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Propaganda and Hurricane Sandy

October 30, 2012 1 comment

I hate to jump on the “it was a conspiracy!” bandwagon all the time, yet I like to play devils advocate, so I’m a walking contradiction. I just find when you call everything a conspiracy you lose a lot credibility. Like when you tell a loved one who just got diagnosed with cancer that ingesting cannabis oil will cure them, they might take you more seriously if you hadn’t talked about RF weapons, project bluebeam, and satanic rituals in the past- not to mention the tinfoil hats and the post-it note covering your laptop cameras. Not saying that RF weapons, project bluebeam, and satanic rituals are all bullshit, but not saying that they’re 100% fact either. I just like to throw the possibilities out there since the mainstream media tends to distract the masses, stick with “the official story” with a dual perspective to perpetuate the illusion of political difference and a free-press (ie. fox= republican and cnn=democrat), manipulate the masses by using fear to generate hysteria on minor stories, while not mentioning other stories (ie Israel killing 1600 people in Gaza in early 08′) and including only certain parts of history while leaving other parts out (ie the death toll from the spanish flu they’ll remind you of when they’re covering H1N1, but they won’t mention the US coup on Iran in the 50’s).

So basically the mainstream media of today fails to cover the big picture- or the whole story, because it has an agenda which is easily implemented through the mass-hypnosis cathode ray device known as the television, and through some propaganda techniques that Hitler and Goebels talked about and used in Nazi Germany. The only difference is the people are dumber today and have way more media technology being used to program perspectives into their psyche – along with there being more studies on psychology so that the most optimal methods are being used to effectively put people in a trance and mold them overtly and subliminally. One notable technique used by the Nazis is “the big lie” idea, which states that if you repeat a lie big enough and repeat it most people will eventually accept it as truth because most normal people will tell white lies from time to time so they can identify when a politician is lying about trivial shit, yet most people can’t even fathom telling a huge lie like, 9/11 was done by a terrorist organization operating in a cave with the motive that they are jealous of our freedom. Even writing that out sounds ridiculous to me, but all the media consistently reports this story, or this big lie and to the average person a lie of this magnitude sounds crazy. In addition to using the Nazi “Big Lie” technique from time to time they’ll have a few nuts come on some mainstream media news shows to debate their side on some of these issues. This represents the conspiratorial side of the argument as nothing but the crazy nuts they selected, so that anytime anyone in the real world mentions anything similar to what that retarded nut was saying they’ll be dismissed as a conspiracy theorist or a kook and linked to Alex Jones or some inbred redneck who always talks about how he saw bigfoot or was abducted by aliens and saw George Bush on the alien ship who told him about 9/11- I know this scenario never actually happened, what of it! Sorry about the lengthy preface now onto the reason I’m writing this blog Sandy:

First thing about Sandy that struck me as odd was how it was covered on the weather network. I first heard that it could possibly move west and hit maritime states and provinces, and that people should be concerned about this possibility then the next day they confirmed that Sandy will be moving west, hitting New York, affecting over 50 million, huge floods, we’re all going to die! etc. etc. etc. I know that weather modification has been practiced since the 50’s and I have seen documentary’s about HAARP & chemtrails and the history of weather modification, so there was something about this storm’s change in trajectory, it’s massive size, and the media coverage which blew this out of proportion (pun intended) that made me suspicious. Then I saw this video on YouTube that I embedded below that shows evidence supporting the idea that Sandy was moved off of it’s original trajectory and strengthened.

Then there’s the Hurricane drill they had in 1997 which they named the hurricane in the drill Sandy, and which had almost the same trajectory as this Sandy. This is either a huge coincidence or predictive programming for a hurricane they either knew was coming or they had planned to modify over 15 years ago? Hypothetically if this really was a false flag storm, I wonder what is the motive behind it? All I can think of is this is a diversion being used for them to keep some other things under the radar- or maybe it will be more clear of what the motive was in a week or 2? Perhaps this hurricane is an event that is part of a big cycle and they knew it was expected to occur a couple months before the end of the Mayan end count? Perhaps God’s just blowing off some steam? I’d like to take this opportunity to pray to God for the families of the victims that he may have killed. *coughs

All in all if Sandy was really a Frankenstorm whose Dr. Frankenstorm? HAARP? God? Sandy’s menstrual cycle? Whose to say? Zombie Mary Shelley? On that note…. 1 week until Lady liberty has an erection and can finally continue fucking everybody in the name of freedom and homeland security, on the bright side we won’t have to hear about why Romney or Obama is the lesser evil, because it really isn’t relevant.

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Nassim Haramein Topics of Interest

October 30, 2012 Leave a comment

Going to make this a short post seeing as Hurricane Sandy-Vagina might leave me without electricity, and I’m way too tired to spend a lot of time blogging- so here goes! I was watching some videos of Nassim Haramein on YouTube today, and even though I don’t know if I believe EVERYTHING he was saying, it was still interesting nevertheless. He has an entire lecture on YouTube comprised of 45 10 minute parts. I only watched about 8 or 9 videos somewhere near the end (part 28-35), but even this small fraction of the entire presentation did open up some new knowledge I was unaware of and presented new ideas with regards to the cosmos, the past, and the nature of reality. At the part I started watching this at (in the video embedded below) Nassim talks about how the pyramids are unexplainable, how there are pyramids in China, and underwater in Japan- and how through carbon dating of the coral we can estimate that the pyramids underwater in Japan sank under water at approximately 10,000 years ago- most of this shit was review to me. He goes on to talk about how every ancient religious tradition speaks of “sun gods” who built the pyramids, and pretty much gave us civilization- again review. Then he says the Sun Gods travel through the galaxy using the sun spots as a singularity or something? This part I don’t know if I believe despite the NASA footage, I just don’t know enough about astrophysics to even have an opinion on this kind of idea, but it was still an interesting possibility. Then there’s the unexplainable elongated skulls found in South America, 2012 being the end of the 5th sun and beginning of the 6th sun as part of the Mayan prophecy an event which will possibly ignite Jupiter into a second star? Then there’s the gigantic comet Neat which almost collided with the sun in 2003 an even that would’ve meant the end of human life, yet this even got such little media coverage, and any media coverage it did get didn’t mention the apocalyptic implications. This “comet” could’ve been Nibiru, or our Suns binary counterpart- or possibly even both, but the footage of this thing he shows is kind of mind boggling. One thing that he said that really struck me as odd is that the Vatican owns most of all the powerful telescopes, which I can only to begin to fathom what implications this might have. Maybe the Vatican is doing what it’s always done, suppressing the truth, as the truth would mean the end of their control over so many, and their tax exempt business which sells reassuring bullshit to the masses? Or maybe their just trying to find heaven? Whatever it means, it only becomes even more twisted when I find out that they have a telescope named Lucifer- but I’ve already accepted the catholic church and many other institutional religions as power-hungry malevolent mind-control cults, so seeing the Vatican as a potentially secret Satanic cult I don’t find all that shocking- especially considering the pedophilia priesthood they have, but ya getting off topic.
Any who, Check out the video I embedded below and the next few parts if you found any of these topics to be of interest…

End Log

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Master Debating the Dichotomy of Lies

October 24, 2012 Leave a comment

Last night was the final round of the US presidential debate, and if you haven’t heard about it, chances are you’ve just woken from a deep coma – and I envy you. Since Ron Paul didn’t win the Republican leadership like he should have if this were a real democracy, I tried to distance myself from the puppet show better known to Americans as the reality show, “Pick The Lesser of 2 Evils” sponsored by Zionism, the chosen people who choose the people that make the choices in America since 1947, and the Military Industrial Complex, creating conflicts for a killer resolution. I have never been a big fan of reality television, and I see just about as much difference in whether Obama or Romney win this staged competition as who wins Survivor or America’s top douchebag. Then again the latter is yet another way of describing this presidential election.

Lucky for me despite not watching the master debaters competing on who gets to be the face that shits on the masses for the next 4 years, my twitter feed drew a clear enough picture. When you see #debate, China, Libya, Middle East, Iran, Syria, and Latin America suddenly start trending on Twitter simultaneously, and you read some of the idiotic tweets on these lists, it just goes to show you that the majority of people are still dumber then a 2nd coat of paint. It was hard to find the voice of reason concerning this debate on twitter. Just a conglomeration of parrots repeating anti-Iran rhetoric, and picking Obama or Romney to root for and the opposition to bad mouth. The thing that gets me is that practically every region on the planet was trending due to the foreign policy topics of a debate for president of AMERICA. I know America has the most powerful military on the planet, they’re still broke and have no business discussing what they’re going to do about countries half way across the world. Not to mention the amount of parallels between the case against Iran presently and the case they made against Iraq only 10 years ago. They replaced the q in Iraq with an n, replaced the term weapons of mass destruction to the term nuclear program and switched a white president that was theoretically presenting himself as an idiot intentionally, with a black one who on the surface appears to have integrity but that’s only because of his amazing bullshitting ability. Most people are too focused on the party, the race, the bullshit speeches, and the way the different party’s and party leaders present themselves that they fail to see that it’s all a facade. I feel like a broken record saying this on so many blogs these past few months, but the incessant political tweets being made by self-righteous pseudo-intellectuals who think voting for one party over the other is going to make a difference is to frustrating to me to just bottle up inside.

I never could’ve fathomed that this would be the follow up to 8 years of 2 stolen elections by Bush (or rather the people who put Bush in power). The first black president bullshits the American people in 2008 with a “hope&change” slogan, while intensifying the wars in the middle east and winning the Nobel Peace Prize? Oh ya, and here’s the best part- one of the syllables in his last name is pronounced ‘Bomb’. I know, you can’t make this shit up- and despite his continued wars, his drone massacres, his lies about killing Bin Laden (who I believe was dead for years), his false promises about closing Guantanamo bay and ending the wars over seas if he gets elected (you can take that to the bank see the 15 second video embedded above^), and his controversial NDAA signed on New Years Eve, he continues to have a strong following. I think it’s the fact that they have successfully merged politics with entertainment by having celebrities and MTV showing support for Obama. People are over-focused on his race, people are supporting the cooler looking candidate, and no one is looking at the drone attacks, the fact that Bin Ladens body was disposed of before anybody saw it, the 2000 and 2004 rigged elections, the reason Bill Clinton was impeached, while Bush and Obama are responsible for the slaughter of way more innocent lives, but hey at least they didn’t commit adultery- you gotta draw the line some where. Then there’s the genealogical relations between Bush, Cheney, and Obama which speak louder to me then any actions. Regardless of how distant relatives Obama and Bush are, the sheer odds of the 1st black president in US history having relations with the president that preceded him who is now being seen as the worst president in history (Bush) are slim to none. This is no coincidence, seeing as each president has relations with royalty, which goes back to England and France, and probably the Roman empire, and I wouldn’t be surprised if it goes deeper, to Egypt, Babylon, and Sumeria and this all just shows the same cunts have been in power for a couple millenia. In fact this is probably where the word “country” comes from, seeing as a country is a tree with different branches of government with cunts in positions of power. What a cunt-tree!

I just wanted to say that I don’t have the solution to this, but I know that voting for the lesser of 2 evils, or getting in meaningless debate on twitter with each other about which cunt we think should be president isn’t going to fix this system created to fail, and times have become too crucial to let this continue the way it’s going. We need a whole paradigm shift which I see as an impossibility as there’s too many different interconnected levels of complexity to the problems we face presently. But one thing I do know is that the first step to any real change is to wake up the masses to some of the deceptions which they’ve been programmed with but not easy when they’ve also been programmed with the idea that people like me are crazy, conspiracy theorists, who should be dismissed or ridiculed. So all in all pace yourself- because we’re in for one hell of a ride in the next few years.

End Log

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Pussified and Pussy Whipped

October 17, 2012 Leave a comment

Just want to start by saying I do not promote bullying, in fact I think bullying sucks. School is a difficult time, and even though I was never really the prime target for bullies- that is to say I was never the loser of my class, I was also never the cool guy and certain situations came about now and again where I had to stand up for myself or become labeled a pussy- that’s what it boiled down. Having said that, I don’t think going gestapo on bullying in our schools because of a couple suicides is the solution (wine is fine but whiskeys quicker). Bullying may suck but it teaches a valuable lesson, and that lesson is that many people are assholes, and many people like humiliating, or physically hurting those weaker then them, either because it makes them feel better about themselves, or maybe their dad beat them, because his dad beat him etc. – I’m just speculating or going with the cliche, I’ve never became really good friends with a bully so I’m not positive on why some kids are such assholes. But after you finish school, graduate from elementary, high school, or what have you, everything doesn’t just become completely civilized. There are certain people always out there looking to pick a fight with you for no reason at all or steal from you when they catch you alone in a secluded park and it’s 6 on 1 and they have knives. These 2 events I just mentioned happened to me years after school was over and it’s a fact of life. The only difference between bullying for school kids and bullying in the adult world is bullying in the adult world usually gets called assault, battery with a weapon, homicide etc. Also a couple kids kill themselves so all of the sudden we have a moral obligation to go into anti-bully mode because it’s the right thing to do? Well that’s all good and fine, until you realize that every 80 minutes a US veteran attempts suicide. So if you want to stop bullying, then stop these bullshit wars as well- but no they want to go into Iran now- so then shut the fuck up altogether! This is the blatant hypocrisy and bullshit that usually ignites the passion in 1 of these blogs. See my theory is that they don’t care about the kids who committed suicide, they really just want to pussify the youth of today to have an easily controlled population of pussy’s for the new world order. Forget Brave New World, Huxley must’ve used doublespeak for that book title, because we’re headed for a one world pussification nation at this rate.

Next thing is what’s with all this feminist shit that’s been going on this month for breast cancer awareness month? and all these UN feminist days listed on twitter that lacked any rationality? Once again cancer sucks, and I respect women too much probably because I don’t know if being aggressive with a woman is what they want or not any more?! By the way after you read this blog, if you think I’m a misogynist it’s only because you’re a misandrist – now you know how it feels! Really I understand women weren’t able to vote until WW1 which took enough men away to go kill one another which ended up giving women more responsibilities. I understand there were, and still are many women trapped in abusive or controlling relationships, and I’ve met girls who were raped by their step-dad, uncle, then the councilor who was assigned to help them deal with the initial 2 rapes and yada yada. So I see that women have been oppressed and I think war is a man made invention because backed up semen leads to homicide and this explains why the US is such a war-like nation seeing as being a president living in the white house as probably leaves very little time or privacy for rocking the kazzbaw- and this is why so many innocent people get killed everyday. Sorry, got off topic- back to feminism, I’ve read that after WW2 the feminist movement was funded by old white elite men who wanted to change the paradigm and add women to the workforce, so that they can double the cost of living, separate the family, twist the dominance of a relationship, and in the end lead to divorces, promiscuity, kids raised by the state, and fucked up youth who get raised by degenerates and television which in turn turns them into degenerates. It was basically a way to mess up the family all part of the long term goals of changing society for the one world pussy. I don’t have the link for this as I read this over a year ago- and I’m too tired to find it, but this does makes a lot of sense. Like I remember talking to my dad about how my grand parents have been together for 61 years and I’ve never seen them fight- and he told me it’s because my grandfather was in charge. Not saying that a woman can’t lead a relationship, and my grandfather was never abusive or did anything wrong- but he was in charge and she accepted it, and she didn’t work- therefore no conflicts, no overstressed wife bitching at the husband, no power struggles, less divorce, and the mother was able to raise their kids in the crucial early stages of a kids life. Just saying in a relationship there’s one party of the relationship who has “hand”- and traditionally up until last century this has been primarily the man, now it’s flip-flopped but Which paradigm seems more natural? I don’t know, but when comparing my grand parents, with my parents, with my sister and her husband, all I see is how the fighting is growing exponentially and plus increased divorce rates.

Now I don’t know how feminism was orchestrated behind the scenes, but I do know that a bunch of fat dikes who were probably having sex with each other demanded equality. This led to women working full-time jobs, because staying home and not having to work was just too oppressive, and burning their bras like a bra is some sort of shackle the men created to tie a woman down? A bra is for support, and not having to endure the bullshit of a full-time job is a good thing. Also what’s wrong with raising your own kids and cooking and cleaning? Even writing that out makes me feel like that last sentence was sexist but that’s how deep the brainwashing goes. Being a home maker who raises their own kids is a much more rewarding and beneficial job then working for some bullshit corporation answering phone calls in a cubicle and doing paper work. I suppose most women never went out without their husbands and were restricted financially, but still both parents being at work all day and leaving their kids to be raised by st cuntys school of the moderately pussified doesn’t seem right to me- but maybe I’m too old fashioned. Now the UN holidays I saw on twitter was no bra day and there was another day about women in the 3rd world being so strong that they will be an integral part in farming to help fight world hunger. So go to work without a bra so that your back hurts and all the guys get a better look at your rack, and the women in the poor nations pace yourself for some intense labour because you’re women and so strong that you need to work to fix world hunger bitch! See how they’re using women empowerment to oppress further? I dunno maybe I’m wrong.
In conclusion, I’m tired…

End Log

P.s> If you weren’t offended by what I wrote above I’m going to share with you my way to end rape. We teach all young girls that if anyone tried to rape them just close your eyes, imagine it being one of those dumbass celebrities you’re going off about, and enjoy yourself. If you enjoy the rape, it’s not technically rape.. that’s right I found a loophole for ending rape.. I know I’m truly an innovator whose before his time.

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Election Bullshit, Ceaseless War and Toxic Vaccines

October 12, 2012 Leave a comment

Just 25 more days until election day, and to be honest with you, I can’t wait! Not that I really have any stake in the outcome, or that I believe in the democratic process or anything like that. I just can’t wait until the meaningless media coverage ceases and the election-based minutiae on my twitter feed clears up. If Ron Paul had won the Republican nomination, maybe I would’ve been a little bit interested in the election, but since he didn’t and since I fail to see the efficacy of voting for the lesser of 2 evils every 4 years with regards to improving anything- this whole election is a load of bullshit. I think Obama is going to win, but if he doesn’t it won’t matter. Obama or Romney are such subtle differences if you don’t focus on their appearances. The economy isn’t controlled by the president. The president can put into motion things to control the fed (like Ron Paul who tried to have the fed audited) or even create a currency independent from any privately run interest based central bank currency which would cease the perpetual debt from our current paradigm- but chances are no president will do that because they don’t want to get killed. Lincoln, JFK, and even Gaddafi are 3 big examples of what will happen to you if you try to free your country from the control of the banksters. You’ll be killed in public, and your killing will be aired on television. If TV were around in the 1800’s when Lincoln was killed, you better belive there would be a video of his death on Youtube for the world to see. Even though I am not the most knowledgeable person with regards to economics, one thing I do know that any political debate regarding the economy is bullshit if they fail to mention how privately run central banks are committing usury on practically every nation on the planet which is illegal according to the Magna Carta- and the reason there’s recurring economic crises going on on a regular basis. But after the first round of the presidential debate, the meme that seemed to resonate the most was the fact that Romney may get rid of big bird?! Do I even have to point out why this is fucked up beyond ridiculous proportion?

In other news….Iran threat, nuclear bomb, terrorists, Al Qaeda, wipe Israel off the map, nuclear Iran, nuclear Iran, nuclear Iran… The rhetoric seems to be escalating and at this point plans for a war on Iran have probably already been made. You’d think that only 10 years ago Iraq was the big threat, and the fact that Iran is only one letter difference from Iraq bothers me the most. You’d think some people would see the pattern or make the connection at least because of the similarities of the 2 country names. But no, people like my dad, who I consider very intelligent is now repeating the bullshit he read in the Sun, while proclaiming his “nuke them all” solution. I don’t know whether this attack on Iran will happen after the election or before, or if there will be a bigger false flag event to spark what could be WW3- but I’d really be surprised if nothing goes down at all. Iran isn’t a threat, and the only reason they’re current government is even in place is because of the US having Mosaddeg overthrown in the 50’s. This lead to the totalitarian US backed Shaw coming into power for years which then led to the Islamic revolution and Ayatollah Khomeini coming into power another brutal dictator, after his passing he was replaced by Ayatollah Khamini and this is the process which brought about the current government of Iran. I think that this government is definitely not a real representation of what Islam is about, and I part of me has some suspicion that it’s also run by the same powers that be who control the US. This shit has double-headed eagle spelled all over it.

You may then ask why would the US want to attack Iran then? To start world war 3, and bring about a new world order maybe? Not saying this is for sure the case, but I do see this as a more plausible scenario, then the bullshit Iranian nuclear threat premise. They want another world war because they want to reduce the population and change the world order the quickest way they know how. Both WW1 and WW2 completely reshaped the social order of the world, and both sides of both of those wars were funded by the same people. Now you may dismiss this is conspiracy nonsense, that’s only because you’ve been programmed to dismiss anything like this as conspiracy dribble then not putting any thought into it or doing some personal investigative research. Programmed by your television programming that is. As long as we fail to see the pervasive manipulation and the hypnotic deception of the mainstream news especially on television, we’re subject to ending up dead decaying corpses in the killing fields- fighting for what we all thought was the right thing. “All war is based on deception”. People have to disconnect from all this poison rhetoric and realize that war cannot happen without any soldiers compliance- and when I think about it I doubt any soldiers in WW1or2 or any war for that matter, wanted to keep fighting after their first few days of action. Well maybe there were a couple sociopaths, but for the most part most people didn’t want to fight in the trenches, in stalingrad, in Korea, or in Vietnam. So why did they? Because the enemy soldiers are trying to kill them? or maybe it’s because they don’t want to face the repercussions of refusing to fight in the army? The enemy soldiers are probably in the same position- they don’t want to fight, but it’s kill or be killed, or refuse to fight and probably get imprisoned as a deserter or killed on the spot? People killing each other for years at a time for most big wars, but nobody wants to be fighting in the wars the entire time? Just thinking about shit like this boggles my mind.. but I guess I’ll leave it at that

The last thing I want to talk about, seeing as it’s almost flu-shot season is the toxicity of the vaccines. Not to mention why the WHO (world health organization) keeps saying the planet is overpopulated then keeps pushing flu shots on us every year? They tell us we’re over-populated one day, then tell us about the next super virus that’s going to turn our organs inside out if we don’t take their vaccine filled with heavy-metal toxins and genetically modified animal embryos? You’d think if they truly thought the flu killed so many that they wouldn’t give anyone the shots to fix the over-population problem, right? That’s what raises suspicion in me that these free flu-shots aren’t for anything benevolent. I’m leaning towards a method for sterilization, that may not even happen to you specifically, but maybe your kids won’t be able to have kids a generation or two down the line- which has been proven in experiments on mice for GMOs. So think twice before accepting any vaccine from any health official. Or dismiss everything in this paragraph as conspiracy theory as well, and get your flu-shot because you get it every year, like the other bucket of cunts.. To each his/her own..

End Log

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