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Fake Reality

Fictional dictions, contracting, convictin, putting me in prison

after trickin me in to giving up my jurisdiction by stating my name without adding a condition

the insidious legal system making  you oblivious to why your names all capitalized on all your identification

because in common law there’s no crime without a victim,  and we’re all equal under God so they made a legal fiction.

The person is  a corporation- in a system that’s all fake, still we just bend over and take it without saying wait,

without contemplatin the way money circulates,

fiat currency is a number on a computer screen

private bankers have high jacked the earth with their ambiguous usury- nothings what it seems

political party’s and elections are there to perpetuate the lie that you are free

political theater is what they show with the private bankers writing the script

they create the booms and depressions and start wars from bullshit rhetoric

using depleted uranium leading to child deformities-we need to stop it

but the mainstream media machine made you believe that the real threats islamic

Listening to my dad who sees Iran and Palestine as threats to democracy

The propaganda machine brainwashing subliminally with the television screens

The news creates hysteria and offers a the solution

and we all go for it without seeing past the illusion

This world is fake, the money, the laws, even the fuckin people

I hope I live to see a day when I find something or someone that is real

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…And justice for all?

Meant to write this post the day I went to court, because then I had a fresh sense of what passes for justice In this de facto nation giant corporation called CANADA.
Nothing happened to me personally at court, my matter was just put down to a future date. It was just when sitting in that court room and seeing other people getting called up, standing before a judge who the lawyers and paralegals refer to as your WORSHIP, can’t help but how these courts are deceptive, ambiguis, and that it’s all based on money, not truth.
The fact that you need a lawyer to stand a chance in having your charges dropped, unless you’ve done years of research into law and are familiar with the tricky words.
The language they use in court is not normal english, it’s legalese and if you look up a word in a law dictionary you’ll see that it’s very different. Then if you read some of the acts, you’ll see that some times they are written beginning with any person, and other times they start anyone. This is not by accident. This is how they differentiate between the natural human and the artificial person, the strawman the courts have jurisdiction over after you state your name.
In a common law jurisdiction, we are supposed to all be equal under God. Therefore why is there a judge deciding my sentence, or a cop charging me with a victimless law? They act on your strawman, the legal fiction that was created at your birth and is represented with your name in all capitals.
Personally I want to dissociate from this legal fiction, and become a sovereign like so many others have. Currently I have just been going with the flow, because it’s easier, and because there isn’t a guide on how to do this. I know I have to make a claim of right, get it notarized, and serve it to all the applicable parties. Still even with this, I am uncertain as to whether all my charges are no longer applicable to me if I do this.
I’m just sick, of sitting in court, watching these lawyers, prosecutors, and judges speaking in their magic legalese lingo which most people don’t understand. I’m sick of cops harassing me, a peaceful, respectful, human being, while my government helps in the bombing of Libya- their blood for oil routine.
I find it insane that I may end up in jail for drugs, when harper mobilizes an army which leafs to inevitable collateral damage killing a countries infrastructure and poor population, all for the military industrial complex, the machine that Eisenhower warned us about in his last speech.
The hypocrisy in the world blows me away. Weed hasn’t killed anyone in 6000 years and has proven to be a cure for cancer and many other diseases and conditions, and has many other industrial applications, like oil, but it’s illegal. Cigarettes kill and estimated 40000 in Canada every year, and it’s legal. Psilocybin mushrooms are amazing with regards to feeling good, expanding ones conciousness, making you laugh, and giving you a different perspective, it’s illegal. Alcohol which leads to violence, loud obnoxiousness, dead brain cells, and kills 10000 a year in Canada, is legal.
This hypocrisy is also prevalent in political rhetoric. I don’t want to hear anybody say anything about iran getting nukes. First of all if they were, could you blame them? After seeing the devastation of Iraq, Afghanistan, Palestine and now Libya and soon Syria and lebannon.. I’d wanna have a a few nukes to depend myself from the 4th reich. The hypocrisy is that Israel already has at least 200 nukes, hasn’t signed the nonproliferation treaty and is committing acts of genocide on Palestine yet nobody mentions it.
The only thing any politician in Canada or US, left or right, they say the same bullshit statement Israel has the right to defend itself. Where does bulldozing palestinian homes to make way for more Israeli settlements, or bombing schools, using white phosphorus on women and children, and blockading any necessities from coming into fads while sabotaging their means of getting clean water have to do with self defense. These are acts of systematic genocide of a people whose was taken because of the insane zionists can fulfil a prophecy, while they use the book of revelations as a blue print, and the Talmud as justification for their atrocities.
There’s no justice in this world, not yet.. But I am hopeful that the tides will turn and that we are emancipated from our spiritual prisons and that we find peace and Gaza is freed.
Kind got off the main topic of this blog there, but I had to say what the zionist controlled media won’t.
End log

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Apocalyptic Entropy

Been 15 days since I wrote my first blog.  In all honesty I had planned to write something before, but my mind has/is in a chaotic state.  Although the shock of losing the job I had for over 6 years has faded, the disbelief remains.  Then theres the thought of going to jail, oh ya and my dad threatening to kick me out.  Lets just say my balls are shattered… or something like that.  But enough about me, thats not why I made this blog.  Just trying to give you (if anyone even reads this) some background as to why I’ve been slacking, and trust me I didn’t even scratch the surface.  Any who time for the real part of the blog

It appears to me that every aspect of human life is breaking down, and I have a gut feeling that another false flag (like 911, gulf of tomken, the reichstagg burning, the kuwait invasion, pearl harbour, the protests in libya, the sinking of the lusitania, if you’re not aware of these events in history are staged or made up to act as a catlayst to start genocidal wars do some googlin, if you refuse to believe it, stop reading now and go watch the news and keep living the lie because it’s so much easier and less paradigm shattering).  I think this next hypothetical false flag is going to use some of Teslas genious to manipulate our environment and create what appears to be a devastating act of  God.  Y’know like the quakes in Haiti, Chile, and Japan.  Nothing like plausible deniability and bullshit on carbon dioxide being resposible for the nonexistant warming of our planet to sum up a catastrophe which will be said happened because of global warming.

Let me start again.   If you don’t already know, weather modification has been used for decades by the US military, and there’s a report on the internet called owning the weather by 2025 I can’t verify the links authenticity, but I can verify that we are being sprayed by heavy metal particulates and a lot of other shit I would feel better not knowing about.  I started noticing chemtrails as a kid but didn’t understand why sometimes the planes smoke would dissipate, and other times it wouldn’t.  Eventually I came across the truth about chemtrails on the internet, and I have tried to bring the information to some friends, but everyones a skeptic before doing even the slightest bit of research on the formation of clouds, the reason for contrails (condensation), and information on what of the most diabolical weapons of this day and age called HAARP (high frequency active auroral research project), which is located in Alaska and has many military applications such as, effecting the human mind, manipulating the weather, intercepting missiles, and even creating holographic projections in the sky with charged plasma in the atmosphere created via regular chemtrail spraying.  So if you’re one of those people who refuse to believe that humanity can tame the beast that is weather, because that job is reserved for God and God alone, once again maybe you should leave this blog and find a blog of a brainwashed zombie who might be saying shit that’s relevant to your dumbed down mindset.  Or if your dumbed down to the point where reading is hard, just flip on the tv and let that cathode ray do its magic (if tvs still even have cathode rays, and if your to dumbed down to read you probably wouldn’t make it this far reading anyways).

I appear to be losing focus.  Long story short is since Bin Ladens death was announced (8 years after he died) I felt a false flag attack being imminent.  Not 100% when or by what means, but if there’s a massive environmental disaster or another terrorist attack within the next few months don’t be surprised, and sure as hell don’t believe the official story the media gives you without doing a little bit of independant research.  It often amazes me to see how many people think Bin Laden was resposible for 911 without any proof to support this.  Very similar to Harry Lee Oswald, and like Harry Lee Oswald, Bin Laden was killed before being tried in a court of law.  Well doesn’t that wrap everything in a neat little package.

If the false flag is one of those environmental/ weather false flags (Ie BP oil spill, and Japan) then be sure to expect the Fema camps to finally become active, to quarantine huge populations who have been exposed to nuclear radiation (yes here in North America).  If the false flag is another terror attack (i for see a small nuclear bomb going off in a big US city like Chicago) expect the early stages of World War 3 to enter phase 2 (war with Iran) which will inevitably lead to the clash of the titans (super powers China, Russia, US).  When this is all said and done, and if you manage to survive the mass destruction of the old world may I say you have a horseshoe up your ass, and welcome to the new world order, please line up to get your microchip or line up to go work in the fema camps.

Once again I’m rambling, i really shouldn’t of drinkin so much expresso earlier.  OK heres a sum up.. false flag coming, either terror or environmental, don’t say i didn’t warn you, don’t believe the official story, and if you have trouble believing any of the nonconventional information I have wrote on this blog, let’s just say your a waste of sperm, your mom should’ve swallowed you, and the sad thing is the majority isn’t going to believe the info on this blog- in conclusion the stas quo is a waste of sperm, but it’s not your fault.  You’ve been programmed by TV, indoctrinated by school, numbed of any real feeling by big pharma, dumbed down by food additives, water fluoridation, and vaccinations, and made not to think outside the box via the controlled substance act prohibiting the use of psychedelic entheogens, or even the most benevolent useful  plant on the face of this planet, cannabis.  So although your a waste of sperm, you were made to be a waste of sperm through psychological, subliminal, chemical, bombardment effecting your natural biology, and suppressing your divine nature.  I, and so many others on the internet have managed to “wake up” or at the very least realize that the truth is stranger then fiction, because we are anomalies.  I’m a glitch in the matrix and my explanation for as to why I am, I’d have to say because I was always truant in high school due to the bullshit curriculum and the stripping of my individuality and dignity, that took place whenever i did goto class, via uniform, and teachers wanting to set an example with me.

didn’y edit this because its almost 4am but i will tomorro.. maybe

end log

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