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This is my very first blog, and people call me G(probably because they can’t pronounce my real name), hence the name G’s Blog.  This is probably something I should’ve started doing a while ago seeing my strong opinions on the many events going on in the world on a daily basis.  From the H1N1 hysteria which led to thousands of miscarriages not reported on the news, to the earth quake in Haiti and Japan being possibly triggered using HAARP or other scalar weaponry, to the “humanitarian” bombing of Libya, not to mention the puppet politicians and the political theater(not to mention election day when we play a small part in the show) which allows genocide to occur in Palestine and sanctions to Iran (which really just hurt the poor of the Iranian population and doesn’t effect the regime in power) for exercising its right as a signer of the nuclear non proliferation treaty to use nuclear energy for peaceful purposes. In short there has been so much bullshit broadcasted on the mainstream propaganda networks that would have Goebbels cumming in his pants if he were alive to see it.. and I feel i have to do some to expose it, like so many other truthers in cyberspace, because watching the news on any given night really makes me want to throw a brick through the TV… or change the channel, depends on whats closer the remote or a brick.

The catalyst for me making this blog would be the fact that I got arrested at work for selling pot(aka the most useful plant medicinally, industrially, and recreationally this earth has to offer), which resulted in me losing my job(a shitty job which drained my energy and sucked any inspiration out of me, yet i sill miss it), losing a lot money(with drugs seized, legal fees, and buy new phones taken probably $5000), and without that Lexus I would’ve bought had the cops investigated crimes that are an actual threat to the security of the general population; in one season I have went from being a stressed out dealer always on the move with work and the independent business which gave me a status of notoriety- to being blatantly bored as fuck.  I’ll have to say it was an experience for me, to watch out for snitches at the store (especially tall guys working in produce), and that the justice system is insane and our rights are negotiable due to this war on drugs which just hit its 40th year anniversary last Friday.  So now that I’m facing potential incarceration, so might as well express my opinions on a world i see as fucked up before I no longer have the means to do so.

In other news, this blog was really just an intro(anything beats that gay hello world! bullshit), and a bunch of random ramblings, but my future blogs will be more topic oriented and interesting if you dig the truth about how the shadowey puppet masters are insidiously bringing us into a new social structure of hegemonic control commonly called the new world order.  First they gotta orchestrate the chaos which will probably settle in after the next false flag terrorist attack(which is due any week now) and any where in between when our dollar crashes from hyperinflation and when they fake an alien invasion.  Either way shits gonna hit the fan, and events that seem random are all going as planned, as we slowly enter into an apocalypse.

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