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Strange World

January 25, 2013 Leave a comment

We’re living in a world where:

Poisons are pervasive and panaceas are suppressed, and suicidal ideation is an anti-depressant side effect

Conventional cancer treatments are radioactive carcinogens, while they ban guns domestically as Apache choppers shoot Iraqi citizens

Outspoken gun-nuts speaking out to uphold the 2nd amendment, how about the 1st- the right to a free press not this illusive choice deception

Fewer corporations control the news with this super concentrated media, and why is 9/11 a topic that is locked on Wikipedia?

Why do so many refuse to me an individual and blindly follow a faction in this divide&conquer polychotomy?

God bless America, and it’s depleted uranium induced deformities more weapons contractor profit for the most evil atrocities

I guess Manifest destiny is destined to be a systemic ethnic cleansing malevolent invention

Weapons of mass deception on television got you supporting relentless incessant military interventions

But domestic shootings are such a tragedy, because you’re selfish mentality rationalizes collective punishment for the false flag on 9/11

Subjugated in this matrix, sedated indoctrinated in an education system of classes which atrophies the imagination of the masses

Grade you on how well you memorize and regurgitate their selection of useless information, separating youth from family is integral to their enslavement

Make you love your nation which is just a corporation, just like the name in all caps on your birth certification

Legal ease isn’t English that’s how they keep it cryptic, to keep it complicated, statutes aren’t laws but funny how presumption quickly becomes incarceration

Scare the youth with pseudo-spiritual superstitious domination utilizing fear of a ubiquitous God and a children’s belief in information from an adult presentation

God made you a sinner but loves you yet promises pain if you sin without reconciliation that shits insane

Bullshit is rampant and hypocrisy is blatant, the Queens power is downplayed with puppet politicians reading speeches of verbal defecation

Followed by applause from the sheeple a standing ovation indication, that they’re swallowing this shit like they proved with the white house demonstration the made praising Obama after he announced that he got Osama, with no proof of this claim like there was no proof of the claim that Osama really even carried out 9/11 from a remote cave in an Islamic nation made history with the infiltration of the most secure aerospace and melting steel airplane fuel which some how blew up the basement before the towers rained down, babylon has fallen triggering the work of Satan 911 was the trigger to a great tribulation a war with no boundaries and like the towers a coming economic controlled demolition, famine and starvation, and a coming apocalypse in the form of an alien invasion…

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Lest We Forget?

November 12, 2011 Leave a comment

Lest we forget? Or have we forgotten what to remember?
The casualty count keeps growing-corpses dismembered
We have a moment of silence every 11th of November
Yet the military industrial complex continues its devlish endeavor

They manipulate the masses into wars that are not needed
Age of never-ending empires with history repeated
Rewritten by the winners to make bad guys of the defeated
911 catalyst led to carpet bomb the Middle-east with uranium thats depleted

They make western world less aggressive with water fluoridation,
Vaccinations, imagination assassination, our education brain fornication
Dumbed down docile population, fail to see their own enslavement
Subliminal inclination to splurge, programmed consumption abomination

On Remembrance day remember all wars are based on deception
And this isn’t a real democracy, it’s profits over progression
Genocidal wars cannot be fought without our compliance
Patriotism is created in a studio run by self righteous zionists
Don’t be deceived into being a chess piece, lest we forget the horrors of war.. Lest we never have peace?