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Canadian Housing Bubble and Military Rising

Don’t mean to alarm anyone, but… THE END IS NIGH! NIGH I SAY! I mean.. Canada is headed for some economic. It’s no longer a question of ‘if?’ but rather a question of ‘when?’ But instead of facing the inevitable housing price correction- the Bank of Canada continues to react to it’s overpriced houses by lowering interest rates only expanding an already huge bubble. The longer this goes on, the harder it’s going to hit- yet many Canadians, at least the people I talk to don’t realize that the good times aren’t going to last forever. When the bubble bursts, or if you prefer to say, when the Canadian housing prices have a ‘correction’- it’s going to be a far greater disaster then when the US housing market crashed in 2008. It seemed as if though Canada was unaffected by that, unlike the US and the EU- but if you look at the graph below you can see that Canada’s housing bubble was on par with the US in 2008 and instead of facing the slump it should’ve faced in 2008 like the US did, it’s continued to blow up the bubble to the point that housing prices have went up 37% since 2009.


Then you see stories like this about foreign companies closing it’s stores in Canada. One can only speculate as to why so many have done this in so short a time. It could be that these international companies see this real estate bubble expanding to such an unprecedented level therefore they want to get out before the coming storm. But it could be something completely different such as Canadian fiscal policies making it difficult for foreign companies or not in their best interest to continue doing business in Canada. Or just that they aren’t doing well in Canada. Just seems like a something that may relate to the coming shitstorm.

In addition to Canada’s over sized housing bubble and this recent trend of companies that have closed up shop in Canada, there’s also Canada’s recent involvement in international affairs. Canada seems to be taking on a more active role in international matters it has no concern in. Like when I first heard Canada was calling for sanctions on Russia it baffled me. Where does Canada get the balls pushing sanctions on the country that has detonated the most powerful nuclear bomb in recorded history? Canada a non-nuclear power, with a modest military pushing sanctions on 1 of the most powerful super powers in the world? I suppose Canada is just doing the bidding of other nations and figures having the US as it’s neighbor and longstanding ally ensures it can get away with this. It’s like a small kid picking on someone bigger then him because they know that their older brother will kick the shit out of anyone that touches them. Anyways after pushing sanctions several times between 2014- present on Russia this sort of thing was bound to happen. To quote a line from the article in the link, “Russia expressed disappointment on Tuesday over new sanctions imposed by Canada over Moscow’s role in the Ukraine crisis and warned that it would respond.” That’s a reassuring sentiment….

Not only is Canada outspoken about pushing Sanctions on nations more powerful then itself, Canada is also flexing it’s military muscle by suddenly deploying troops into Iraq and Syria. After the Parliament shooting(see the 1 minute in the embedded video above) which killed 2 people (ALLEGEDLY)- Canada got the votes needed to send troops to fight ISIL or ISIS or whatever you want to call them. Even though afterwards the alleged shooter turned out to just be insane, and had no ties to any terrorist groups like ISIS the mob has spoken. All you need is a bomb, towers collapsing, or some sort of mad shooter- then the media can generate the hysteria needed to get the people to demand something is done. This is when fascist laws are passed, armies are mobilized into regions of the world that probably had little to no involvement in any alleged attack, and when the patriotic #BOSTONSTRONG or #CANADASTRONG hash tags trend on twitter- while people put out their flags and put new yellow ‘support the troops’ ribbons on their cars. And if this wasn’t enough, today the US just announced that it made a nuclear deal with Iran which seems like a positive move in seeking diplomatic peaceful solutions. Shortly after this announcement Canada goes on record to state that it still Iran as a threat. I still don’t know how Iran got such a bad rep, probably has something to do with Israel always saying they are or something.

So what does Canada’s newly found militaristic approach to international affairs have to do with the coming economic shitbomb? Just a nation of poor people forced to enlist in the military since there are few alternatives for them. Looks like Canada is in the midsts of changing from a peace keeping, beaver farming, hockey loving, plaid wearing group of simple folk to a bunch of bankrupt foreclosed poor people forced to join the military and fight wars for reasons that they’ll probably never fully understand. But this is just a theory of mine..

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Is Reality a Computer Simulation?

Life is a strange experience, that too few of us ever really stop to examine. We all just take it in stride since there doesn’t seem to be any way to go about proving its meaning, or what happens after death- so we just go about our days, working for the means to afford a dwelling and food- and hopefully an early retirement.

Here we are on this spherical world, that’s orbiting around a spherical fire, which is orbiting around a collection of trillions of these spherical fires or stars- some bigger some smaller, and this massive collection of stars that orbit within this spiral of stars we call a galaxy- and our galaxy, the milky way, is but 1 of at least hundreds if not thousands of these galaxies. If that’s not enough to boggle the mind as it is, when we look into the microcosm we see that there’s another entirely layered universe on various smaller scales. From the cells which make up our biology and the vast amount of information that is in each one of our cells known as DNA. This DNA exists in the nuclei of all our cells and has enough information to fill up a filing cabinet. Then there’s our trillions of neurons which have hundreds of billions of connections to one another which communicate to each other using neurotransmitters- almost another universe in and of itself. Then there’s the atoms that make up all of matter in the universe- including our biological makeup. In addition to this the majority of light waves are in a frequency outside out visibility, and the same goes with sound. And if this wasn’t enough to overwhelm a person, physicists used a powerful microscope to see what the inside of an atom was made of and what it showed them is that the atom is completely empty inside, and its nucleus can be in more then 1 place at once. Then there’s this macroscopic anomaly: in one of the furthest pictures of galaxies taken by the Hubble telescope we see a strange pixelated object that we can’t seem to get capture a clear image of.

Then when you consider if our planet were any closer or further to the sun, or if our moon was any further and closer to the earth, and if it didn’t have just the right amount of oxygen, and if it didn’t have just the right magnetic field and gravitational field that life would not exist on Earth. Everything is in such perfect precision and even a subtle difference in this setup and there’d be no existence. Then there’s the enigma of our intelligence and our place on the Earth or in the Universe as humans. I mean we’re the only species that has a self-aware consciousness, that knows that death is in the future, and that speaks language- and can use various symbols (alphabets) to represent this language on paper so as to record information and build on it. We’ve used our intelligence to unlock mathematical equations like the Fibonacci sequence and Mandelbrot fractal equation which prove that there is an underlying mathematical code behind the reality which surrounds us.. and all our religions tell us about this ubiquitous entity called God, that can see everyone and everything – and is beyond our limitations of time and space, and such an idea seems preposterous unless…

The physical world around us doesn’t really exist, well at least not as we perceive it to be. What I mean is, everything you perceive through your 5 senses is read by our brains as electric signals and our brains interpret these signals to create this experience of reality as we know it- but this is not truly the physical reality which surrounds us, but really this construct of reality we experience exists only in our brains. Kinda like when you’re dreaming and in that dream you’re able to have a conversation, taste foods, smell odors, see things, hear sounds, feel texture, have sex, get high on drugs somehow- all of these things can happen in a dream while you’re lying in bed with your eyes closed yet all these things feel very real because the brain shapes reality. Now how do we know that in waking life, if the experiences we experience are any more real then the dreaming experiences? If you goto sleep, and a bunch of doctors manage to slice open your skull and take your brain without you waking up or dying, and they connect this brain to a virtual simulation on a computer that is 100% identical to the life you were just living, theoretically you would continue living your life completely oblivious that you’re only a brain in a tub of water connected to a computer. That is if the simulation was good enough. Given this idea, suddenly reality comes into question.

Perhaps reality is actually an extremely advanced simulation, and the ubiquitous omnipotent God they said existed is really just a programmer behind this simulation. Suddenly an all knowing and ubiquitous God seems a little more plausible if this is the case, seeing as a computer simulation can easily make record of everything everyone is doing. Maybe people who levitate or people who can bend spoons with their minds are for real- I mean it’s just like the kid in The Matrix said, the truth is, there is no spoon. Maybe conjuring deities and demons, is just a way of communicating to the world outside this simulation? Or maybe the demons are also part of the simulation- kinda like game genie. Suddenly the limits to reality seem less constrained if this is the case, because knowing that its like a computer is the first step to knowing that there’s a source code behind this veil, and that becoming connected to this source code by practicing meditation for instance, suddenly reality can be unlocked and ones imagination can create the infinite.

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The Hutchison Effect and 9/11

February 19, 2014 Leave a comment

Watched this conference by Dr. Judy Wood about what happened on 9/11 (full conference link here)– and a hypothesis of what may have caused it. Her analysis is strictly scientific in that she doesn’t make theories about who was responsible for 9/11 or why, but rather questions what happened on 9/11 and how.

In her analysis she points out in the pictures and videos many of the anomalies that occurred on 9/11 and how they look similar to some of the phenomena (known as the Hutchison Effect) videotaped by John Hutchison when he tried to duplicate some of Nikola Teslas experiments. This is more so about how the scientific establishment is suppressing a technology which could give the world free limitless clean electricity- and she believes it was this same technology used on 9/11 and it’s how they turned the towers to dust.

Where did the towers go?

Lack of debris


The Hutchison Effect

Toasted Cars

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Connect the Sochi Dots Yourself

February 12, 2014 Leave a comment

Hate to speculate about a potential false-flag attack yet again- especially when I’ve done so for so many other big events that nothing ended up happening at… so I won’t. Instead of connecting the dots- I’m simply going to show the dots and let people do their own connecting.

For starters- why the hell did the choose Sochi? Considering it’s one of the warmest most humid places in Russia- seems kinda dumb to host the Winter Olympics there. Especially when you’re the largest country in the world and have at least a dozen better spots where the climate would be more fitting for a Winter Olympics. In addition to it being too warm in Sochi, Sochi also required a ton of extra construction and planning since its a city that was rather lacking in any proper infrastructure to host an event of this magnitude. It’s not even in the top 10 biggest cities in Russia, and its one of if not the warmest region in Russia.

Then there’s all this concern over security at Sochi in the weeks leading up to the games. Although in all fairness there’s always mainstream speculation of security concerns over any event on the globe since 9/11. Plus it’s clear that the US has been using the Sochi 2014 Olympics as a means of attacking Russia with their manipulative use of propaganda. However there was a couple “terrorist” attacks in the weeks leading up to the Olympics in Volgograd (formerly known as Stalingrad). So maybe the “security concerns” are not completely unfounded- then why did I just quote “security concerns”? Because if anything should happen I’m going to assume it was staged. Then there’s allegations of a video threat on Sochi made by Islamic Russians which would be a great way set the stage for a potential shit-bomb.

Now for no reason whatsoever, lets take a look at the map of Sochi- just to get an idea of where it is and what nations surround it(map source: google maps):

Moving on…

In a seemingly unrelated story Iran successfully tested new ICBMs according to the associated press. Apparently these missiles have a surface to surface range of 2000km. How about them apples?

That concludes this post. Like I said I’m only putting the dots on this post and you have to connect them yourself. Yep- I’m not speculating at what I think could happen- I am merely speculating that there may be a speculation being implied in this post.. yep- just speculating on the possibility of a speculated implication…all in all- whatever happens or doesn’t, will or won’t- so might a well just sit back and enjoy the freak-show that is human civilization as it get’s narrated by misleading news reports being read by hypnotic news anchors.

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Comet Ison Size Lies

November 27, 2013 Leave a comment

Comet Ison is going to reach perihelion in tomorrow. If you don’t already know, Comet Ison AKA c/2012 s1 is a comet that was discovered on September 21st 2012- and I first article I read about it was on this weather network website article. To take a direct quote from the article: “ISON, is being heralded as a once in a generation discovery — with some scientists believing it might appear 15 times brighter than the moon. ISON should be visible to the naked eye in daylight next year, putting on stunning views for the Northern Hemisphere in November and December.” This immediately lead to me wondering just how big this comet is. I mean a comet that bright must mean its either very large, or its going to be coming extremely close to our planet, or something right? I’m not comet expert, and even the people who are experts on the cosmos and astrophysics find comets to be very unpredictable- but to call Ison “comet of the century” and say its could be 15 times brighter then he moon 15 months before perihelion would make me suspect that they have info that lead them to make these estimates- shit that they’re not telling the people.

So how big is it? Beats the hell out of me. Been trying to get an exact answer on how big Ison is for months now, and there’s nothing but estimates saying that they think its about a km or 2 km in size. I mean you’d thing they’d have a precise answer of how big it is now that it’s in our inner solar system. Tomorrow is not on the day which Comet Ison reaches perihelion (closest distance to the sun) its also the US Thanksgiving and the 1st day of Hanukkah. Seems like both a late US Thanksgiving and an early Hanukkah all conveniently happening on the same date that Ison reaches perihelion. Coincidence? More then likely- or maybe they wanted a lot of people off tomorrow when they announce that Ison is gonna getcha! Gonna getcha!

Ok here’s my breakdown of the numbers that don’t add up to me. They estimate Ison to be about 2km, I’ve heard estimates as high as 3.5km as well and they also said that it could be 15 x brighter then our moon when it was first discovered in Sept. 2012. Our moon, which has an 11,000km circumference and is about 385,000km from Earth. So how is a 2-3.5km comet supposed to end up appearing 15 times brighter then our 11,000km moon? Exactly what lead them to say that it Ison could be 15times brighter then the moon when they’re estimating it to only be 2km maybe 3.5km in size? Perhaps they got carried away when they first discovered it and overhyped it for publicity? Now we turn to exhibit c which is the picture below:

and here’s a quote from the page where I got that picture from (posted on November 18th): “Comet’s ISON’s recent outburst of activity has done more than simply brighten the comet. Whatever exploded from the comet’s core also created a spectacularly-long tail, more than 16 million kilometers from end to end.” This is 12 times wider then our sun. So how exactly is a comet which they estimate to be 2-3.5km get a tail 5-8million longer then its actual size? More questions then answers. I just wish I knew if the human race was about to go extinct in less then 3 weeks, so that I can at least stop going into work, yknow?

In conclusion… WE’RE ALL GONNA DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But that goes without saying, and its yet to be seen if Ison will be what we or any of us die of. I suppose we’ll have a better idea at 1:37pm tomorrow when it reaches perihelion. Now if you’re not even remotely worried yet, here’s a video of some of the extreme weather we’ve had globally this passed-year played with some dramatic music.

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False Flag: Trayvon Martin is a work of Fiction

Before I get started, let me just say that when I initially heard the events of this story I strongly believed that George Zimmerman should’ve got prison- seeing that in the official timeline of the story as I know it he was the one who pursued Trayvon and it is strictly because he pursued Trayvon that there was any confrontation at all, therefore the entire murder could’ve been averted had George Zimmerman not felt the need to play the hero role in this instance. Just wanted to say this so that this post isn’t misinterpreted. I’m only considering a possibility that seems to be the most plausible to me at the moment, so don’t get it twisted.

So here goes, a couple days ago I entertained to myself the idea that this entire scenario was nothing but a staged event being used to bring about a race war within the US. I initially entertained this idea because like every other story that the media goes into a super propaganda blitz with to the point that I’m sick of hearing about it, I start to suspect that it’s complete staged horseshit used for a hidden agenda. Some other examples of what I believe to be complete fabrications include Bradley Manning, Snowden, Assange, Anonymous, and Wikileaks. These are being used to co-opt any real resistance and misguide it into stupid shit like #FreeBradleyManning hashtags, or showing your support for Assange or Snowden because they did this this and that. You can see how these tactics can take any organized group of people and subvert their energy into bullshit causes like supporting these fictional characters for exposing the government, as opposed to using your energy to actually do anything that would actually make a difference. Just like the illusion of freedom these examples offer the illusion of revolution.

Back to this Trayvon bullshit. Here’s a quick reiteration on the story:
George Zimmerman a white latino possibly Jewish man in his late 20’s kills a 17 year old black boy who ended up having nothing but a packet of skittles on him.

I like how they seem to use hidden advertising in these media fabrications now adays to eh? Like the guy who found the girls who were held in captivity for decades had to say that he was was just eating McDonalds when. Kind of makes me wonder if this fabrication was brought to you by Skittles or something?

When I first thought about this scenario being fabricated it seemed a bit far out, and then I thought about 9/11 and remembered- oh ya! If they can pull 9/11 off and have the world believe the bullshit behind that story this would be easy. Like usual they build up the fake dichotomy in this case using the black leader cunts (the real truthful black leaders like MLK and Malcom X were assassinated and replaced by cunts, deal with it) and the gun nut Zimmerman supporter cunts to create the 2 fake oppositions- and the majority of people either take one side or the other or are apathetic, leaving people like me who see how methodically they’ve manipulated the masses with the media.

The thing that bothered me about this is the black community mobilizing to have the stand your ground law changed, and showing their outrage, yet none of them gave a shit about the million dead innocent Iraqis caused by Bush’s lies and that Obama said we need to move forward from after he was inaugurated. That’s why Martin Luther King was assassinated, he spoke out against the US war machine, not that they replay too many of those speeches. Also not every black leader with political power is a cunt- but the cunt to non-cunt ration today is vast..

Proof that this is some bullshit media blitz propaganda see exhibit a) Trayvons Facebook page. I like how it says official, it’s rather appropriate seeing that Trayvon isn’t a real person, he’s just a symbol like Nike… Stream down that facebook page and scroll down as far as you possibly can until you reach the bottom- you’re probably not going to reach the bottom. But you’ll reach the conclusion that this facebook page along with all the media on this Trayvon story is some ethos pathos logos hocus pocus..
Next see exhibit B) this embedded video below that was uploaded yesterday does offer a lot of evidence that Trayvon isn’t real:

Now I have to wake up early for work tomorrow, so having said that

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Thoughts on the NSA Internet Surveillance Scandal

‘Edward Snowden’ has been a name repeated in the medias (news & social) for weeks now. For those of you who aren’t sure who Snowden is, here’s a gist of the whole NSA story: On June 3rd NSA employee Edward Snowden (or rather ex-NSA employee now I would imagine) exposed certain elements of the NSA’s methodology for collecting information from not just the American people, but the global populous. He went into the details of an NSA program known asPRISM which has surveillance on all live communications and is collecting internet usage information from the 9 internet giants Google, YouTube, FaceBook, Apple, Microsoft, Yahoo, Aol, Skype, and Pal Talk.

Just like Bradley Manning, Snowden also revealed information that isn’t really news to me. I mean aside from the name “Prism”, I had suspicions of this shit years ago, and I only stopped giving a shit recently. Now the MSM is reporting it so the docile masses have commenced giving a shit the only way they know how- posting tweets about how Snowden is a patriot, or how Obama should be impeached, or a tweet that includes the term “police-state” or makes reference to the novel “1984”. The irony of this is that they’re using the internet as the medium to express their opposition to internet surveillance.

Since the MSM is operated by high-levels of governments and corporations as well as the 9 internet companies listed above, they’re probably also responsible for the reporting on the Snowden and Manning whistle-blower stories. Therefore I believe that Snowden and Manning are staged whistle-blowers and that’s not to say that the information they are exposing is bullshit, but rather to say the government is using these staged whistle-blower stories to see what the public reaction will be to this idea of a such ubiquitous surveillance of all communication technologies. It’s the totalitarian tip-toe- they have to gradually introduce this shit to the public, if they really are planning to make a 1984-like scenario. I mean in the novel 1984 the telescreen watching everybody all the time was known and accepted by everyone, so in order for them to get there they first have to introduce the idea of internet surveillance to the masses, and eventually this will be an accepted part of reality. As opposed to Obama saying “we’re going to monitor the internet derp-de-derp”, they stage a whistle-blower create a scandal and have Obama respond to the scandal by saying something about how they can’t have both privacy and security. I mean this shit has probably been going on for years, but its been incognito- they’re now implementing it overtly in order to integrate it as just another normal part of society that no one questions. 5 years from now everyone will accept all communications being monitored for security, just like everyone accepted the ultimatum of being molested or being seen naked to get on a plane, as a way to prevent another 911/underwearbomber/(insert other bullshit terror plot on a plane here).

Perhaps this was why the internet was invented to begin with. I believe they had planned to eventually build up to this point where they have instant access to detailed information on practically everyone in the world. The internet evolved from the ARPAnet which was created by the US department of defense, so it should come as no surprise that information from Facebook and Google are being collected by the same people who created the internet. Sure they said the creation of the internet was to avoid loss of communication if a nuclear attack hit America during the cold war, but I believe this was just the excuse they used for an ulterior motive. Much like the NSA surveillance of the internet is justified by the threat of a terrorist attack, and Obama’s already going on record to say how this has already saved lives.

Here’s one way to avoid your privacy being invaded, for one thing stop uploading so much information about yourself on the internet. I mean a profile 10 years ago was a nickname, a brief description of yourself, your country, and maybe some interests- a few things to relate to the people you randomly met on ICQ. Facebook on the other-hand has information on everything from all your friends and family, the events you have planned, pictures of what you did yesterday with an option to geotag, what’s on your mind, what books, movies, shows you like, the schools you went to, where you work, the pictures you’re in may have you tagged to them, and I think now you can even put an entire timeline of your lifestory! I’m just saying if you don’t want certain private things to be a part of government record, then don’t put the private things on any internet profile. If you want to research some things in a more private way, use the web browserTor as it will mask your ip/location. But all in all this internet surveillance thing is small potatoes, compared to when brain implants become common-place and the government will begin surveillance on everyone’s thoughts, but luckily that won’t be for another decade or 2.

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