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Fake Houla Massacre Media Blitz

It seems no one questions any thing any more. I examined the video posted by the UN on twitter about this massacre that was allegedly committed by the Syrian government, and there’s no evidence showing that the Syrian government was responsible. People hear this on the news, and believe it without examining the motive or question the validity of the story at all. People are quick to believe the UN or the news media- both huge dissemination of bullshit. As soon as I heard this story my bullshit radar was going off the charts as I recollect the precursor that led to the 1st gulf war. Another fabricated story having to do with babies- that came out afterwards as being complete bullshit. Apparently they seem to know how to hit a persons soft spot. Just say any given regime commits infanticide and all the sudden the world thinks the regime is evil- and then you can bomb the fuck out of them and use your media to portray yourself as the hero in this black and white war between good and evil.

Here are the facts: The US&Israel have been training and arming the rebels in Syria to cause instability for over a year now, to bring about regime change. The Syrian government has been fighting this group of armed killers with its own military force. This endless violence lead to the UN inspectors coming into Syria. So while the UN inspectors are in Syria- the Syrian government gets this great idea to commit a massacre on its own population? That will make Syria look great on the international stage. Those people were sacrificed by the same group trained by the US&Israel to bring about regime change.

Now I’m not saying Assad isn’t an oppressive leader, because he probably is. I’m just saying that if there is to be a change in a countries government it should be done with its own people independent of any external influence. Maybe a grassroots revolution isn’t possible in Syria because they’re leader is too controlling? Either way the US doesn’t care about those people- its doing this for it’s own personal interests nothing else. Not to mention the blatant hypocrisy of this, seeing as the US killed ts own civilians, women and children included in the Waco scandal- but no one condemns the US for this.

All in all expect another Nato intervention in Syria similar to the one that happened in Libya within the next couple of months that’s all I wanted to say

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Cancer Cures Suppressed To Keep the Money Flowing

Let me start off by saying, there is a cure for cancer, chemotherapy is poison, and you’re doctor is a brainwashed quack whose job is to push drugs on his patients as it awards him many incentives from drug companies. Well not every doctor is that way, but I think it’s safe to say most of them in the western world are. On this blog I’m going to link 3 documentaries from youtube which present 3 different cancer cures, 2 of them which proved great efficacy in curing cancer in humans- while the other one, DCA, didn’t get the financial support from the drug companies to get patented and to start clinical testing in humans.

Now ask yourself, why would anybody not be in favour of curing a disease that has claimed the lives of so many? I’ll give you a hint, it’s the same reason free energy isn’t available to the world, the same reason the planets natural ecosystems are being destroyed regularly, the same reason cannabis became illegal- and remains illegal, and the same reason the war on drugs is still going in full force. If you guess profit or money, you’re correct! You see in this present day and age of multi-national corporations that are under constant pressure by their competition and their investors- decisions are all based on what will generate more profit- regardless of the impact that is had on the environment or the human race as a whole, ‘it’s just business’. It is this part of our current paradigm that is keeping humanity from ever achieving a possible utopian society, but instead leading us into a dystopian new world order scenario where we will all be completely controlled slaves. On the bright side, if we’re not part of the 80% of the population that gets killed, we’ll probably have electronic implants in our brains that release the feel good chemicals and make us happy slaves. So at least we’ll be happy? Or dead? Either way we’ll be out of our misery! ah? ah? alriiiiiiight… ok getting off topic

To date, there have been trillions and trillions of dollars raised for cancer research globally. Yet we’re still using very similar treatments that we discovered in the 1940’s? I’m sure surgery has advanced much since then, but you have to ask yourself where the trillions of dollars went, if chemotherapy has been our exclusive treatment for 70 years? If we take into consideration the way corporations work, it becomes obvious why they are still using chemo. Chemo-therapy is expensive and has many side-effects, requiring you to need more drugs, there for they make a killing off you, before you die. So there’s Trillions raised for cancer research, profit made from selling expensive poison, profit made from the pills to counter the side-effects of the poison. If the cure for cancer was ever released to the public, all this money would stop coming in, therefore any time a cure is found like presented in the videos linked in the next paragraph, everything is done to stop it from being released to the public. If you have cancer or know someone who has cancer I urge you to watch these videos linked below.

The first video I watched about this was about the oil extracted from cannabis. I saw the link posted on a documentary site for some time before deciding to click it. I thought the idea of cannabis curing cancer was ridiculous, until I watched the documentary called Run From The Cure: The Rick Simpson Story. In addition to this video There are other videos of people curing their own cancer with hemp oil on youtube. Apparently the oil extracted from half a pound of weed is enough to kill any kind of cancer when ingested, and has so many other benefits. Half way into the video he shows you how to extract that oil from cannabis. It also shows the government of Canada doing everything they can to stop this from getting out, and when all was said and done Rick Simpson moved to Europe because it became clear that they would eventually throw him in jail even though he cured cancer in hundreds of people. Here is a link to a page on Maxwell Igans site with a list of links to cannabis being a cancer cure-> The Crowhouse if you need more proof

The second cure I stumbled upon is DCA this video is only 10 minutes long- and is basically a clip from news reports. DCA has been proven effective in killing tumours in mice, but no one is willing to patent it because there’s no profit in it yada yada yada.

The 3rd cure I heard about was from a documentary called Cancer is Big Business and the cure is called Anti-neoplastons. Dr. Burzynski studied the differences of urine of people who had cancer, and of people who were healthy. He noticed that there was something missing in the urine from the cancer patients that he called anti-neoplastons. He extracted this from urine, and cured cancers of all types in his office in Texas. Like in Run From the Cure it shows the systems methods of doing everything they can to not have the cure released. The doctor gets indicted, sued by the FDA, and finally they steal his patent and use it with ineffective doses in their tests and when their ineffective doses don’t cure the cancer they use that as proof that it isn’t effective yada yada yada. This documentary is almost 2 hours long, once again like The Rick Simpson Story, very convincing as it contains footage of people claiming how it worked for them.

I thought I already wrote a blog on this, but thats probably only because I’ve emailed many people, both family and some times people in politics or who are well known in hopes that they get my email, maybe try cannabis oil since it’s probably the only one that’s available illegal or not- hoping that they’ll cure themselves and tell the masses. But apparently the emails weren’t read or if they were, they weren’t taken seriously as all the 3 people I have in mind have passed away. The only thing I wonder is whether it was the cancer that killed them or the poisonous chemotherapy.

Last thing, I just stumbled upon this link on reddit… Thioridazine kills cancer stem cells in human while avoiding toxic side-effects of conventional cancer treatments and I see it as another creative way to milk money from cancer. Get people who don’t have cancer to take these drugs! Now they can milk both cancer-patients and hypochondriacs alike!

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The Democratic Illusion

Just months away from the big US presidential election- an integral part in perpetuating the illusion of democracy. Regular elections bring a certain festivity to the US, and everyone starts showing support for their chosen side of the fake left-right dichotomy that keeps the people blaming the opposing political party, pointing the finger at republicans or democrats, while failing to see the big picture, which should be more then clear after how similar 4 years of Obama was to Bush. But it’s not, so here goes- the elections are a fallacy used regularly to perpetuate the illusion of a democratic system. Slaves are much more efficient slaves if they are oblivious to the reality of their slavery and it keeps them from revolting (so far). If people are not happy with the current president they can vote for the other party next election, not that it matters who you vote for. The fact that it’s widely accepted that George W. Bush stole bother the 2000 election and the 2004 election should be more then enough proof that they can rig the voting system any time they need to.

The truth of the matter is that all past presidents are a part of a bloodline which traces back to the royal families of Europe, to the roman empire, and to the Pharaohs of Egypt. Don’t think this excludes Obama because he’s black. If you don’t already know Obama is 8th cousins to Dick Cheney, and 11th to George W. Bush. I highly doubt that this is any coincidence, especially when you realize how that both candidates campaigning at any given election usually have the same bloodline relation, and what I heard more recently, haven’t verified it to be 100% true, but apparently the candidate with more royal ancestry wins. Here is an article discussing Mitt Romney’s family relation to 6 past presidents, they fail to mention how this bloodline traces back to royalty but this 10 minute video is full of clips that presents the genealogical blood line of many different US politicians and celebrities:

The only thing different about this election is the popularity of Ron Paul which is probably not making a lot of mainstream coverage I assume, but heard that there’s still some debate on who is going to become the republican candidate. The only thing is Ron Paul doesn’t have the money to continue campaigning, so he’s switching to a strategy of winning delegates in hopes that it will get him the Republican candidacy. I googled Ron Paul’s family tree and failed to find any connection to any elite bloodline- so I doubt he stands a chance. Read some stuff about him being a freemason, but it seems like every candidate has to be connected to some sort of secret society to even make it that far in politics. Ron Paul does sound sincere, and seems to be the only candidate whose not going to continue the wars overseas, the war on drugs, and he even wants to shut down the fed. So I wish him all the best, but don’t think he has a chance, even though he’s the only consistent and seemingly real candidate. All in all I’d be surprised if he won the Republican vote, and if he does, he won’t win the presidency, and if he does maybe I was wrong about the voting system. Doesn’t mean he won’t get assassinated if he even proposes to shut down the fed.

I think I’ve become jaded, and feel that the only way to fix anything would require a collective change on such a huge mass scale, but with the most people are still too trapped in various mental prisons, or just too busy to organize and find solidarity or common ground. Most people will dismiss anything that’s not on the news as a conspiracy theory without further investigation, and a lot of people still think Obama did a good job, and that he just needs more then 4 years to undo the damage that Bush did. So really shit’s going to hit the fan, it’s inevitable, and lately I’ve really lost any passion I once had about spreading awareness because of all this incessant election bullshit in the news keeps reminding me just how stupid most Americans are, and if you’re American I wasn’t referring to you- I was referring to the one’s who couldn’t read a blog this long, without getting distracted by something fake like a douche bag celebrity on TV a dumbass reality TV show.. anywho Finally got that off my chest
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May Day, Cispa, Obama, Osama, Olympics, and Bilderberg 2012

Yesterday was May Day, and once again people took to the streets on a global level. The May Day protests, are basically the continuation of the Occupy Wall Street movement that started last fall, but now the climate shouldn’t get in the way of the protestors; but will this demonstration have any impact on anything? I personally hope for the best for these protestors, as a lot of them seem to be well educated people looking to standup for what they believe to be right. Having said that, I don’t think anything will be accomplished by this- but I suppose I’ve always had a defeatist attitude with regards to actually making a difference on this planet. Maybe I’ve just been jaded after coming to the realization that not only is everything not as it seems, but most seemingly benevolent causes are actually the opposite- and seemingly grass-root movements like the occupy movement, or even anonymous are in actuality probably controlled, or at the very least have been co-opted to further the sinister agenda.

Speaking of anonymous… it was their attacks which brought about the justification to CISPA which just got passed by the US house. CISPA is an acronym for the Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act, and if passed will leave all our files in cyberspace open to warantless searches… so basically all your emails, tweets, and any other content you have online the government will have access to. Obama said he will veto this bill, but Obama has said, and continues to say a lot of things. Such as the NDAA bill, which I heard that he said he would veto, but he signed it on New Years Eve, while most people were too drunk to take notice. That’s the biggest thing that worried me about CISPA, the fact that it can be used with the NDAA to basically detain anybody who is “belligerent to the government”. Just like Nazi Germany, but on a global level, and if CISPA passes, will people just disappear at random, without a trial, because they stated their opinion on twitter? I guess only time will tell.

Going back to Obama, 1 year ago yesterday was the day that he announced that they killed Osama Bin Laden. Without any proof of this claim, since the corpse was tossed in the river for a proper Islamic burial, and the picture they had of Osama’s corpse was much too graphic to show the masses so it wasn’t released. Still, despite the lack of evidence, that he actually got Osama, people got together and celebrated after the announcement, taking his word for it. In addition to lack of evidence that they got Osama, there is also lack of evidence that Bin Laden was responsible for 9/11 anyways. There was a dubbed tape with this guy (on the left) who looks nothing like bin laden (on the right) in it:bin
Plus there was an interview with Bin Laden on Al Jazeera shortly after the attacks which he denies any involvement in the attacks, but this never surfaced to western media sources. Not to mention all the other reports that Bin Laden was dead already. Even if you did have suspicion that Bin Laden was responsible for 911, there should’ve been a trial, not an assassination just because you’re pretty sure he was responsible. What would he have had to gain from this? Oh ya, that’s right he was jealous of our freedom… I guess thats why our freedoms are slowly being taken away, that way no other terrorist gets jealous and plans to kill a bunch of people over it. I’ve probably said most of this before, but it still bothers me how the world accepts all this as fact and doesn’t think for themselves at all.
“We’re the puppet people! put it on our TV its true! Put it on our TV it’s true!”-Bill Hicks

The fact that this is being used as a campaign tactic, is messed being that they’re boasting about an assassination without a trial, which is not the way of the American Justice system, or at-least it wasn’t in the past. Still people seem to overlook this fact, as everyone is sooo sure Bin Laden was responsible for 9/11, despite the lack of motive. The masses just see the WTC towers fall, question whose to blame, the media tells them Bin Laden, Obama announces Bin Ladens dead, the masses finally feel that revenge was served… very black and white, villain attacks, good guys kill villain… yep…

Speaking of false flags, there has been a lot of speculation that the next one is going to happen at the 2012 Olympics in London. Once again, I don’t know if it is or it’s not, as there have been many other dates after 9/11 where people suspected a next false flag but nothing happened. I’m just going to throw it out there. Olympics 2012, or possibly Chicago (after the attacks depicted on Source Code) is what I’m thinking could be potential false flag targets. Just noting how the attacks on the WTC were foreshadowed in movies, both attacks in Chicago, and a nuclear attack in London during the Olympics have been foreshadowed in movie or shows so even though nothing is for sure and we’ll have to wait and see, I’m just going to throw that out there.

Last thing, this years Bilderberg meeting is going on May 31st-June 3rd in Chantilly Virginia. For those who don’t know what the Bilderberg meeting is, it’s basically all the elites (celebrities, royal family, politicians, and media moguls)coming together for a meeting once a year, and they discuss… well one can only imagine. Shit like this that happens annually really takes the theory out of conspiracy theory. There is clearly a conspiracy at hand when you bring the Bilderberg meetings into the picture. All the elites meeting in secrecy and I doubt the shit that they talk about in these meetings is benign

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