs combined.  Really makes you understand that the government setting policy which enforces the arrests of drug users is not a benevolent act by a government that is truly concerned about our well-being.  Its all about money, control, and a key to shit on anyones constitutional rights.   In a common law jurisdiction we are all equal under God,this is called jurisprudence.  Canada is under common law therefore cops should fuck off unless im doing anything that is a threat to securtity which unless you do something that steals physically or through fraud, hurt someone, or break into a building, you should not be locked in a cage and looked down at by brainwashed police officers-most of which have no virtue or integrity.   Most cops didn’t become cops to actually make society a better place, they just became cops because it has the best benefits, pay, fastest car where you don’t have to wait for red lights and you get to go on a power trip not to mention getting to use a taser.  I’m not saying all cops are in it for these reasons, just 90% of them, while 5% did it to pursue corrupt objectives, and the last 5% did it to actually try to serve justice and serve the public, as they are public servants.

Shit like this war on drugs, the suppression of cures of diseases, the pre-emptive wars going on in the mid-east and Libya, planned obsolescence, and the rampant starvation in 3rd world country populations, are all the effects of the capitalistic mentality.  The dog eat dog world where we are all in constant competition to see who can get the most pieces of paper for the least amount of work, so they can have security and unlock life’s materialistic products which we are led to believe that we want because of commercials overtly and subliminally fucking with our psyche, molding our beliefs to thinking that happiness is in a new car, cellphone, mp3 player, ipad, or stupid toy, and this is affluenza a byproduct of the capitalist paradigm being taken by corporations which is technically fascism if we take our definition of fascism by Mussolini, the person who coined the phrase.

I hope to see a change in my life time where progression overcomes selfishness, where people have a little bit of perspective on how lucky they are to have even the most basic of life necessities, where governments make policies for the best interest of the people, and serve the people as that is why the people created a government in the first place, and where our elected officials aren’t completely full of shit, and where world peace happens, and there is an end to the unnecessary deaths that happen on a daily basis from curable diseases of the lack of life’s most basic necessities (clean water, food, and hygienic products).  Being that I’m surprised I’m still alive today makes me doubt I’ll ever live to see a better time, but here’s hoping…

End Log

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The Next Controlled Calamity

Take a passionate glance at the stance of humanity

Moronic tv addicts with an anatomy of apathy

Capitalistic system got the status quo fighting for higher wages

Not seeing the true reality how we’re all bound in cages

Economic enslavement on a brainwashed population

Delusional thinking this is freedom, when freedoms just a euphemism i want liberation

I’m a glitch in the matrix against the grain who came as a result of a condom ripping

Philisophical mentality pervasive, as I question reason why there is anything existing?

Existence plus intelligence is a mind fuck when malevolence proliferates devastation

In these apocalyptic days where we live in a state of stagnation

While I procrastinate choosing a path in a constant state of apprehensive trepidation

the end is always around the corner, next stop fake alien invasion or chaos from hyper inflation?



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Technocalypse Now! Or later?

Technology is proliferating and escalating at an exponential rate.  We went from just having phones, radios and cars 100 years ago to having, television, cellphones, computers, the internet, LCD screens, 3d TV, virtual reality, holographic technology, robot vacuum cleaners, secret weapons beyond the public’s imagination, and we just keep progressing technologically that every 5 years it seems like there’s a new sophisticated gizmo that everyone seems to have.   I remember the first computer I had, the IBM Tandy.  It had no hard drive, 128kbram,  and a cpu clocking at 8hz.  The computer I currently have which is probably only 15 years older has 1gbram(8000times the amount), and a 2ghz cpu(250000x faster), and to be honest with you, this computer is an out of date piece of shit and I look forward to beating it with a baseball bat.  Moore’s law states that computer processing speed doubles every 18 months, and this has been proven true since Gorden E. Moore (cofounder of intel), first stated it in 1965.  Other sources actually claim that CPU speed is doubling even faster then this law-at every 14 months.  Either way this being the reality has HUGE implications for what the near future has to offer.

This past year I watched some very interesting documentaries about the advancement in technology and what the potential future will look like in the next 10-50 years and what kinds of different technology will be possible.  The documentaries I watched were Technocalypse, Human 2.0, Transhumanism, Building Gods, and  the post human.  These informative documentaries have opened my eyes up to a future which seems to be nuckin futs.  I urge anyone whose slightly interested to check these documentaries out on youtube.  Any who some of the technology’s implied by the current R&D scientists are cryogenics, nanobots(small robots that monitor your blood stream to keep a person healthy), cars that drive themselves, a 3d reality simulation thats 100% real (like a real-life matrix), the ability to live forever, super intelligent robots that will be smarter then us, and finally cyborgs, when we will be forced to merge ourselves with this kind of technology to keep up with the robots and not fall behind.  They say we will have the ability to install brain chips that enhance cognition, memory, vision, or technology’s to increase our physical performance.

Imagine having the ability to choose to live for thousands of years?  Would we get bored of living eventually?  Think about nano sized robots being in your blood stream, monitoring for any unwanted cancers or viruses.  Imagine hopping in your car and just setting a GPS in it and sitting back while enjoying the ride?  Imagine walking in a city in the future were robots are walking side by side with humans.  Imagine having the ability to learn a language in seconds by uploading it to your hybrid cpu-brain.  Imagine not having to write down important numbers, as your memory capacity is massive like a computer.  Some of the things from these documentaries are a lot closer then one thinks.  Finally at the end of it all, when this technology becomes reality, would it be available to the general public?  Or would this technology only be for the very rich who can afford it?  Would we be at the mercy of a technocratic elite who rule a one world government with their robot henchmen monitoring everybodys every move with facial recognition cameras.  Making sure we all have a hive mentality, and if anybody steps out of line, they will face the consequences.  Another big thing about this kind of technology is a potential war between man and machine. When the machines get smarter then us, why would they still work to serve mankind?  Some of the scientists involved in the research for this kind of technology are convinced that if we do not merge ourselves with technology, we will end up being like pests to these alterlings, these robots who are millions of times more intellectually then we could ever be if we don’t merge ourselves with technology.  This could be the end of the human race as we know it.  Those who choose not to upgrade themselves, will basically get left behind, while the cyborgs and the alterlings live on a completely superior level to old human.

Maybe the unabomber, Ted Kacynski (who was a child prodigy in math mind you)  saw coming, and why he bombed the locations.  Maybe to try to prevent the future war against the machines that he calculated as being a certainty with the route we are currently taking.  This is just my speculation, but something tells me he did what he did for the greater good, even though in this case it meant killing people.

This has already been predictively programmed into us since Metropolis, and i’ve noticed on a lot of todays toddler shows robots are commonplace.  Probably trying to get today’s kids used to the whole robot reality paradigm.  Movies like Terminator, The Matrix, I Robot, Transformers, EI, and so many more have already been programming us into embracing this brave new world, and in 10-20 years don’s be surprised when personal robots become a regular commodity in life.  That everyone has a robot to do their bidding.  I urge anyone who reads this to look up Technocalypse on youtube, or even just search post-human or transhumanism and you’ll probably find enough videos about this topic.  That is all.. Peace Love and Herpes.

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Time to move forward, not backward, upward not forward…

This past spring my old life was destroyed to bring about some major changes.  Its been nearly 2 months since the transition began and I have been having difficulty letting go of my past, or accepting that my past is gone, and its time to make some decisions in my life.  6 and a half years of working in a grocery store was full of a lot of experiences, and I really can’t help but feel nostalgia when reminiscing, but at the same time I have to look ahead, and realize that maybe it was for the best.  I believe the charges laid against me is more of a spiritual battle then a legal one, and I am learning more, yet still sitting in stagnation waiting for the next court day and waiting to hear what new court day my legal aid paid for lawyer is going pull the matter over to.  Still thinking about all the people I never had the chance to say bye to officially at my job, and I plan to go there eventually to say the official bye and get the much needed closure, which will probably be necessary to move on.  The last time I felt this way would have to be when I got expelled from high school.  Most people goto high school graduate and get out, or get a job in retail- then quit when they find something better or choose it as a career.  So me losing my job or getting expelled was a sudden way to wrap up 6 and a half years in both instances (ya I took the 7 year program for highschool but i did graduate, still looking back at it I don’t know why I did).  Both times were drug related, so I just felt, and feel that the fact that I use illegal drugs I’m a pariah in society, and if I get caught by agents of the government (the principal or the tipped of police) I am subjected to being chewed up, spit out, and subject to potential incarceration.  If it were just me being stubborn about my drug use that would be one thing, but when your addicted, its like a demonic possession compartmentalizing your mind into at least 2 different personas.  The true you, the one who can see that life has become much more difficult living this lifestyle, and who wants to quit, and the demonic entity who brings you to self destructive behaviour and a devastating desolation until you either get rid of the demon or meet your demise.  The charges brought up against me are where the spiritual battle comes, because I feel as long as I didn’t breach the peace who the fuck are they to put me in a jail cell or to label me a criminal?  Especially when the biggest criminals are the pupper politicians and their puppet masters behind the curtain, you know the curtain next to the smoking mirror.  Anywho this concludes the self absorbed part of my blog now for the geopolitical summary of our uncivilized civilization as it goes through the motions of apocalyptic entropy.

This is an apocalypse, and apocalypse means a revelation, but is also used to refer to widespread disaster, which once again this word is appropriate in describing the times.  I say “an” apocalypse, because I am a strong believer that human civilization has done this at least once before.  In antediluvian times when Atlantis wasn’t under our oceans we were probably more advanced then we are today, although today we are gradually getting back to where we were.  The great flood led to us having to start over.  Thats why the pyramids were such advanced structures, and theres evidence showing that they were actually massive power plants.  A lot of knowledge was lost, and once all the esoteric and occult knowledge started coming back to us, the catholic church began burning witches at the stake.  Still the knowledge was passed on for hundreds (if not thousands of years) through the mystery religion schools.  Pythagoras was a part of these ancient mystery schools, and something tells me thats where he learned the so called “Pythagorean” theorem.  Anywho the esoteric/occult knowledge of ancient times was suppressed in history by the catholic church (because the leaders of the church don’t want people to know the secrets)  and was still passed on word of mouth.  The point I’m trying to get at here is the current leaders of the world,  the dark nobility, and aristocracies still have this knowledge and have been using it to further encapsulate humanity, and ensure that we never reach our full potential.  Fluoride accumulates in our pineal gland (aka the third eye) more then any other part of our body.  I believe the pineal gland and the other chakras are the key to us unlocking our true potential, and thats why we have a fluoridated water supply, a dumbed down education, excitotoxins in the foods we consume, and other cognitive handicapping chemicals (msg, aspartame, bph, heavy metal particulates.  They want us to remain subservient docile economic slaves who are so delusional that we actually call this freedom.  While we go to the mall and spend money that isn’t real, that we don’t have, on shit we don’t need, in hopes that this will be the key to fixing our depressive aura.  This is called affluenza, and through commercials bombarding our psyche from fetus to corpse we are psychologically deceived into believing that buying something is the key to happiness.  It makes us feel better for a little while, but the feeling comes back again and again, and we keep consuming to fix it instead of solving the route of our problem or atleast acknowledging the root.  We are not meant to work at least 40 hours a week from the age 16-65, in a constant loop that is the work week, waiting for the weekend and when it comes it flies by and before you know it its monday again and your back to waiting for that weekend- then repeat this until we retire then die.   Doesn’t anyone philosophically think about the purpose of this strange existence, how can we even exist through all the knowledge we have?  Doesn’t anyone ever stop to think of how miniscule we are in the greater scheme that is the universe?  We are a speck of dust on this planet, this planet is a speck of dust in the solar system, the solar system is a speck of dust in our milky way galaxy, and our milky way galaxy is a speck of dust in the universe-  we are nothing, but from our perspectives our lives seem so important.  I like to think of that whenever my problems get out of hand  I just look at the stars and it reminds me of how petty my situation is, and how my ego needs to take a day off and let chips fall where they may.

Then theres another thing that boggles my mind.  Fractals.  Look it up, it shows that everything when you zoom in and out of reality has a reoccuring pattern.  When he see the fibonaccia spiral in our fingerprints, or when we look at the milky way universe, or a snail shell, a hurricane, the solar system, the patterns keep repeating.  When I look at trees I think of neurons, and how they branch out with other neurons to send messages with neurotransmitters through the synapses.






This picture sums it all up.  On the left is a braincell, and on the right is a picture of the universe as zoomed out as possible.  From the microcosm to the macrocosm, there is a fundamental connection or system to way the world works.  Now I have also heard about the law of attraction, or the collective consciousness effecting the world.  I’m indecisive on whether or not this is true, but it does make a lot of sense when looking at my life events and my thoughts.  If this is true I should really work on removing some of my negative automatic thoughts which has led me to24 years solitude with that automatic thought ive had since I was 12 (im going to die alone).  Kinda hard to change automatic thoughts because they replay like mental loop without me even wanting them to.  Then I think this thought shits bullshit.  But it keeps proving to be real as the my thoughts become realities.  If I think that this thought shit is bullshit, would that make it bullshit?  and if it does would it not be true?  Alright I gotta stop with the Confucius like mind bogglers.

If we are what we think, and our collective unconcious is being fundamentally manipulated via the bullshit indoctrination systems we call school, and the bullshit propaganda machine we call tv, are we going down the road to chaos via controlled thoughts planted inside us via the mainstream media machine which is the 4th branch of the government which is just another branch of the military industrial complex which seeks to control all the resources of the world to implement a cashless fascist new world order, with a microchipped populous, connected to a technological hive mind system.  Where we, or what we end up becoming (the post human- probably write about that in my next blog instead of rambling in different directions), is part of a system that the unibomber saw coming in the 90’s and wanted to prevent.  The next 10 years is going to show us a lot of technolohical advancements, and if we don’t end up accidently blowing up the planet, we will live in an age where robots and cyborgs walk the streets, where we can upload ourselves to a virtual reality like the matrix, where we can cryogenically freeze people sick until a cure is available, and in the next 40years some experts believe that we will have the chance to live forever.  But thats for my next blog, don’t want to add yet another random topic to this blog thats all over the place.

I’m to tired to proofread and I highly doubt this is going to be read by an ample amount of people (if anyone reads it at all), so if it has some grammatical errors, or some spelling mistakes, figure it out yourself or check out another blog by someone else, wtf do I care?  I really just right all this shit so these things don’t end up becoming insomnia inducing thoughts when I try to go to sleep at night.  Speaking of which, good night.. bad mornings… bad night good morning? Good mourning Black Friday.. Megadeth kicks ass!


Materialistic populous in cognitive dissonance

In these days of mass deception where civilians become militants

Because they think its the right thing to do

I pitty there brainwashed views but never will I where a yellow ribbon saying support our troops

Fuck the troops and the fuckin war machine

Fuck the anti-islamic lies perpetuating on the tv screen

Fuck your reality tv shows and your fake celebrities

Fuck your self absorbed mindset, taking for granted life necessities

Sick of everybody sounding the same

Sick of Obama tshirts being warn by people who thought bush was lame

Sick of the marginilized debates on the television

Sick of no body questioning the nature of the debt perpetuating monetary system

Im a glitch in the matrix a fuckin anomaly

I now see life for what it is a tragic comedy

end log

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Source Code forshadowning the Next False Flag will be in Chicago?

Just watched Source Code a few days ago, and the attacks that took place in the movie occurred in Chicago. Reminded me of all the world trade center attacks in movie plots that were shown prior to 911.

I’m not basing my theory of a potential false flag attack happening in Chicago solely on this movie. Theres also the fact that Obama was apparently raised in Chicago, I heard that Larry Silverstein bought the Sears Tower (have yet to confirm this), I know the Sears Tower has asbestos in it like the WTC towers did, so it would be a profit(insurance fraud) instead of a cost (having asbestos removed), and also Rahm Emmanuel who was formerly a part of the Obama Administration is now mayor of Chicago.  I have a strong feeling that there is going to be another false flag terrorist strike, i’m just not sure what day it will land on.  Wouldn’t it be something else if it happened on the 10 year anniversary of the WTC attacks?  My prediction, a small nuclear weapon will be set off in a big city, and I’m leaning towards Chicago.

All I know is after the “humanitarian” bombing of Libya, the US’s debt exceeding 14trillion, and Obama’s policies being like Bush’s policies on steroids, theres definately going to have to be something to justify a war in Iran, which they seem to have been building a case for, for like 8 years now.

To name one of the movies that foreshadowed 911 was, The Xfiles movie that came out March 4th 2001 which contained a scenario of the WTC towers being attacked by airplanes. Seems like your standard case of predictive programming. When the next ‘event’ does occur, maybe it will be on a train this time, so we can have the pleasure of some security doofus holding up the line to see an old ladies soiled depends up close and personal. Can never be to sure, she might’ve passed a sharp kidney stone which could be used to high jack a train.
I’m pretty sure that they’d want this to happen long enough before Dec. 21/2012, to leave a gap between this false flag, and the fake alien invasion that i’m thinking they have planned for that date.

Just had to post this so that i can send people the link to proove I had predicted this, and if it doesn’t happen I can not show anyone! woh! show us your tits!

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The Economy is on Life Support

Once again there was some tension caused from the economy, more specifically as the US once again reached it’s debt ceiling.  It appeared that shit was about to hit the inevitable fan, but just as time was about to run out more an agreement was  raising the deb ceiling fixing the present day symptom while ignoring the root cause our never ending economic uncertainty.  This event, the financial meltdown of 2008, the US dollar being at an all time low, and inflation leading to higher prices and a higher cost of living, are all foreshadowing the inevitable economic calamity that is going to happen, its just a question of When? and  What form will it take?  Will it just be impossible to find work like in 1929? Will it strike in the form of hyperinflation where we’re all starving billionaires like people of Zimbabwe?  Or will we decide to bring in a North American currency or a World currency to replace our current fiat currency?  Should I be inquiring about going into college or university or will that just put myself in a devastating debt with a degree that can’t get me a job anyways (especially when I’ll probably have a criminal record)?  Or should I get a job and invest my money in gold or food and prepare for the collapse that I personally believe to be inescapable?  In Zimbabwe hyperinflation occured after the government kept printing out cash (sound familiar)  and the only thing that will get you a meal there is gold and I’m assuming other precious metals.  Or is it all in my head, and my quality of life will never decline.

“it has happened before, it will happen again, it’s happening over there, it will spread here my friend, one ought not to think- in other words stop thinking, mankind is on the brink of extinction”


While Obama the bomba is having the debt ceiling raised, it would appear that he has yet to take into consideration the fact that the US is  spending more then $500million a day to continue the immoral wars on poorer nations for energy resources, and they some how pull it off and remain on the moral high ground, its amazing.   Looking at these numbers, one begins to wonder if Obama ever asks himself, what should I the Nobel Peace Prize winner do to solve the economic problems that keep reoccuring.  I could issue my country its own currency notes and get assassinated like JFK and Lincoln, I could stop paying Israel economic/military aid so that they can no longer  continue their Zionazi genocide in Palestine while giving the ole’- it was self defense- your an anti-semite, and if you’re Jewish your a  self hating Jew-routine,  should I legalize cannabis, tax its use and make use of the most useful plant on the planet like the forefathers of America did?  He’s probably not thinking-just taking orders like a cop arresting someone who hasn’t breached the peace, or a soldier ordered to shooting targets on an infrared screen, when the targets don’t appear to be a threat.   Shit I wouldn’t be surprised if they are controlling Obama via an electrode in his brain- because he comes off like a robot designed to read bullshit off a teleprompter, and do it with a straight face- while the media deify’s his existence because he made history being the first black president, and the vague empty campaign slogan rhetoric “hope and change”, “yes we can”  yada yada yada(“can’t someone else do it!”).  People need to stop focusing on the melanin in the presidents skin but focus on the policies, compare it with Bush’s presidential policies, and ask yourself how is Obama different then Bush? aside from Bush coming off as a dumb ass(which I now think was intentional), and Bush stealing his presidency?  Obama’s policies are like bushes policies on crack, and maybe a little bit of steroids, so don’t get disillusioned by the left wing right wing fake dichotomy, because both party’s are controlled by the same shadowey puppet masters behind the scenes.  CFR, Trilateral commision, Bilderberg, Skull&Bones, Scroll&Key, Freemasonry, Rosicrucian’s, Illuminati, The Bohemian club, etc. etc. etc.

We have to understand that all the wars that have been started to fight the war on terror probably wouldn’t of been accepted by the public if it weren’t for 911.  Most people I mention the scientific anomalies of 911 to, either know it was on inside job but simply don’t care and see it as irrelevant now, or refuse to believe it because they take comfort in the lie.  I’m not trying to push my views on people, I’m just hoping for people to examine the facts before claiming it to be a conspiracy theory and not even taking a look at the information.  I got news for you, the official story that Bin Laden organized this attack in a cave with 19 hijackers is to a conspiracy theory, just the official story doesn’t get regarded as such, and questioning it makes you a kook.

“In times of universal deception, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.”

George Orwell

The slightest mention of 911 being an inside job is a huge taboo where the emotional response from what happened that day blinds anyone  whose cynical about it being a false-flag attack from looking at the science behind the towers collapsing.  Personally every time I watch the towers collapse in slow motion, seeing little pieces of metal flying off the tower as it crumbles into its footprint.  I ask myself, how can anyone see that as normal reaction from airliners crashing into steel framed buildings then an hour after the initial impact fires located at higher floors and poof the towers collapse.  Just like magic 900000tonnes of concrete pulverized into very fine dust that was inhaled by much of the first responders clean up crew(who were told that the air was safe to breathe and the masks were not necessary).  200000 tonnes of steel just dissipated into thin air, from one hour of fires on the higher floors?  OK and if you believe this is reasonable you take comfort in the lie, i can understand it (some what, I personally wish the official story was true), then you look at building 7 a building that didn’t get hit by a plane, a building made with 40000 tonnes of structural steal, and they expect people to believe that it disintegrated from debris, Falling at free fall speed, hundreds of thousands of concrete pulverized at an instant 8 hours after the 2 towers that got hit by planes collapsed? ->here’s a link of a group consisting of over 1500 architects and engineers who see something wrong with the way the buildings came down, and what we’re being told in the official story.    <-Watch this short video of building 7 collapsing, and If you still believe that 911 was an attack organized by 19 muslims who apparently can come back from the dead because a lot of the hijackers that they named are still alive and an ex-CIA asset Tim Osman.. I mean Osama Bin Laden, you know the guy the US armed with the Taliban to fight the Soviets and ultimately lead to the collapse of the Soviet Union(almost parallel to the America’s situation now).   If you still believe in the official story you go from taking comfort in the lie, to being in complete denial and sticking your head in the sand because you refuse to believe your country, the land of the free and the home of the brave could be so malevolently diabolical.  Hollywood always portrays US as the good guys (because hollywood is in the US, duh).  I am not claiming that I know who is responsible for 911, but I see no evidence supporting the official story- other then things that seemed to be planted, however I do see evidence pointing at a Mossad connection -> that rarely gets mentioned.  I can keep going with unexplainable anomalies but it’s been done to death, and the people who refuse to believe it won’t examine the evidence and a lot of people who do believe it are apathetic because it doesn’t effect them personally.  I can go on and on about the anomalies of 911 and how it all points to being a big pile of steamy bullshit, but it’s been done to death, and the people who refuse to believe it will probably not change their mind that easily, but it was worth a shot.

Any who until all this bullshit comes to light and everybody sees it for what it is, the war on terror won’t end, innocent people won’t stop dying needlessly and the great thing about the war on terror is, there’s no limit to the amount of countries you can invade, the US proved this, by still fighting these wars while being $14 trillion in debt.  Maybe they just gave Obama the Nobel Peace Prize so that when he implied how he was going to begin the humanitarian bombing of Libya it would see more plausible.  It’s clear that the lust for power and money has corrupted the democratic processes in these so called free countries and that Obama like pretty much all Presidents is just a puppet, while the puppet masters are the central banks and the multinational corporations that always take the more profitable route despite the fact that this route is often against humanity’s best interest and almost always slows down humanity’s evolution.  I don’t see a solution to all of this.  I would say it’s easy, the leaders of the countries who are currently having their money loaned to them on interest by private central banks, issue their own currency.  This would be an easy enough solution, but history has shown us that the 2 presidents who tried this got assassinated shortly afterwards, Lincoln and JFK the last president who tried to get us out of the perpetuating debt based monetary system.  So I can’t blame Obama for doing what he’s told, unless he’s suicidal, in that case he’s a dick for not hitting 2 birds with one stone and signing his own death warrant by issuing the US it’s own money.

I’m just upset cause I see that we as a species have the potential to evolve and create a true utopian society, yet the powers be that are behind the scenes have the status quo implanted with indoctrinated beliefs and to them the world is flat end of story- no critical thinking, no evidence needed, it’s a part of your belief system, and because you refuse to take any entheogen’s because you’ve been brainwashed to see them as bad because of their illegality- yet you still get shit faced every weekend- you’ll probably always close your mind to the vast amount of never ending possibilities. Not saying psychedelic drugs are necessary for changing ones view of reality, they just seem to speed up the process- and that’s probably why their illegal, as they have been proven to be the safest, least addictive, and most thought provoking substances scientifically, and that show help the government feed the masses their daily amount of bullshit.

The powers that be want to take the current world order to the next level.  A technocratic Orwellian cashless society where we’re all microchipped and monitored on a control grid, and I can’t see a way out of it when I see how many people are hypnotized by the tv screens.  With the totaltarian tip toe towards the new world order will be realized, so I sit back and await the next big seemingly spontaneous, but in actuality staged event (Lusitania sinking, the attack on pearl harbour, 911, the earthquake in japan, the bp oil spill, the economic crash of 1929, etc. etc.) so I can point the finger and say “bullshit!” or maybe even “hypocricy!” because I feel powerless to do anything else, and I know I can’t just bite my tongue on this forever.

“You’re better off to give in, then to try to fight the matrix, where realness is fakeness, people idolize the famous, Sitting here writing rhymes with Shameless, I realize it’s all good, as long as I’m alive to change it”


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