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The Genocidal Violence of our Times

December 29, 2011 Leave a comment

3 years ago shortly after Obama first got elected Israel began Operation Cast Lead. 1400 Palestinians were killed, 4 out of 5 of them civilians according to the video below (although I think that there’s a greater civilian to military death ratio because I doubt Palestine even has a military), and Israel used controversial chemical weapons like white phosphorus and DIME munitions. I remember it so well, because on the internet everyday that passed by I kept reading about this horrific invasion which happened during a long blockade on the Palestinians (which to my knowledge is still in effect), and I remember seeing a photo shoot comparing Gaza and the West-bank in 2008 with the Nazi ghettos in 1940. Despite this horrible genocidal crime which had no real purpose aside from the complete domination of the Palestinian race, everyday I’d watch the news at dinner time, and nothing was mentioned about what was going on. The news just kept talking about Obama finally coming into power, and the celebration. Some days they even put some bullshit news stories to fill half an hour with- you know like who Archie chose, Betty or Veronica. On other channels the same phrase kept being repeated, “Israel has the right to defend itself”. From what? Oh ya the “rocket attacks”. First of all if there are any rocket attacks, it’s because you’ve trapped these people in their country, blocked them from basic life essentials, and constantly bulldoze their homes- so if you get 1 or 2 rockets, and some stones being thrown that injure a soldier once or twice a decade- you provoked it. It doesn’t mean kill 1400 of them in 3 weeks to test out all the new advanced weaponry the US has given you. Either way don’t buy the whole rocket attack excuse, as it seems to bear as much credibility as Iraq having weapons of mass destruction did. Just bullshit used to justify the murder.

The reason I am reminiscing on the devastating war crimes of Operation Cast Lead, is because I just watched a video on RT News saying that Israel is threatening Palestine of another big military operation happening soon. The reporter said something along the lines of it will be a shorter attack with a lot more fire power. See the video at the end of this paragraph for yourself. This to me sounds like a nuclear bomb is being foreshadowed, and with a new government in Egypt a lot of people are not quite sure how this kind of thing will be taken. Once again they threw the rocket attacks excuse in there somewhere, although I have yet to see a single video of one of these attacks happening- but if they don’t throw that in there what else are they going to say? “why did you nuke Gaza?” “because God gave this land to us? ya that’s it. See the bible for evidence”. I don’t get the ideology of Zionism, ok so in the bible and Talmud (maybe-I haven’t read much of the Talmud) it says the land of Israel was given to the Jews by God. Fine, but what about the 10 commandments? which state “[J] [6] “You shall not murder” [Exod. 20:13], [is implied by the phrase], “And you [shall] perish quickly” [Deut. 11:17]. [This implies that] whoever murders, will be killed.” I guess that means nothing if you read some of the retribution supporting prayers. Still who are the Israeli’s getting revenge on? The Palestinians? Who had absolutely nothing to do with the holocaust? This religious fundamentalism is used to keep so many divided- but it’s all dogma and hearsay and very little logic especially if they truly believe God is telling them to slaughter another people. Watch the documentary Defamation, which overviews the ADL, and the idea of antisemitism. It shows clips of Israeli high school students, and what they’ve been taught to believe, that the Jews are hated by everybody, and they support the attacks against the Palestinians, some how linking a relation of the Nazis of the third Reich and the Palestinians of today.

While watching this video the Syrian crisis continues thanks to the civilians armed by the CIA or the Mossad (my speculation but it makes the most sense), to create instability and justification for a war that they could never be able to even suggest, especially with Russia and China’s business interests in that region. Iran is the real target, and their probably just creating civil unrest in Syria so that Iran will be more vulnerable when it should all go down. They created the same civil unrest in Libya as a precursor to go into that country kill Qaddafi who was apparently going to win a UN award I heard more recently- I suppose that got cancelled when Qaddafi began making his own interest free non-debt-perpetuating money. That’s usually a good way to get yourself killed as we can no doubt see throughout history with Lincoln, and JFK. All I’m saying is the shit happening in Syria that’s being covered constantly while anything Arab allies where the same thing is happening isn’t is no surprise. The Zionist controlled media covers stories that will help their agenda, not make it seem like a double standard. Here’s a 10-minute video of Louis Farrakhan elaborating on how the US can bring about regime change with this method using the media. He described the whole process that was used for Libya, and also mentions the many good things Gaddafi has done for the Libyan people over the years.

While this shit is happening in Syria, tensions are rising in Iran because the US and it’s imperialistic allies are putting Iran in a spot where they have very limited options outside of an apocalyptic war- which will be the cause if Iran and US go to war because I believe that will be the final straw for China and Russia, and who knows how it will end. I definitely see a big Geo-political shift when this goes down in the aftermath. That’s right “when” not “if” this goes down, because I think it’s been planned for a while now and their just waiting for the proper date to implement the attack. Maybe they’re trying to get Iran to make the first move so they can retaliate, but they have sanctioned Iran, and are planning to freeze it’s central bank transactions I believe. Their telling Iran to just give up it’s non-existent nuclear facilities, is that too much to ask? Israel can imply a potential unprovoked nuclear bomb on Gaza, and that’s alright, but Iran can’t even have them! Why? because they have a lot of oil and are a crucial strategic region for the race for resources the US is having with China. So who knows when this thing will go down. Maybe they need another false flag attack, because all the same bullshit reasons they used for Iraq don’t seem effective the second time around.

Anyways it’s almost 2012 and tensions seem to be escalating to World War 3, just remember all war is based on deception, and no wars can be fought if the people act in non-compliance. Violence begets violence, and an eye for an eye makes the world blind. If there are no soldiers willing to fight in then peace will be here, regardless of what the douche bag politicians say or do. “War is over, if you want it”.
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The Paradoxical Hypocrisy that is the War on Drugs

December 24, 2011 Leave a comment

Found out a dude I used to grab off back when I used to deal got his house raided. I don’t know the specific details, all I know is cops kicked down the door and pointed guns to him and his families heads, and I think it was only for weed. Now with Harper’s mandatory minimum sentences bill passed this dude is probably going to be in jail for the next 6 months (if I’m not mistaken). I already wrote a blog about the war on drugs being a paradox but I suddenly feel the urge to state the truth about the war on drugs again because of this bullshit that went down 2 days ago.

For starters the people buying the weed (and possibly other drugs who knows, not relevant) were willing buyers. Now that he’s in jail, these same people who bought off him will just grab off some one else. The fact of the matter is, it is drugs illegality which is doing the more damage to our society then the drugs themselves. The controlled substance act should really be called the uncontrolled substance act, because this piece of shit legislation creates opportunity for people to start selling drugs for the wide profit margin. This happened with prohibition of alcohol in the 20’s (watch Boardwalk Empire it depicts the corruption that took place after day 1 of prohibition), and it’s happening today with the our current illegal drugs.

Regardless of whether or not you think that drugs are good, bad, some good, some bad, whatever- the underlying fact is no matter what we do, drugs will be available. Just when making some drugs illegal, you create violence over drug turf, incarcerations of what would other wise be people who are not criminals, these people get a criminal record and have trouble finding a new job (trust me I’ve been there- I managed to get lucky a couple months ago though) so they return to their old ways, drugs have impurities and can be laced with potentially harmful chemicals, drugs are more available to people of all ages (shit I was able to get any drug but alcohol when I was 16), and shit like this- cops kicking down the door with guns to arrest someone whose selling plants that the government should be selling- but won’t because of it’s medicinal efficacy. It seems a bit extreme, to raid a house with swat team gear for drugs whether its just weed or it’s heroin- but that’s just me. Not to mention all the failed raids I’ve read about where innocent people get killed because a cops finger slips or something.

The hypocrisy of all this is the fact that alcohol is legal, and that there are many harmful pharmaceuticals that are legal with a prescription. Alcohol makes some people if drinkin’ in high enough quantities, loud, obnoxious, stupid, violent, a hazard behind the wheel of a car, to sum it up a buzzkill. I like to have a few drinks from time to time, which is okay as it is a good social lubricant (which kills braincells unlike weed), but I always notice some people (alcoholics) who don’t metabolize alcohol at the same rate as I do, or don’t know when to stop- these people are wild cards and they piss me off a lot knowing that the drug making them like this is legal, but I have to smoke pot in a safe place if smoking outside out of fear of being arrested. Then there are the pharms- there are prescription drugs more addictive then heroin (Oxycontin), anti-depressants that may make you suicidal(make sense to you?), the benziodiazapines are also very addictive and can make you black out with big enough doses (been there done that), then there’s all these new pharmaceutical drugs that get FDA approved then are banned after they realize it’s adverse effects on the population because we are the guinea pigs for any new pharmaceutical that gets approved in a heart beat so they can make profit as fast as possible. This is where I see the blatant hypocrisy of the government to tell us which drugs are good, bad, or alright with a prescription when the legal drugs or the prescription drugs kill a lot more then all illegal drugs combined.

I believe these laws are like this for ulterior motives, and that our government isn’t enforcing them for benevolent reasons. I think the illegal addictive drugs are kept illegal way because the government is secretly on the top of the whole operation and there’s no way they could charge $80 for a gram of coke or $90 for a quarter gram of heroin if they were legal. My proof for this is the slip up of the Iran Contra scandal, and believe you me that was probably one of their poorly done operations, not their only one. Another fact, check out the amount of heroin exported from Afghanistan in 2000 when the Taliban were cracking down on poppy farmers- and compare it with I dunno- lets say every year after the US occupation.

I also believe the other reason that we have illegal drugs is for the privatized prisons. Harper’s mandatory minimums bill (which is similar to the Rockefeller drug law that has been in place in the US for some time) will make all the people who get arrested for trafficking annually have to do slave labor in the privatized prison for a minimum amount of time regardless of whether or not the judge feels that it’s too much time to be done for the crime and this is all setup with the tax payers dollars.

Although I think all drugs should be legal regardless of the efficacy of these laws in place, if these laws did clear up the drug traffic I might be able see the positive of these policies in society- at least with the more addictive drugs- not with psychedelic drugs which I recommend to EVERYONE! The fact of the matter is it’s been 40 years since Nixon declared the war on drugs, and we have more drugs, the same amount of addicts (by pop. percentage), more crime, more violence, cheaper more pure drugs- and they are readily available in every high school and prison there is(at least most of them)- sounds like a failed policy to me, and it sounds like it’s the governments insidious way of milking drugs for all they’re worth- through inflation of the prices, privatized prisons, and bringing a fascists police state any where they want in name of this redundant paradoxical hypocrisy that is the war on drugs.

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December 21, 2012 and Project Bluebeam

December 19, 2011 1 comment

Almost a year away from the prophetic date when the Mayan calender ends, and most people are saying its bullshit and nothings going to happen. I myself believed shit was going to hit the fan, then the fox movie came out and it became mainstream and suddenly it seemed a lot less credible that shit is actually going to hit the proverbial fan. Maybe because once anything hits the mainstream, especially news media hysteria, I think it’s bullshit right off the bat. I start asking myself why is the media going off about any topic, what is the real motive.

It’s like David Icke said, they’re working through the methodology of problem, reaction, solution. 911 for instance, they create the problem by staging an attack, saying it’s Muslim fundamentalists, create the racist anti-Islamic meme via the media airwaves, then they give the solution: the patriot act, the wars in Afghanistan, then Iraq, now Syria and Iran seem to be in the cross-hairs. I first noticed the parallel with 911 and the Nazis burning their own Reich-stag prior to seeing all the 911 anomalies and realizing the reality shattering truth of the tyrannical times we live in. They do it so subtly and slowly, once again taking a quote from David Icke- it’s the “totalitarian tip-toe” because if they made their steps to big, then people might do something about it. That’s why they put fluoride in the water supply (or at least one of the bigger reasons.) They found out in Nazi Germany that if they put fluoride in the water supply they would only need a quarter of the guards to make sure the prisoners don’t revolt as fluoride makes people less aggressive. Another reason is it does accumulate in the pineal gland (the third eye) and this really compromises our full potential as humans. No wonder no body reacts or gets mad at the government any more (at least the majority of us don’t), they have us dumbed down, indoctrinated and under mass hypnosis with mind numbing television shows. Everyone’s so wrapped up in their full-time jobs, their reality tv show, or their sports team, to ever realize that they’re being fucked everyday of their lives.

Going back to December 21, 2012. Thinking that the 12th month plus the 21st day equal 33, makes me suspect that should something go down on this day it will be a planned event. Anything with 3’s and 11’s or multiples of 33 I always suspect there’s a masonic hand behind the curtain orchestrating the event to happen that way. Like the end of WW1, which happened the 11th day of the 11th month at the 11th hour, 11+11+11=33. Or how about the earthquake in Japan, 3rd month times the 11th day equals 33. Or 911, 9×11= 99 which is 33×3. Or with KKK, K being the 11th letter of the alphabet 11+11+11=33, and it was founded by 33rd degree Freemason Albert Pike. Then there’s Pythagorean numerology which makes FOX=666 or XXX = 666 (that’s right they control the porn industry as well). December 21st 2012, will be 11 days before 2013, 20+13= 33- sounds crazy, but if you research this stuff enough you’ll know how much numerology is used by the secretive syndicates who are the true lords of this world (badass Black Sabbath song btw). When I tell people this stuff I usually get dismissed as a conspiracy nut, or they tell me it’s just a coincidence but to quote FDR, “In politics, nothing happens by accident. If it happens, you can bet it was planned that way.”

I personally think should anything happen on December 21st, 2012, it will be a fake alien invasion or Project Bluebeam. For those of you who haven’t heard of project bluebeam, it is supposed to be something like a fake alien invasion or a 3d hologram in the sky, used to manipulate the masses into believing we all had it wrong, and it will usher a world religion. I don’t know if that will go down, but I do believe that a fake alien invasion would be a clever and insidious way into manipulating us into a New World Order, One government, consolidating power further- leaving us in the hands of a branch of unelected officials. Just a theory I have had ever since the 2012 movie came out and really blue the credibility of a polar shift for me. Also they media has been predicatively programming this scenario through movies or testing it with the reading of War of the Worlds which many people believed to be real. Then there’s the UFO sightings, people jump to the conclusion that it’s all aliens. Roswell is on the 33rd degree latitude line going back to the whole numerology. What most people don’t know is that the Nazi’s had UFO technology, and the US probably obtained it at the end of WW2, hence why Roswell happened in 1947, 2 years after WW2. The reason it hasn’t been released to the public is because UFOs don’t run on gasoline, and why would people still be driving conventional fuel powered transportation when they can ride an anti-gravity vehicle which only requires liquid mercury to orbit.

I suppose predicting most of this stuff is futile, or at least the time line they will be done in. When will cash be eliminated and replaced by the microchips? When will WW3 start- or has it already started with the aftermath of 911? When will the book of revelations prophecies which seems to be being used as a blueprint for these hidden elite come true- I’m talking more about the impending war in Israel? Once again the totalitarian tiptoe makes it all happen so slowly, that and a bunch of curve-balls and distractions are thrown our way- like the oil spill in the gulf of mexico, or H1N1 flu scare. I suppose only time will tell.

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The Assassinations of John Lennon and Dimebag Darrell

December 7, 2011 2 comments

Today is the day that both John Lennon and Dimebag Darrell Abbott A were shot. It is my strong opinion that they were both killed by programmed assassins. If this seems ridiculous to you- google MK-Ultra, and know this-since the end of WWII the US and Russia have both been in a race to master the mind of an individual. Both country’s picked up where Nazi Germany and Japan left off. The reason I hypothesize that the CIA killed John Lennon is because he was a major threat to the military industrial complex which is still very much in control of the US’s foreign policy today. Bottom line, war equal money, a lot of money, and the military industrial complex that has high-jacked the US after WWII is bigger then the president. Military industry murder equals arms sales equals genocide equals huge amounts of money- any questions? Even though John Lennon was killed by Mark David Chapman, the CIA programmed Mark David Chapman to kill John Lennon because he was definitely a threat to this relentless never ending wartime paradigm that ceases to end. Eisenhower tried to warn us of the military industrial complex on his final speech as president, and we would be wise to listen.

I don’t know why “they” (whoever the hell they are) killed Dimebag Darrell as he was just a guitar virtuoso who didn’t seem to be outspoken about anything that would piss the government off- maybe it was an occult ritual sacrifice? Note Dimebag Darrell was shot with a .33 caliber firearm, and the place that he played with the band Damageplan had checkerboard floor in the lobby- so some pervasive masonic symbolism already. Phil Anselmo the vocalist for the band Pantera before the disbanded formed two other groups- Superjoint Ritual and Down. Listen to the song Destruction of a Person by Superjoint Ritual. Sound like he’s referring to Dimebag maybe? It does me. Even check out some of the different Down song names. A lot of masonic symbolism all over the track lists alone. Songs like “Pillars of Eternity”, “Pillamyd”, “Dog Tired”, and “3 Suns 1 Star” should be evident enough to anyone who knows anything about masonry. So was Dimebag just an occult ritual sacrifice? That’s a rhetorical question by the way.

John Lennon’s death really bothers me- not so much that I miss him since he did die years before I was born, but the idea behind it. Here we have a man who is determined to do everything with his celebrity status that he can, to bring about world peace. Really trying every idea that he had to drill it into peoples heads- “War is over, If you want it” or “All we are saying-is give peace a chance”. These are the people we kill, meanwhile the war mongers in our human civilizations don’t even get imprisoned or impeached. It’s just like Bill Hicks said- “It’s like the demon’s run a muck”. It really makes me doubt the whole premise of karma. Gandhi, JFK, RFK, Martin Luther King, Jesus, John Lennon, Malcolm X, all people trying to change the world for the better, and they all get killed- while Stalin, Mao, Bush JR., Bush SR., Hitler (and no I highly doubt Hitler died at the end of WWII- believe what you will)- they all live to be old men. It really doesn’t sit right with me, and with this in mind karma seems like bullshit. Reminds me of an Immortal Technique lyric: “I don’t give a fuck about Karma// Because if it never comes to those who benefit from misery// aint know what it will ever do shit to me.”

The reason Dimebag’s death bothers me is the waste of talent. Whenever I try to learn a Dimebag Solo I know that- “I am not worthy! I am not worthy!”. He was truly an amazing guitarist. He got me into pinch harmonics with that riff in Cemetary Gates, and making the guitar squeal with my own playing via whammy bar and harmonics, and after watching Pantera Home Videos, Vulgar Videos and Dimevision, I find it hard to fathom why anyone would want to kill not just an amazing guitarist, but such a down to earth, funny, and chillin guy who I would’ve loved to go drinking with. Then thinking about the checkerboard floor in the lobby of where he was shot, the weapon being a .33 caliber pistol, the reason Damageplan even forming was because of a) Phil Anselmo not communicating with the guys from Pantera at all after the 2001 tour’s early end with the aftermath of 911 and b) Zakk Wylde calling Dime- and telling him to start a group with some other musicians. It really makes me wonder how sick the music industry of any genre really is behind the scenes. Seems like soo many artists die soo young unexpectedly and I can only speculate what’s happening behind the scenes and sound like a conspiracy nut while doing so- but Dimebags death really doesn’t add up.

Both Dime and Lennon were killed by fans devastated by the breakup of their corresponding bands. The more I investigate their deaths, the more the idea of them being assassinated with programmed assassins seems plausible. Maybe I’m just looking for any answer I can find to why the good die young. Dimebag brought a whole new dimension to the heavy metal genre, and to this day Pantera is still one of my favourite bands- and dime one of my favourite guitarists. John Lennon brought the idea of peace being attainable, and although he was very much a dreamer- he’s not the only one. His idea of peace being possible remains with our collective consciousness and I hope what he started will resonate and inspire a future where millions of children no longer die for money and resources. RIP John Lennon and RIP Darrell Abbott- you won’t be forgotten.

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Poetic Societal Animosity

December 1, 2011 Leave a comment

Just discovered a bunch of random rhymes I wrote on my iPod in a time that I refer to as the baskins era, wink*wink* nudge*nudge* (inside joke.. well not really a joke per se- ah the hell with it-if you don’t understand what it means you weren’t meant to!). Anyways, even though I’m no longer in the baskins era- a lot of the topics on these rhymes still shed some relevance- not ALL the topics! mostly the geo-political ones. Any who enjoy! Or don’t… what the fuck do I care? Am I here to amuse you? Okay I’m done now.
I’m feelin tired and wired-a pariah whose admired by few-but misunderstood by the masses
I’m a cataclysmic catastrophe knockin the planet of it’s axis,
Resisting propaganda and education has me feeling an indifferent desperation,
Television is the most widely used drug to mold the views of the nation,
Population mass-hypnosis and prescription meds creating states of psychosis
So I remain stuck in this place but there’s no stoppin me,
I’ll remain original while you all fade in mediocrity
I’m lost in the abyss: unknown-anonymous,
My life story is swing&a miss, with nostalgia I reminisce
to a time of purpose when didn’t feel this worthlessness
Rhyme 3:
Trapped in trepidation, a self-medicated procrastination,
Societal hierarchy- the caste of Satan, why do I live at the expense of 3rd world nation rights violations?
Is it because I’m Caucasian? The racist face of globalization.
Ethnic cleansing eugenicists sterilizing coloured populations
and as the poor and hungry die of starvation- obesity remains pervasive in our western nations
Malevolent reality the average man can’t fathom, the insidious unseen masters are hard to imagine
To suppress the cancer cure and treat it with radioactivity- while aids was made in a lab- just covert genocide without liability.
I remain stagnant getting lost in a vicarious daze, while the war machine sparked on 911 devastates.
Manipulated masses not seeing past the facade, the biggest lie of the century is the 911 fraud
Rhyme 4:
Swing and a miss- a Feeling of Bliss,
Diminished by realities grip,
A bitter malevolence, our lack of intelligence-
Distracted by the next celebrity story that’s truly irrelevant,
Especially when we fail to charge war criminal ex-presidents,
For mobilizing the military to kill millions of innocent people for lies,
False flag elections and false flag attacks,
Suppressed inventions holding humanities potential back,
Education sucking your imagination, making your repeat repeaters of repeated-
It’s repetitious-malicious- makes it hard for me to feel ambitious

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