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Comet Ison Size Lies

November 27, 2013 Leave a comment

Comet Ison is going to reach perihelion in tomorrow. If you don’t already know, Comet Ison AKA c/2012 s1 is a comet that was discovered on September 21st 2012- and I first article I read about it was on this weather network website article. To take a direct quote from the article: “ISON, is being heralded as a once in a generation discovery — with some scientists believing it might appear 15 times brighter than the moon. ISON should be visible to the naked eye in daylight next year, putting on stunning views for the Northern Hemisphere in November and December.” This immediately lead to me wondering just how big this comet is. I mean a comet that bright must mean its either very large, or its going to be coming extremely close to our planet, or something right? I’m not comet expert, and even the people who are experts on the cosmos and astrophysics find comets to be very unpredictable- but to call Ison “comet of the century” and say its could be 15 times brighter then he moon 15 months before perihelion would make me suspect that they have info that lead them to make these estimates- shit that they’re not telling the people.

So how big is it? Beats the hell out of me. Been trying to get an exact answer on how big Ison is for months now, and there’s nothing but estimates saying that they think its about a km or 2 km in size. I mean you’d thing they’d have a precise answer of how big it is now that it’s in our inner solar system. Tomorrow is not on the day which Comet Ison reaches perihelion (closest distance to the sun) its also the US Thanksgiving and the 1st day of Hanukkah. Seems like both a late US Thanksgiving and an early Hanukkah all conveniently happening on the same date that Ison reaches perihelion. Coincidence? More then likely- or maybe they wanted a lot of people off tomorrow when they announce that Ison is gonna getcha! Gonna getcha!

Ok here’s my breakdown of the numbers that don’t add up to me. They estimate Ison to be about 2km, I’ve heard estimates as high as 3.5km as well and they also said that it could be 15 x brighter then our moon when it was first discovered in Sept. 2012. Our moon, which has an 11,000km circumference and is about 385,000km from Earth. So how is a 2-3.5km comet supposed to end up appearing 15 times brighter then our 11,000km moon? Exactly what lead them to say that it Ison could be 15times brighter then the moon when they’re estimating it to only be 2km maybe 3.5km in size? Perhaps they got carried away when they first discovered it and overhyped it for publicity? Now we turn to exhibit c which is the picture below:

and here’s a quote from the page where I got that picture from (posted on November 18th): “Comet’s ISON’s recent outburst of activity has done more than simply brighten the comet. Whatever exploded from the comet’s core also created a spectacularly-long tail, more than 16 million kilometers from end to end.” This is 12 times wider then our sun. So how exactly is a comet which they estimate to be 2-3.5km get a tail 5-8million longer then its actual size? More questions then answers. I just wish I knew if the human race was about to go extinct in less then 3 weeks, so that I can at least stop going into work, yknow?

In conclusion… WE’RE ALL GONNA DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But that goes without saying, and its yet to be seen if Ison will be what we or any of us die of. I suppose we’ll have a better idea at 1:37pm tomorrow when it reaches perihelion. Now if you’re not even remotely worried yet, here’s a video of some of the extreme weather we’ve had globally this passed-year played with some dramatic music.

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