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The Fountain of Youth: Glutathione

September 26, 2012 2 comments

I recently came across the anti-oxidant known as “Glutathione” while I was searching for ways to cure neuropathy and other symptoms of toxicity. Well to refer to this as just any simple anti-oxidant is selling it short. Glutathione is the most important anti-oxidant, as it is literally something that is in every cell in our bodies. Without Glutathione we couldn’t live as it is what detoxifies the body and it is the key to keeping our immune systems optimal. Our modern industrial age is having an impact on our Glutathione levels as our bodies were not built to withstand all the toxicity of our cities, of our cities…
Toxins like: Fluoridated water, barium and aluminum particulates in the air we breathe, food additives, carcinogens from cigarettes, cleaning products, and electro-magnetic waves. We have infectious bacteria that has become resistant to most anti-biotic, fukushima fall out spreading radiation throughout the atmosphere, and all the drugs we are constantly popping. Sleep deprivation and stress also impact our optimal Glutathione levels and this is probably the reason for most, if not all health problems. Also note that older people have lower levels of Glutathione and this is probably why older people are more susceptible to aches&pains, arthritis, and other types of inflammation and infection. So older people should take the right supplements so that the body can produce enough Glutathione for them to reverse the symptoms of aging. I’d recommend taking NAC (N-Acetyl-Cysteine) along with Vitamin C, D, E, B2, and Selenium. These all go together in helping the body create Glutathione. If you take Glutathione orally most of it gets destroyed in your stomach acids so I don’t recommend taking it like this. If you are already experiencing health problems some hospitals offer IV Glutathione and this has shown positive results in treating Parkinsons, neuropathy, cancer, arthritis, infections, fibromyalgia, and any other symptoms of toxicity.

Going to keep this post short today as I have to wake up very early tomorrow, but for more info on Glutathione watch the video above and check out:

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December 21st 2012 Beginning of a Golden Age or a Dark Age?

September 25, 2012 1 comment

As you probably already know, December 21st 2012 marks the end of the 13th b’ak’tun and the end of the Mayan long count calendar as far as we know. The western interpretation of this date is being portrayed as a doomsday scenario as depicted by the movie “2012”. But it would seem that throughout human history, at least in the past 5 or 6 hundred years, we’ve always had some yo-yo warning us of the end times, and that we must repent! They were usually church ministers, using fear to get people giving money to the church- I suppose some things never change. Fear is constantly broadcast on the bullshit propaganda reels you may know as ‘the news’. The news tells you some foods are good for you, and some are bad, then they reverse it the following week. The news tells you about all the latest viruses and bacterial infections, and usually offer a false solution like an ineffective vaccine with a shitload of negative side effects. Then the news goes on to tell you about the Islamic terrorists and all the hypothetical ways they can and have tried to kill you because they’re jealous of our freedom of course. Then they tell you about the economy, where the numbers also go up and down. Then you got your doomsday scenarios. Y2K was the first one in my life time, and now it’s 2012. So it’s understandable if you don’t think anything of apocalyptic proportions is going to go down come December 21st.

The first thing I wondered was how they got the date December 21st, 2012 or rather how did they accurately match up the Mayan calendar with our gregorian calendar to arrive at this date. I found this quote
“Mayan scholars have been attempting to correlate the Long Count with our Western Gregorian
calendar, since the beginning of this century. There has been massive variation in the suggested
correlations, but as early as 1905, Goodman suggested a correlation only 3 days from the most
popular one today. Known as the GMT correlation, or “correlation # 584283″, this was finalized in
1950, and puts the start of the Great Cycle ( day on 11th August 3114 BC, and the end-
date (known as as 21st December 2012.”
This seems credible enough.

So if this date really does mark the end of the Mayan long count, I’m sure it’s to mark something significant. I feel that many ancient civilizations had a lot of knowledge of the true nature of reality- and I believe much of this information has been either lost or intentionally suppressed by the powers that be, and I’m leaning towards the latter. The fact that the pyramids are thousands of years old (no one is 100% sure of when they were built) yet we couldn’t build a megalithic structure as complex as the great pyramids presently. Shit, we’re still debating on why the great pyramids were even built, and once again it seems like the so called ‘experts’ are talking out of their assholes with their explanations of many of the mysteries surrounding the pyramids. Also the ancients seemed to be aware of all the planets in our solar system, and each of the planets properties- and this shit dates back to the Sumerian civilization. The Chinese were using weed as medicine thousands of years ago, the Vedic texts describe UFOs and shrooms, there’s the Baghdad battery, and hieroglyphics that depict pictures of what looks like light bulbs (as shown in the picture above), and air craft (also above). There’s the Dogon tribe in Africa knew that Sirius was a binary star system before this fact had been discovered by modern astronomers, and they claimed to have heard this from the “Gods”. They were also able to describe the properties of Sirius B with later verified facts. A tribe in Africa, was able to describe a star that’s invisible to the naked eye without a telescope before this was discovered by modern academia. Stone henge, Easter Island, and many more. Also these enigmas of the ancient past are all located on lay lines. What I’m getting at is that humanity is not at it’s pinnacle presently, and there is certainly a disconnect between the ancient past and the present. Maybe this is because of the deluge? We may believe that we are currently at our most advanced point technologically, and that we are currently at our most knowledgeable point then any other time in history- but I don’t think this is the case. Instead I see humanity being in a state of progression then devolution- a constant flux of great ages of discoveries, creativity, benevolence and dark ages of chaos and despair. Picture a bunch of connecting parabolas going up and down. It’s just the yin and yang, and it’s connected with the cosmos- as above, so below… That or there were aliens and that explains all these historical anomalies of the ancient past… (coughs)

Back to the December 21st 2012 date, assuming that this is the actual date for the end of the Mayan long count, my take is that this day will either be used as a day for a fake alien invasion (which I doubt) or it will just mark the end of 1 astronomical age, and the beginning of another. Will the next age be better or worse? Beats the hell out of me! Another interesting thing to note is that our solar system will be in the center of the milky way galaxy on Dec 21st, allegedly! Also there is a black hole in the center of our galaxy 3000x the size of our sun, allegedly! I’m saying allegedly because I don’t have the proper apparatus to verify these things I’ve heard from my present remote location, but it seems plausible enough to be true. I personally don’t think the black hole will suck us in and create a cataclysmic event which will kill us all, but as a misanthropist I do welcome that notion. All I’m saying is December 21st will mark a new age of human civilization, for better or for worse, so I don’t expect the world to end- at the same time I don’t discredit the possibility entirely, but that’s just merely because I have an eclectic perspective. The only thing that worries me is the year 2013, seeing that 20+13=33… Maybe next year will mark the beginning of the chaotic fluctuations in civilization as our brave new world emerges from the ashes of the old order. Maybe we are entering into another dark age? Any-who check out the YouTube video I’ve embedded above which talks about the connection between the humans ages of history and the cosmos.
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Prescribing Poisons.. The Dangers of Fluoroquinilones

September 12, 2012 Leave a comment

My grandfather was having some health issues a couple months ago, and during his 2nd visit to the hospital he was given some prescriptions. One of the prescriptions was an anti-biotic called ‘Ciprofloxacin’ or Cipro. The following week he seemed to be getting better, despite having some nausea from the Cipero, but eventually the pain came back. He saw his family doctor who did some more tests and also saw a bunch of specialists who did more tests. Then 2 nights ago he went to the emergency room for excruciating pain. They did the same thing, a bunch of tests, sent him on his way. Then again the next night he went to the emergency again for pain, fever, and this time he was unable to walk, and his legs feel numb. Which brought me back to a website I read when he first started taking the Cipro. I googled ‘Ciprofloxacin’ and flipped through the pages of results, trying to find a source that wasn’t linked by the drug companies, the FDA, or the government- just to get info that wasn’t biased. Finally I found the site Surviving Cipro which I found somewhat alarming at the time mainly because it said the damage caused by fluoroquinilones doesn’t show symptoms until weeks after the drug was taken. That and all the different stories that people posted about this type of anti-biotic. But the fact that this was 1 search result after browsing through like 10 pages on google and the sites from the drug companies said that side effects are very rare I didn’t think my grand father would be effected. Also I read something similar about the H1N1 vaccine after my dad took it but it didn’t end up harming him. I’m afraid that I may be wrong now, and that my grandfather may be permanently damaged by Cipro. After I heard the new symptoms I began searching for more info on fluoroquinilones, and I found a huge community of people online whose lives have been permanently destroyed by such a wide range of debilitating symptoms that never seem to go away. Given the new symptoms my grandfathers been experiencing, I’m afraid he’s going to spend the end of his life suffering because of this drug. I mean he’s lived a full life as he is an 80 year old, but he’s always been in good health for his age- and knowing that he may have been permanently damaged from an anti-biotic that he was prescribed even though he didn’t even have a bacterial infection- bothers me. To say the least, I feel bad for him and angry at the system.

As if I really needed another reason to hate the healthcare system, the FDA, and the government laws for allowing such catastrophic practices to go on. You’d think suppressing the cure for cancer and using a biohazzard chemical to treat it in it’s place would’ve been suffice- but no, they have to be profiting off the suffering off another group ofunsuspecting people who are completely oblivious to the risks of these anti-biotics. By the way the 3 main fluorquinilones prescribed today are Ciprofloxacin (Cipro), Levofloxacin (Levaquin), and Moxifloxacin (Avelox). If prescribed any of these I suggest you research them thoroughly because some of the devastating effects of these medications is unfathomable. Another thing I found in my online research last night, was that Cipro is the main ingredient in the anthrax vaccine, a vaccine which I have known to be suspected for causing what is known as the Gulf War Syndrome, because it was mandatory for the troops to take the anthrax vaccine during the first Gulf war. Probably to test it’s effects, as the soldiers seem to be great for testing anything on since their so complacent.

The thing that really bothers me about this is the fact that they knew how dangerous this drug is, yet it’s still on the market place. Not to mention how the truth about this drug is buried by drug company websites, government websites, and FDA websites when you google it. This seems like a way of using something for population control that will maximize profits with the side effects caused by the drug requiring more health care for the patient. It’s the exact same thing as chemotherapy- it’s very expensive, has many side effects which require more drugs to be treated with, making it the most profitable. Then there’s all these vaccines, chemtrails, cellphone radiation, aspartame, fluoridated water, GMOs, oil spills, fukushima fallout and inflating food prices. It’s either these things are all just accidents and were never intended to harm us, or that population control is being done insidiously. I’m leaning towards the latter. It’s just the fact that they’re doing it in a way where extra profit is made from people’s suffering that really makes me grasp how sinister the powers that be truly are. This kind of practice makes tyhe Nazis use of zyclone B seem like a humanitarian form of genocide, if such thing is possible.
If you’re prescribed anything, I mean ANYTHING- be sure to research it thoroughly online before taking it because it’s become evident that we can’t trust any healthcare professionals to not be giving us poisons in these days where prescribing poisons to maximize profit is common practice.

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11 years after 9/11

September 11, 2012 Leave a comment

It’s been 11 years since the the biggest weapon of mass deception was set off in New York. The terrorist attack which killed 3000 in the US, and had such an immense aftershock as it sparked the war on terror. As a result of the attacks in 911- thousands of more US troops have been killed in the Middle East, and millions of Afghan and Iraqi civilians have been killed and millions more have lost their homes and have become refugees- although nobody seems to care about the innocent Arabs effected as a result of the aftermath of 911. I had initially planned to write a blog with thorough amounts of information listing all the anomalies of the official story – and even though I had got to about 1500 words into it I decided not to post it. My reasoning is that it’s been done already through countless documentaries (30 listed on that link) and also because I doubt repeating information that I believe to be true is going to have much of an effect on convincing the people who can’t accept that 911 is a lie. You can give people as much proof as humanly possible- but if their not ready to accept it, they won’t- regardless of how meticulously you prepared it so I no longer care. People are entitled to their own beliefs- it just bothers me because the aftermath of 9/11 is still playing out in the form of wars and draconian legislation.

If the undeclared wars weren’t still happening today, 911 wouldn’t bother me AS much. I mean it would still bother me, but not to the point where I feel inclined to write a blog about it- or that I feel inclined to try to convince others. I just feel that that the war on terror can’t be stopped until this truth comes to light and the fact of the matter is, is the US hasn’t shown any signs that it’s planning to bring the troops home any time soon. They’re still using this false-flag attack, along with the other false flag attacks like 7/7, the shoe bomber, and the underwear bomber to start a war anywhere while getting the Americans to practically get anal probed every time they get on an airplane. To start a war all they need is a month or 2 to create the boogey man image with the media reporting bullshit stories as absolute fact. Gaddafi is a good example of this. After they implant the belief that Gaddafi is an evil dictator who kills his own citizens- and the public widely accepts it, they can have the first black president who won a Nobel peace prize to bomb an African country, and people will still think he’s amazing because… well that part stumps me and always has- but then again I don’t get why people find any celebrities amazing and that’s what US politics has become. One big celebrity entertainment show- where the real issues never get covered but look! It’s Clint Eastwood! and there’s Chuck Norris! Also interesting to note how the foreign occupations are not a topic of debate in this election. At least that’s what I heard on the daily show as I haven’t been paying attention to this election as I truly don’t think this election or any election can or will make a difference. The president is given his agenda, that’s why any time a new leader comes into power who was critical of the previous administration and outspoken about his criticisms while campaigning, never gets rid of any of these policies. It’s like you’ll hear an ad saying: “President Douchebag passed the suck my balls act, which cost the American people billions. Do you really want to re-elect a douchebag? Vote president turdstain! *paid for by the Turdstain party*” but when President Turdstain does end up winning, not only does he not reverse the such my balls act, but he passes the take it in the ass act on New Years eve while everyones too drunk to realize their taking it up the ass.

This is why our democratic system which is run by corporations so by definition I should say this is why our modern fascist system is so effective for screwing people over, while making sure no one is held accountable and with a fake election every 4 years people will not revolt. Instead they’ll get in meaningless political debates with others, supporting one party while criticizing the other. Back to the lack of accountability of our current political paradigm- I remember after Obama got elected the people were talking about Cheney and Bush being put to justice, and Obama’s response to that was- that we have to move forward. Shit having a king in power would’ve been so much better since at least you know whose really in charge. Well sort of, apparently the Rothschilds were in control of the monetary system during the 18th and 19th centuries and probably had more power then the Monarchies of that era but I believe I’m getting off topic.

Back to 9/11, rather then listing every conspiracy theory I’ve heard about regarding 9/11, I’m going to just mention the most ridiculous yet widely accepted 911 conspiracy theory. So it goes like this. A dude in a cave named Osama Bin Laden, some how organized an attack on America and effectively implemented it! Looking back at 9/11, we can all agree it must’ve taken years and years if not decades of planning to successfully pull such an attack off. Lets say 5 years, that seem like a fair amount of planning for such an attack. So Osama Bin Laden who was once known as Tim Osman, and was a CIA asset (just like Harry Lee Oswald) during the wars in Kosovo and back to when the US funded the Mujaheddin (now known as Al Qaeda) to fight the Soviets…along with his organized terrorist group Al Qaeda planned rigorously for over 5 years to pull off an attack on America, and here’s the best part, his motive was that he was jealous of America’s freedom! Can you believe what some conspiracy nuts believe now a days? Like Bin Laden must’ve known attacking the nation with the most powerful military in the world, would mean reprisal. 5 years of planning over jealousy and hatred even though knowing it would be your death wish? I wonder how he managed to get explosives in the buildings and if he thought it was really worth it afterward? 5 years of planning only to get killed 10 years later (allegedly)? All I’m saying is instead of accepting the idea that Bin Laden and a global terrorist group with no real motive aside from the fact that they hate America- people should ask themselves who made profitted from 9/11. I will leave you with an embedded video clip of the late Patrice Oneal talking on the Opie and Anthony radio show about conspiracy theories- check it out very insightful and funny.

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