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Chemtrail Manipulation of our Biology

Just watched this hour long presentation a couple days ago, and it brought 2 different topics I’ve dabbled in together. The chem-trails being sprayed on a regular basis, and the trans-humanist agenda, which I have written about on this blog before. Then there’s Morgellons which many have speculated is a disease where fibers come out of lesions in people’s skin and many people have theorized that it’s a result of the chemtrail spraying. There has also been evidence to prove this claim if you watch the documentary ‘Aerosol Crimes’ it shows the samples taken from the HEPA filters match the fibers coming out of people with Morgellons. One thing I never understood with regards to this though is why only some people get morgellons when we’re all being sprayed collectively. This hour presentation is suggesting that we all have these fibers from the chemtrail spraying in us, and some peoples bodies are rejecting it, which makes sense to me.

So imagine that we’re being sprayed by nano-technology, synthetic fibers, the heavy metals, the dry red blood cells, and at the same time the heavy metal particulates are being used to kill off the plant life on this planet so that they can replace them with their patented genetically modified ones which are immune to these particulates, and at the same time out biology is being changed while the sky now has an electrical charge. If you find it hard to believe the information presented in the video, or if you don’t even have time to check out the video you should at least take a look at all the scientific research done by Dr Carnicom here… You can see the amount of time, effort, money, and work that went into these very thorough papers to say the least and even accepting being sprayed in general is hard for a lot of people to grasp- but the fact that our biology is being manipulated by nano-particles in out atmosphere, that’s some next shit.

In the presentation it also brings up how Monsanto’s genetically modified plants cross-pollinated with other farmers crops so Monsanto was able to successfully sue these farmers in court- what if that becomes us one day? We become owned by the biotech company who made these synthetic devices because it’s in out bodies? Not to mention what kind of effects is this shit having on us? Are they already toying with our stream of consciousness without us even being aware of it?

All in all if you don’t even buy the whole chemtrail thing yet, chances are this isn’t going to jive with you at all. Chemtrails are easy to believe, either by watching youtube, or by making it a habit of watching the sky every day, while you’re driving or on the road. If you do that for a couple weeks straight, you’re bound to catch them on spray day at least a couple times.

Any ways I’m going to leave it at that, just wanted to share this idea so that I can fall asleep tonight.

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Earth hour, Easter, and the 911 Confession

It’s been a while since I’ve written a blog, and my reasons for this are mostly that I’ve been busy working a new job for an evil corporation (that’s right I’m not perfect) and that I feel like I keep blogging about the same shit going on. IE. A war on Iran would start WW3, the Zionists are the Nazis of this era (Zion is almost an anagram for Nazi… ah? ah? alriiiiight), and the news&most of the education system indoctrinated the masses with lies in order to bring about their next world order, and I say next because this is not the first time this happened. Hitler even wrote a book called the “New World Order” and even though the Nazis didn’t win the war, world war 2 did change the world order quite dramatically, technologically, socially, and geographically speaking. Another reason I haven’t been blogging is because most of the time I can just tweet a condensed blog in 140-280 characters (1 or 2 tweets) and that often makes things faster, easier, and I find sometimes you can say so much more with less words, but for times such as this one where many things have happened recently, tweets are no longer sufficient to explain my version of the events going on now adays… Ok here we go

First thing I want to talk about is Earth hour. For starters we as humans have no business in saving the Earth, and I’ll leave this Carlin video here to explain why:

If you didn’t watch the video the underlying statement is “we haven’t learned to take care of ourselves yet, we’re gonna save the fucking planet?” and “we are not a threat to the planet”. Aside from our ego trip in thinking we can really destroy the planet, we have fucked up the environment. Also we have enough crazy ass hydrogen bombs to blow up the planet… Well maybe not me and you personally. Sure maybe you drive a car making the air less clean, and you litter once in a while leaving non-biodegradable shit in the soil, not to mention hunting animals for sport, not like other animals don’t do it but you get what I’m saying. Having said that, we didn’t cause the BP oil spill, we weren’t responsible for the crisis at Fukushima or Chernobyl, we’re not testing nuclear bombs or spreading depleted uranium to poor countries. Maybe some people joined the army and have, but they probably aren’t fully aware of what depleted uranium is or that Iraq and Afghanistan are not, and have never been a threat to us western nations. What I mean is a lot of people who join the army are either there for money or because they feel it’s the right thing to do- and if they are blowing shit up in the mid-east they probably had no idea the kind of war they signed up for, or the devastating environment impacts of the depleted uranium being used… OK I’m rambling my bad….

None of these things I’ve listed can kill the planet like Carlin said the planet has been through much worse then us, but with regards to the environment, not using the electricity for one hour is not going to do fuck all. Another thing that bothers me is hearing on the radio, fight global warming by turning off your lights for an hour. I personally think global warming has nothing to do with co2 and in my area I get my electricity from water passing through a turbine (hydro-electricity) there’s no co2 emitted from that to the best of my knowledge. So I usually go nuts on Earth hour and use as much energy as possible. Partially because I don’t like being told what to do outside of a job and I just think this is part of the “totalitarian tip-toe” and its going to keep escalating to the point where we all have to be sterilized and live in a pseudo-Orwellian society where everything is controlled including the breath we breathe and the water we drink. I know we probably are milking this planet for ALL its resources but when compared to the planets dark shadowy puppet masters steering our planet into a technocratic nightmare, we’re doing the least of the damage. They should have Earth year, where the military industrial complex, and evil corporations like Monsanto go on a hiatus- shit it wont make much of a difference, but it will do a little more then an hour without electricity, singing koombaya to candle light thinking that your doing good… I’d rather use logic, realize that the notion of Earth hour is bullshit, and play thrash metal with an electric guitar! \m/

Moving on… Easter- read a tweet about Easter, saying something along the lines of remembering the sacrifice Christ made for us on this date. What mostly bothers me about this is that it’s on the pagan holiday of Ostara, and even though/if Christ died in a brutal fashion I don’t think he’d appreciate us using a Pagan holiday as a day to remember him. I believe Jesus did exist, but don’t know that his brutal (if it was as brutal as they say, maybe they exagerrated) saved any body, or opened that gate to heaven yacktiy yack. I do believe that he did exist, and that he was a very spiritually adept person. I also don’t know if the crucifixion did kill him, read some stuff saying it didn’t, and that he had kids. I’ve also read shit about him not being a Jew. I also heard hes based on all the sun Gods like Horus and Mithra, and there are a bunch of others that I can’t think of right now. All in all I try to keep an open mind, and I try not to say anything as a matter of factly on this topic as many people are quick to dismiss you as a heathen for asking questions. I will say this though religion is a tool that has been used to manipulate the masses, collect revenue that doesn’t get taxed, and it has been used to start the worst wars ever by manipulating people into believing that they are doing Gods will- Guess they didn’t read though shall not kill, or are completely oblivious to the nature of the Jesus written about in the Bible. People have to realize that if your a Jew, a Muslim, a Catholic, a Hindu, a Buddhist, or an Agnostic or of any other religion denomination it doesn’t make you any different from people who believe anything different. We need to start seeing one another as humans and stop compartmentalizing the whole human race with meaningless words, and this also applies to politics with democrat, republican, communist, fascist, dictator, president… all just euphemisms used to manipulate your perception of reality. I heard a religious chrsitian man saying that the muslims are evil and yada yada yada.. I walked away shortly after he started.. People have to stop pointing the finger at 1 group when the planet is like a ying-yang with people good, evil, a bit of both, and that’s regardless of your religion or spirituality. But… fuck the mormons! That was a joke.. honestly

Last thing on my mind is that I heard that some one finally confessed to being responsible for 911! Only after being water-boarded 183 times! Case closed! Not really.. Water boarding is a form of torture and torturing has never been an effective way of getting the truth out of someone, as people who are being tortured are inclined to say whatever you want them to say so that the torture will stop. Also I thought the late Bin Laden was responsible for 911, you know the one they killed in Pakistan after they sent a shit load of troops to Afghanistan? You know after Bin Laden was reported to be dead at least 5 times from various media sources before? You know, afterwards they didn’t show people the picture of bin Laden because it was too gory, not that it was photoshopped and never mind the fact that Bin Laden never had a legitimate video taking responsibility for 911, but he did say that he wasn’t responsible for 911 on Al-Jazeera in October 2001 but all that circulated in the media was the initial video of this dude who clearly is not bin laden:
Bin Laden Fake
Sorry to get back into the 911 thing, I know most people will never believe it was a false flag attack, and the people who do see it are too apathetic because of mind-numbing reality TV shows and I dunno? alcohol and their busy lifestyles that most of us share in this debt-slave reality we call freedom- but hey – it could be worse.. right? But in all honesty I can talk about the things that don’t add up about the events of 911 forever, and I’m sure most other people who can smell the bullshit being passed as news can as well, but whats the point? If you don’t believe it was a false flag, chances are I won’t convince you that it was.. all I’m saying is have an open mind, if someone says something is different, prove them wrong by looking into it instead of calling them a conspiracy nut and dismissing anything they say as being bullshit, that once again uses a name to comparmentalize some one creating social barriers and thus dividing us.. \

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