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Canadian Housing Bubble and Military Rising

Don’t mean to alarm anyone, but… THE END IS NIGH! NIGH I SAY! I mean.. Canada is headed for some economic. It’s no longer a question of ‘if?’ but rather a question of ‘when?’ But instead of facing the inevitable housing price correction- the Bank of Canada continues to react to it’s overpriced houses by lowering interest rates only expanding an already huge bubble. The longer this goes on, the harder it’s going to hit- yet many Canadians, at least the people I talk to don’t realize that the good times aren’t going to last forever. When the bubble bursts, or if you prefer to say, when the Canadian housing prices have a ‘correction’- it’s going to be a far greater disaster then when the US housing market crashed in 2008. It seemed as if though Canada was unaffected by that, unlike the US and the EU- but if you look at the graph below you can see that Canada’s housing bubble was on par with the US in 2008 and instead of facing the slump it should’ve faced in 2008 like the US did, it’s continued to blow up the bubble to the point that housing prices have went up 37% since 2009.


Then you see stories like this about foreign companies closing it’s stores in Canada. One can only speculate as to why so many have done this in so short a time. It could be that these international companies see this real estate bubble expanding to such an unprecedented level therefore they want to get out before the coming storm. But it could be something completely different such as Canadian fiscal policies making it difficult for foreign companies or not in their best interest to continue doing business in Canada. Or just that they aren’t doing well in Canada. Just seems like a something that may relate to the coming shitstorm.

In addition to Canada’s over sized housing bubble and this recent trend of companies that have closed up shop in Canada, there’s also Canada’s recent involvement in international affairs. Canada seems to be taking on a more active role in international matters it has no concern in. Like when I first heard Canada was calling for sanctions on Russia it baffled me. Where does Canada get the balls pushing sanctions on the country that has detonated the most powerful nuclear bomb in recorded history? Canada a non-nuclear power, with a modest military pushing sanctions on 1 of the most powerful super powers in the world? I suppose Canada is just doing the bidding of other nations and figures having the US as it’s neighbor and longstanding ally ensures it can get away with this. It’s like a small kid picking on someone bigger then him because they know that their older brother will kick the shit out of anyone that touches them. Anyways after pushing sanctions several times between 2014- present on Russia this sort of thing was bound to happen. To quote a line from the article in the link, “Russia expressed disappointment on Tuesday over new sanctions imposed by Canada over Moscow’s role in the Ukraine crisis and warned that it would respond.” That’s a reassuring sentiment….

Not only is Canada outspoken about pushing Sanctions on nations more powerful then itself, Canada is also flexing it’s military muscle by suddenly deploying troops into Iraq and Syria. After the Parliament shooting(see the 1 minute in the embedded video above) which killed 2 people (ALLEGEDLY)- Canada got the votes needed to send troops to fight ISIL or ISIS or whatever you want to call them. Even though afterwards the alleged shooter turned out to just be insane, and had no ties to any terrorist groups like ISIS the mob has spoken. All you need is a bomb, towers collapsing, or some sort of mad shooter- then the media can generate the hysteria needed to get the people to demand something is done. This is when fascist laws are passed, armies are mobilized into regions of the world that probably had little to no involvement in any alleged attack, and when the patriotic #BOSTONSTRONG or #CANADASTRONG hash tags trend on twitter- while people put out their flags and put new yellow ‘support the troops’ ribbons on their cars. And if this wasn’t enough, today the US just announced that it made a nuclear deal with Iran which seems like a positive move in seeking diplomatic peaceful solutions. Shortly after this announcement Canada goes on record to state that it still Iran as a threat. I still don’t know how Iran got such a bad rep, probably has something to do with Israel always saying they are or something.

So what does Canada’s newly found militaristic approach to international affairs have to do with the coming economic shitbomb? Just a nation of poor people forced to enlist in the military since there are few alternatives for them. Looks like Canada is in the midsts of changing from a peace keeping, beaver farming, hockey loving, plaid wearing group of simple folk to a bunch of bankrupt foreclosed poor people forced to join the military and fight wars for reasons that they’ll probably never fully understand. But this is just a theory of mine..

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