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The Pursuit of Truth in the Age of Uncertainty

Ok so the date Comet Elenin came into alignment was once again another anti-climatic ball breaker. This has gotta be like the 4th time now that the world was supposed to end, in my life time, I get my hopes up and for what? To wake up to another morning of this same bullshit, awaiting the next prophet to tell us its all going to be over because the bible, or the comet, or global warming, ice age, catastrophic cataclysm beyond you wildest imagination like the movie 2012 seems to be pointing in the direction if. The worst thing is I want to be skeptical next time, in fact I was kinda skeptical this time. I know it’s going to keep going like this til one day I’m gonna be like, doomsday? get the fuck outta here! No really, get outta here, you’re bothering me. When I get to that point shits going to hit the fan, and I’m not going to even mention it, or I definitely won’t blog about it. You’d be surprised how much shit I just throw out there in conversations because I could go either way on a lot of the stuff I read, or I don’t feel like getting in an argument with a bigot.
This is what happens when the proliferation of information grows at such an exponential rate. I remember when I first used the internet, I was a 10 year old at my older cousins house, getting kicks off of asking girls from all over the world on ICQ what their cup sizes were. That was amazing to me! Even more so amazing every chick seemed to have c36, is that the ideal cup size or is that average? not average in Canada I don’t think. I would’ve never began to imagine YouTube, twitter, Facebook, blogs, Skype etc/. Today everyone’s got a blog, a twitter account, a YouTube account, and a Facebook. If you don’t you’re just one of those people who struggle to adapt to the silicon world that’s growing around you without you realizing it.
Every time I have a bet with a friend, I walk to a location with WiFi access and look on Google to see whose right. After doing this with so many bets, or so many questions, I am left contemplating, what defines truth? Is Google the most reliable way of knowing what is true? Does searching 5 different sites that Google pops up prove without a doubt that is the answer? When you got a billion people using Google as their indisputable source for information, and a billion people typing information they got from Google as pure fact, does that mean Google controls the information? There are some things we can prove as undeniable fact by doing simple experiments, but other things where the apparatus is well beyond out means, do we just take Google’s word for it?
I hate to bring up 911 again, but I’m simply bringing it up because it is the reason I stopped watching any news media without the stance that its all bullshit or a trick trying to make us think a certain way. 911 is why I stopped watching TV (with the exception a few downloaded shows I download) and why I stopped seeing Wikipedia as a reliable resource (because they still give the ‘official’ story for 911 and the topic is locked). But not just 911, the constant media hysteria that constantly gets the status quo doing exactly what they wanted. For instance H1N1, last year everyone was freaking out, you have to get this shot, people are dying, look how many died from the Spanish flu, this is going to be as bad, if not worst. My sister was pregnant at the time and I urged her NOT to get the shot. After the hysteria died down, they didn’t mention anything about it again. The story that they didn’t report is here. 700% increase in miscarriages, but then again this link is just hearsay that I can’t prove although I have read a lot of comment threads for different youtube videos of women reporting their miscarriages after taking this shot, and how they had 2 other baby’s no problem). The h1n1 hysteria was blown out of proportion for population control and to make a profit of this vaccine that was used in 76′ that was going to expire shortly, and for once I would like to see the MSM, did you have get an H1N1 shot and lose a kid? Sorry about that, try not to cause misinformation induced mass infanticide again. I supposed those are just more links to more words that any douche-bag who has access to the internet and basic knowledge of HTML can publish.
It’s come to this, where there is so much information from so many sources, and even though I no longer find much credibility in the western MSM I do find RT(Russian Television) to show a better picture of the story although they still do say a lot of things I disagree with. “In the age of universal deception, telling the truth is a revolutionary act” they should change this to “In the age where anyone can publish anything, disseminating the truth from bullshit with 100% accuracy is an impossible task”. We have come to the age of uncertainty, and even though it’s filled with a lot of disinformation, misinformation, and my opinion gets changed too frequently for my liking, I supposed it’s better then relying on the corporate controlled media which seems to be controlled by the Zionist interest, or maybe I’ve been led to believe that? Or maybe it is, but The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion(pdf) aren’t credible are they? I hear the ADL saying that it’s not real, but who controls the ADL?
Don’t get me wrong I’m not in promoting the idea of have the internet controlled, I’d rather read 1000 different theory’s and pick the one of the week that I’m feelin at that place and time.
I hear by rename the truther movement to the uncertainty movement, as that seems to be more what it is. But hey at least we can all agree with one thing, the western mainstream media is part of the military industrial complex, such is why you never hear much criticism toward any war, unless it’s by someone who wants to lose their job. Zionists control the MSM, and always put every other group in the crosshair (the goyem) aside from themselves(or maybe I’m just assuming here, and shouldn’t assume, leads to assumptions). And if you’re a Jew with common sense who is against Zionism, they call you a self-hating Jew like Norman Finkelstein, or the Jews who were for a free Palestine in the propaganda film Religulous by Bill Mahar the douche who is clearly a Zionist shill.
I sense I am rambling probably a side effect of having only 1 hour sleep last night, and I didn’t proofread this at first, but now after doing it, I’m glad I did.
End Log
ps. The only reason I did proofread this is because I accidentally left out the link to “The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion”, so when I Googled it for the link (irony), the first thing that pops up is something about this document being anti-Semitic, then under it there’s some names Jew Watch, which sounds anti-Semitic, and would have someone who doesn’t know much about this believe it to be so. Whether or not this document is real or not, it is interesting to see how many relate today when looking at Zionism not Judaism. People focus too much on ethnicity today. A lot of people did that with Obama, and a lot of people continue to believe in the fallacy that Obama is a good president because he made history by being the first black president. Once again I am looking straightly at policy, and two things that should keep me from being labeled
1) “Not every Zionist is a Jew, and not every Jew is a Zionist”, the only quote I’ve heard that wasn’t prewar rhetoric from Joe Biden (vice president)
2)”The first black president bombed an African country” a quote from a rapper known as Lowkey on his song Obama Nation pt.2, his much anticipated album The Soundtrack to the Struggle comes out on Oct. 16, I wasn’t going to put a video on this blog, but these 2 music videos tell seem appropriate

Obama Nations pt.1

Obama Nation Pt.2

End Log

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  1. Fucking Chelios!
    November 23, 2011 at 10:57 pm

    Actually, 36C IS the average bra size. Alas, I went from an exciting 40D to being average. Show us your post-breastfeeding tits! ….no thanks. But when I get a boob job, yeehaw! Or nipple piercings. Piercings will be affordable first. I wish I had something intelligent to comment on one of your intelligent posts, but my opinion is the same as yours on all that I’ve read thus far. God dammit, I’m still kinda talking to you.

    • November 24, 2011 at 11:25 pm

      Ha! now the world knows! or rather the 8 people who come here every two months… but the bottom line is its out there… maybe that will attract more people… not likely… but either way I’m content with my fan base. maybe I’m so high I’m eating taquitos and hot chocolate… just maybe

      Most artists I know, even ones I’m fans of, become ego-maniacal assholes who think their above everyone… they probably are.. but they shouldn’t think it… hate condescending mother fuckers…. y’know what I’m saying?! alright I’m going to stop before hitting full blown verbal diarrhea mode

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