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Comet Elenin Alignment

September 26, 2011 1 comment

Been looking into this a bit here and there. Apparently the earthquake that occurred in Chile, and the one that occurred in Japan both happened during a planetary alignment with comet Elenin and the sun and a planet or two; at least that’s what all the videos uploaded by researches on you-tube seem to be uploading. Apparently there’s supposed to be another few alignments coming up one of which is scheduled for Sept. 26/27 (depends on your source) and another one is supposed to take place on Oct. 10.

When searching videos on elenin on youtube, shit like Jesus is coming or Niburu is behind elenin are popping up, and so many videos saying that Nasa is lying and we’re all going to die, and have water food… yada yada yada. Some videos are based on astronomical data picked up with equipment, its not those I’m saying yada to, at least those have some proof for what they see, but a lot of this shit seems like hearsay.

There are two things giving this and credibility: one I don’t think its being reported on the mainstream media, and two Obama is apparent going to be in an underground bunker on the 27th? The latter is what makes this seem like something may actually happen. It was posted by the EUtimes and you can check it out here

Is the world going to end? Is there going to be a big cataclysm? pole shift? catastrophe, and the fema camps in the US are finally going to become operational? I for one can say I hope so. There hasn’t been much entertaining things for a while. There was the oil spill, and fukushima, but those won’t get interesting until populations have to get evacuated. I wanna see some next shit go down, so here’s hoping.

And heres a bible passage Obama read on 9/11, sounds like foreshadowing for the possible cataclysm..ah…ah…allllriiiiiiight.

End Log

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The Prohibition Paradox

September 23, 2011 Leave a comment

You know somethings fucked up when the 3 industries that don’t seem to be effected by any economic problems are the military-industrial-complex, the cancer-industrial,complex, and the prison-industrial-complex. One industry makes money on war, the next makes money on making sure cancer is not cured and that expensive chemo and radiation continue to be used, and the last one makes more money with the more people locked up.

All the wars from the last 150 years at least have been avoidable, and were a result of fat cat elite banker assholes manipulating wars, and lending money to both sides on interest putting everyone in debt. The American Revolution put the colonies in debt, but that’s not what you see when watching the movie The Patriot. The United States is a corporation, also know as The Virginia Corporation, but that’s a whole different topic from what I want to focus on, in this blog.

Despite the fact that Canada’s crime rate has been going down every year, the Conservative government felt it necessary to pass some legislature, and the key words are MANDATORY MINIMUM SENTENCES. Regardless of the circumstances and person charged with some crimes, such as possession of one plant of cannabis for instance, the judge cannot choose a suitable sentence. The sentence is left at the mandatory time if the person charged is found guilty. Harper’s doing exactly what the US is doing, and that’s a scary thought considering that the US has in it’s custody 75% of the worlds prisoners which is a huge amount considering the US population compared to the whole world. Harper clearly has a deal in the background with his privatized prisons, where the corporations that control these prisons will use the prisoners as cheap labour. I call it the western sweatshop, since we have minimum wage laws so we have to pay a certain amount, but not to incarcerated people. China eat your heart out, or sell it in you’re organ harvesting ring, whatever you want.

The thing that really pisses me off is the drug laws. Prohibition does not work, has never worked, and will only create more crime, violence, corruption, and drug proliferation throughout our high schools. You ever wonder why they call them “High” school? Shit, high school I was such a burnout, and even though I still got my high school diploma, it took 7 years as opposed to 4, and I think the fact that illegal drugs were constantly readily available had something to do with it. The two drugs that were always a little bit harder to get were tobacco and alcohol, in fact I could never get alcohol until I met an older friend who looked enough like his older brother who would get it for me. At the same time I could get weed, e, acid, k, coke, crack, shrooms, and as I got older the list continued to grow. I’m not condoning or bragging about my teenage years, I’m just trying to stress what a paradox prohibition is, and how the controlled substance act should change its name to the uncontrolled substance act, because it is legislature like this that puts the control in to the criminals hands.

I was at first just a legalize weed and shrooms kind of advocate, until I watched a few videos done by Leap, and they have made me realize that prohibition is a paradox in that countries that have legalized all drugs have less addiction rates, have less drug use (aside from cannabis), less overdoses, less violence, and less non-violent offenders in their prisons. I believe that the government is secrectly supplying drugs like heroin and coke into it’s own country, and keeping it illegal keeps the prices inflated and the profit margin exponential. The Iran Contra scandal shows one example where the US government was exposed for trafficking coke all over the world. It’s a sick scenario of wars making drugs easier to smuggle, corrupting the youth, while cops look to arrest youths and screwing their lives up even worse with a criminal record leaving very little chance of finding another job. Any how I’m going to embed two videos, one an info vid by Leap, and the other info on the Iran Contras.

I didn’t proof read this cause I’m too tired so if it’s incoherent dribble… excuuuuussseeee-uhhh-maaaayyyyyy!
end log

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Canadian Conservative Kleptocracy&Hypocrisy

September 21, 2011 Leave a comment

So Steven Harper is spending $90,000 daily on advice on how to save money. That almost makes too much sense, but not as much sense as how this came after Canada getting rid of mandatory minimum sentences in a country where the crime rate has been reducing ever year, this will keep those unnecessary prisons full, and we can follow in the fascist steps of the US’s Rockefeller Drug Laws. They then follow this story with Canada extending its mission in Libya for 3months, and they show a clip of Obama saying, “this is how this should always be done, the whole world should step in during any humanitarian injustice”. Finally to top it off they mention how Canada and the US are opposed to Palestine using the UN to declare themselves a state. It shows a clip of Stephen Harper saying something along the lines of, “Palestine should not use the UN to claim sovereignty, it should do this through table negotiations”? Palestine has been doing this for 40 years, maybe if your see a map of the region at 1945, maybe then you’ll concur with the notion of a Palestinian state. It’s the last day of summer, I guess now will begin the winter of our discontent or fall… whatever.
After watching that 15 minute clip of the news, I ask myself, how do the news anchors say this shit with a straight face? Or at least any editorial objection to the ridiculous bullshit that they are given to read. I supposed I shouldn’t be surprised that the news says this shit with a straight face, as they are basically the 4th branch of government. Maybe it just surprised me the amount of stupid bullshit on the news in 15 minutes. Usually theres one big lump of steamy bullshit story that, but today was just a stupid bullshit clusterfuck that should make everyone outraged, but like the late George Carlin said, “Everybody’s got a cellphone that can flip pancakes and rub their balls”. Mass Apathy probably has something with a side effect of the fluoride that is being put in the water supply is making people less aggressive, that and the bombardment of media and ads that make us spend money we don’t have on shit we don’t need to temporarily ease the lack of happiness we get from living in such a sick society. Being enslaved in economic slavery, til we’re to old too enjoy quality life because we become Big Pharmas bitch after our doctor/dealer prescribe us pills of drugs we can’t pronounce much less even because our vision slipped away decades ago. Living a life of being on the go relentlessly, every week waiting for friday, only to hit that shit monday again and slowly pushing through each week day waiting for that friday, or some time off work, which is never long enough. You’re fed bullshit by the news, and food additives in the food, monsanto branded produce with GMO’s… planes spray us with heavy metal particulates, science is supressed and bullshit passes for science when ever financially and politically worth it, theres oil on the bottom of the ocean, and fukushima fall out is floating in the global jet stream giving us cureable cancer, but not being given a cure, just being given poison to maximum profits, and while the cure is suppressed they collect your money for cancer research. over 30 years since Terry Fox died and billions being spent yet we can’t seem to figure out how to cure this disease, wait what happens after the disease is cured? I supposed these fake philanthropy fuckers don’t get their multimillion dollar pay check, so why would it be in there best interest to announce a cure?
Sorry kinda lost topic last paragraph…Ok, spending $90 000 dollars a day to a firm for advice on how to save money? $90000x30days=$2.7 million dollars a month in a $20million contract with a firm. Maybe thats why it was presented like this a $90000 sounds less then the $2-3million dollar a year or the whole whole $20 million contract going to a consultant firm? I got some advice, pay me $10000 every month and I can give you a few tips and it would be a lot cheaper then in a 10 month contract, and I’ll save you enough money in the long run. Better yet here are some free ideas cause im in such a generous mood. A) stop sending the military to bomb a country that is absah-fucking-lutely no threat to us AT ALL. B) Legalize all drugs, and stop incarcerating non-violent offenders, and c) print out your own money and stop having the central bank loan you money on interest. and D) STOP MAKING $20million CONTRACTS to a consulting firm, if the finance administer can’t figure it out, replace him. Did we elect governments to hire others to do all the thinking for them? And of all the things to figure out how to SAVE money? Hold fuckin shit balls, and sorry that certain words I’m using may offend you, but this should be much more offensive, that your tax dollars are being spent so recklessly. Who the fuck spends $20million dollars to save money, aside from Larry Silverstein buying the WTC towers, but he got away with insurance fraud so I guess he at least he got a lot more then his 14 million investment.
The fact that we are helping kill innocent people in a country for it’s resources and saying its humanitarian, and following it up with “fuck Palestine”, they didn’t say those exact words, but they implied it, those words would of saved them the effort of having to spew verbal bull diarrhea. All crown corporations countries of the commonwealth have unconditional support for anything Israel does, even if it is Bulldozing houses of people, to build more Jewish settlements, or killing over a thousand people for an ALLEGED rocket attack that wounded one Israeli soldier, you hear the same thing from each big Canadian party leader, “Israel has the right to defend itself”. Do they have the right to have nukes? I guess since they didn’t sign the non-proliferation treaty they didn’t agree to that premise, unlike Iran, who signed it and is exercising its right to use nuclear energy peacefully. People have to realize the idea of the formation of the state of Israel goes back before world war 1. After world war 1 they began spreading the rhetoric of 6million Jews dead and a Jewish homeland. Hitler signed the transfer agreement which kick started the Zionist movement with the beginning of settlements into partitioned Palestinian land. It’s funny Nazi and Zion are almost annagrams, it would make sense if Hitler basically created Israel. After ww2 the 6million Jews dead number came again. I believe Jews were killed, but I believe this number is artificially raised and they seem to always fail to mention the other minorities killed in ww2, or the genocides done by bolshevik dictators during the cold war. Maybe because most of the dictators within the iron curtain, in fact most of the people who sparked the communist movement were Jewish Zionists. Also Rothschild a Jew funded the Nazi’s, so before any body calls me anti-Semitic let me quote Joe Biden, “Not every Zionist is Jewish, and not every Jew is a Zionist”.
If the people buy this bullshit the governments telling us or in a state of apathy over this, why doesn’t the government just say it straight up. Something like we privatized our prisons to make money behind the scenes for the amount of prisoners locked up at any given time, we are laundering 20 million dollars to a firm in a money-laundering scheme, we are helping the war effort in Libya as it is rich in oil and other resources, like bombing for peace? that’s like fucking for virginity. Oh ya and fuck Palestine, if Israel want’s to settle in that land, the bible said its cool so check it out.. good night everyone.
If you said it like that at least it would be straight up and I wouldn’t think I’m being taken for an idiot by puppet politicians posing as leaders. Anyhow I gotta wake up early tomorrow, and I had a long day today so..
end log
ps check out the land that is Apartheid Israel develop since WW2

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Weapons of Mass Deception

September 12, 2011 Leave a comment

Thank God the 10th anniversary of the biggest lie of the century is over.  I’m just sick of reading all the stupid patriotic rhetoric on twitter, or hearing the news repeat the same lie over and over again.  Sick of the anti-Islamic mentality some of the people on twitter have.  “#LessonsLearnedFrom911 not to trust Arabs” tweets like that, that get re-tweeted too many times is proof that the vast majority still has their head far up their asses, and have become bigots as they refuse to even take a look at the evidence presented from anything outside a mainstream news outlet.  Maybe some people just take comfort in the lie, as the truth makes you realize that the government is an insidious evil force which killed 3000 of its own citizens to justify the killing of millions of citizens in the middle east, for greed and power.  I personally wish the lie were true, because then I’d join the army and have some direction life of stagnation, going from one problem to the next.

It has finally become apparent to me that 911 truth will not be accepted by the masses soon enough to end this war on terror.  The catalyst is bringing about genocide of innocent lives, and some thing tells me come 2050, the truth might become widely accepted, but till then when it no longer matters, there’s no going back.  The new history books taught in schools will teach this to our young, and the minority of people who don’t have their heads in the sand, we’ll be called conspiracy theorists.  It’s amazing how simple calling something a conspiracy theory suddenly ceases any further investigation into some claims.  The media has portrayed conspiracy theorists as crazy, and everything’s just the way it seems.  JFK assassination, 911, gulf on Tomkin, pearly harbor, the sinking of the Lusitania, the riechstag fire, Oklahoma bombing… so many events in history made possible with the intention of having the people demand the government does something.  David Icke calls this problem, reaction, solution.  The government creates the problem, waits for the people to react in a way demanding the very solution the government couldn’t have got away with prior to the problem.  As we move gradually into a one world nation, currency, religion, cashless society, where microchips are what we use for commerce.

I guess there’s no use even wasting my time trying to get through to people, because in the end it’s futile.  Eventually there will be another big false flag attack, I’m thinking in Chicago, and once again it will be used to proceed with the agenda that was probably plotted somewhere in between bilderberg meetings and the council on foreign relations.  “All war is based on deception”, Sun Tze from the art of war.  I really wish the upper 1% wasn’t so hellbent on destroying our environment, while using fake global warming science to justify more taxes.  I wish the masses weren’t manipulated into never-ending wars, that there is truly no need for.  I wish suppressed cures would be made available to the public.  I wish cars that didn’t require fossil fuels would be made to the public.  I wish innocent women and children were not killed for the terror industrial complex.  I wish we weren’t being lead by a satanic nobility and aristocracy.

I see so much potential in our species to create a true utopia, yet we have a general population under mass hyopnosis via television addiction.  Buying things they think they want because of the bombardment of commercials and ads.  I truly feel alone in this planet.  Outside of cyberspace there doesn’t appear to be anyone who gives a flying fuck about shit that doesn’t effect them on a personal level.  Oh well…

This goes out to the people who lost their lives on 911, and those who lost their lives from the aftermath of 911.  I’m going to leave a video embedded of a song called Relatives, by Lowkey.  Hopefully if anyone watches it, it opens there eyes to see that it doesn’t matter where you’re from, we are all relatives.

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Was 911 The Next Pearl Harbour, or The Next Hiroshima?

September 7, 2011 Leave a comment

If you still believe the lies about 19 Muslim hijackers and a man in a cave some how penetrating the most sophisticated aerospace on the planet, not once, but 4 times in one day, you should leave this site and stick your head back in the sand, because this blog is for people who have eyes to see.

Up until recently I believed that the WTC towers came down via controlled demolition.  I saw what I thought was molten metal dripping from the tower prior to them falling, and I’m not exactly an expert on physics, all I know is watching the towers fall the way they did does not make sense to me.  Then a few 911 “truth” videos said it was thermite, yada yada yada, case closed, well not really since the official story that’s being told is the one that is used to perpetuate this war with no boundaries.  The war on terror being fought with terrorism, how ironic.

Any who I have recently discovered some work done by Dr Judy Wood, who just came out with a book, “Where Did the Towers Go?”  Here is her website, and I urge those of you who know we’re not being told the truth to check it out as it shows a lot of interesting pictures of shit that flat out doesn’t make sense if we believe in the thermite induced controlled demolition theory.

I like her approach on this because it is purely scientific.  Any one who mentions to her something like this was the Zionist plot to create wars in the middle east, or the government is intentionally lying to us to move their agenda forward, she basically dismisses as hearsay.  She knows the truth is not being told, and she has a lot of very interesting pictures on her site.

She believes with these pictures there is overwhelming evidence of the use of direct energy weapons, and that the wtc towers didn’t collapse, they “dustified”.  She believes that the reaction that occurred on the towers was something known as the Hutchinson effect, and her pictures and videos showing the parallels between Hutchinson’s experiments and what happened to the wtc towers.

Now what is the Hutchinson effect?  It should really be called the Tesla effect, as John Hutchinson was trying to replicate some of Tesla’s experiments.  Really just amazed me how before his time Nikola Tesla was, and how his inventions from a hundred years ago are still being used today.  Any-who the experiments John Hutchinson did used radio-frequency generators and Tesla coils, and set at just the right frequencies, you can create a lot of strange phenomena(Steel turning into dust and anti-gravity).  I urge you to take a look at her website and watch the video I have embedded at the bottom, because there is a substantial amount of evidence that this was what caused the towers to disappear.  Like I said earlier I like her strictly scientific analysis, because she avoids speculating on any theories that a lot of people (including myself) often do.  She exclusively looks at the evidence until it points in one direction and she definitely changed my opinion on how the towers came down.

At the same time it almost seems irrelevant at this point how they came down, we really need to look at the aftermath of them coming down, and force our governments to stop sexually harassing people at the airports, and stop creating these wars based on lies.

I just hope the 10 year anniversary of 911 isn’t the date for their next false flag attack.  Just thinking about 9/11/1991 George HW Bush announced the new world order, then 10 years later the wtc towers come down, maybe in 5 days from now shits going to hit the proverbial fan, and all signs for me point to Chicago using trains.

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Chemtrails… gonna getcha!

September 2, 2011 Leave a comment

Something I normally bring up in conversation in public, especially when I’m outside and I can see that it’s a spray day, are what are commonly referred to as ‘chemtrails’.  For those of you who are unsure of what ‘chemtrails’ are, let me go over the basics with you.  At very high altitudes airplane exhaust comes out as a smoke of condensation which dissipates much like the smoke we exhale when it’s cold outside(because they are both the same thing).  Chemtrails on the other hand are when you have planes all around the clock, all around the world, spraying us with a different smoke then the contrail planes, as these smoke clouds do not dissipate ever.  These clouds spread out until the whole sky looks like one big grayish cloud.  Scientific tests were done on the stuff collected on the the stuff collected from HEPA air filters, and they have positively id’d barium particulates, aluminum particulates, and a lot of other pathogens I’d rather not dwell on, as we are all inhaling this.  If you think im crazy, stop reading and put your head back in the sand, but if you want to see it for yourself, simply look up at the sky every morning.  It’s usually a good indicator that they will be spraying soon, when the sky begins to turn back into a darker blue, i urge you to look up at the sky the next morning.

I’m sure the mainstream media will show this information as conspiracy theories, or crazy claims made by crazy people, but thats just the mainstream media doing what it does best.  Ridiculing the truth, to keep you living in a fake freedom fallacy, because they are the 4th branch of the government, the same government who appears to be in control by Zionists and the military industrial complex making profits off of wars.  The most informative site I found on this topic is this site, and this covers every little thing you need to know about the potential reasoning for this global spraying

If you happen to catch them spraying us on one of those crazy 24 hour spray days, and you not see the true reality, you’re probably going to ask, why?  There are many theories of why we are being sprayed on a regular basis.  The patent for HAARP asks for barium in atmosphere for optimal performance.  If you don’t know what HAARP is, it is an acronym for Highenergy active auroral research project, its located in and  the US military claims to be using for “research”.  Some of the military applications of this “research project” are, weather modification, shooting down missiles, controlling the human mind, and creating earthquakes.

Haarp shoots huge amount of electromagnetic waves into the ionosphere, and is based on the science of a many that was way before his time Nikola Tesla.  It is because of my knowledge of this weapon and its potential, that I am suspicious anytime a huge earth quake hits a city, and the after shocks don’t seem to stop (Haiti, and Japan).  Not saying for sure they were created by haarp, because I can’t proove this, but thats what makes this the best weapon for preemptive attacks on any given country, and still have plausible deniability.  Just say it was an act of a vengeful god whose pissed off at humanity for our sins.. yada yada yada

I was very topical about this info, because its already been said, just trying to get the word out.  Check out the vid embedded at the bottom if you’re still a little skeptical, or better yet make it a habit of looking at the sky every day, and you will eventually see them yourself, unless you decide to remain skeptical and keep your head in the sand.  What can I see, to each his/her own.  Listen to the video at the bottom of this blog, good proof of the existance of these chemtrails.

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