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Is Reality a Computer Simulation?

Life is a strange experience, that too few of us ever really stop to examine. We all just take it in stride since there doesn’t seem to be any way to go about proving its meaning, or what happens after death- so we just go about our days, working for the means to afford a dwelling and food- and hopefully an early retirement.

Here we are on this spherical world, that’s orbiting around a spherical fire, which is orbiting around a collection of trillions of these spherical fires or stars- some bigger some smaller, and this massive collection of stars that orbit within this spiral of stars we call a galaxy- and our galaxy, the milky way, is but 1 of at least hundreds if not thousands of these galaxies. If that’s not enough to boggle the mind as it is, when we look into the microcosm we see that there’s another entirely layered universe on various smaller scales. From the cells which make up our biology and the vast amount of information that is in each one of our cells known as DNA. This DNA exists in the nuclei of all our cells and has enough information to fill up a filing cabinet. Then there’s our trillions of neurons which have hundreds of billions of connections to one another which communicate to each other using neurotransmitters- almost another universe in and of itself. Then there’s the atoms that make up all of matter in the universe- including our biological makeup. In addition to this the majority of light waves are in a frequency outside out visibility, and the same goes with sound. And if this wasn’t enough to overwhelm a person, physicists used a powerful microscope to see what the inside of an atom was made of and what it showed them is that the atom is completely empty inside, and its nucleus can be in more then 1 place at once. Then there’s this macroscopic anomaly: in one of the furthest pictures of galaxies taken by the Hubble telescope we see a strange pixelated object that we can’t seem to get capture a clear image of.

Then when you consider if our planet were any closer or further to the sun, or if our moon was any further and closer to the earth, and if it didn’t have just the right amount of oxygen, and if it didn’t have just the right magnetic field and gravitational field that life would not exist on Earth. Everything is in such perfect precision and even a subtle difference in this setup and there’d be no existence. Then there’s the enigma of our intelligence and our place on the Earth or in the Universe as humans. I mean we’re the only species that has a self-aware consciousness, that knows that death is in the future, and that speaks language- and can use various symbols (alphabets) to represent this language on paper so as to record information and build on it. We’ve used our intelligence to unlock mathematical equations like the Fibonacci sequence and Mandelbrot fractal equation which prove that there is an underlying mathematical code behind the reality which surrounds us.. and all our religions tell us about this ubiquitous entity called God, that can see everyone and everything – and is beyond our limitations of time and space, and such an idea seems preposterous unless…

The physical world around us doesn’t really exist, well at least not as we perceive it to be. What I mean is, everything you perceive through your 5 senses is read by our brains as electric signals and our brains interpret these signals to create this experience of reality as we know it- but this is not truly the physical reality which surrounds us, but really this construct of reality we experience exists only in our brains. Kinda like when you’re dreaming and in that dream you’re able to have a conversation, taste foods, smell odors, see things, hear sounds, feel texture, have sex, get high on drugs somehow- all of these things can happen in a dream while you’re lying in bed with your eyes closed yet all these things feel very real because the brain shapes reality. Now how do we know that in waking life, if the experiences we experience are any more real then the dreaming experiences? If you goto sleep, and a bunch of doctors manage to slice open your skull and take your brain without you waking up or dying, and they connect this brain to a virtual simulation on a computer that is 100% identical to the life you were just living, theoretically you would continue living your life completely oblivious that you’re only a brain in a tub of water connected to a computer. That is if the simulation was good enough. Given this idea, suddenly reality comes into question.

Perhaps reality is actually an extremely advanced simulation, and the ubiquitous omnipotent God they said existed is really just a programmer behind this simulation. Suddenly an all knowing and ubiquitous God seems a little more plausible if this is the case, seeing as a computer simulation can easily make record of everything everyone is doing. Maybe people who levitate or people who can bend spoons with their minds are for real- I mean it’s just like the kid in The Matrix said, the truth is, there is no spoon. Maybe conjuring deities and demons, is just a way of communicating to the world outside this simulation? Or maybe the demons are also part of the simulation- kinda like game genie. Suddenly the limits to reality seem less constrained if this is the case, because knowing that its like a computer is the first step to knowing that there’s a source code behind this veil, and that becoming connected to this source code by practicing meditation for instance, suddenly reality can be unlocked and ones imagination can create the infinite.

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