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Enslavement From The Use of Usury

The debt-perpetuating monetary system that is currently in place in pretty much every nation, is one of the biggest issues effecting humanity. The fact that pretty much every country on the planet has a central banking system based on usury- that is in simple terms the money in circulation is lent on interest to governments which leaves them in debt seeing as it is only possible to pay the principal of the loan as thats the only money that exists. It’s basically how they (the private bankers) grab governments by the balls with un-payable debt which in turn forces the governments to grab the people by the balls or come up with stupid measures to solve economic slow downs which never solve the root of the proiblem.
In the old testament it says in Leviticus: “Thou shalt not lend upon usury to thy brother.” Deuteronomy “Thou shalt take no usury of thy brother”. But it also goes on to say “Unto a stranger thou mayest lend upon usury ; but unto thy brother thou shalt not lend upon usury.” So basically if it’s ok if it’s not your brother? Here’s a quote taken from the book “The History of Usury”
-“And then we have an inconsistency not easily reconciled, or the assurance that the Mosaical prohibition was not a purely moral precept of universal obligation upon mankind.”
So it is widely accepted that this practice was originally a Jewish invention. In the New Testament, the only story where Jesus get’s pissed off is the store about the “money changers” in the temple.
Islam is strictly against all forms of usury– and this could be part of the reason that they were made to take the blame for 9/11 which looks like it was carried out by Mossad agents. Start a war on Islam as they have very rigid laws against this.
The Magna Carta 1215 says, “*(10) If anyone borrows a sum of money from Jews and dies before the debt has been been repaid, his heir shall pay no interest on the debt for so long as he remains under age,….” So they were well aware of the crime of usury in 1215 and that the Jews were notorious for it. Maybe this is why the Jews were expelled from so many countries. I doubt anti-antisemitism could’ve been the reason for a race of people being expelled from over 100 countries throughout such a long time in history. Still one must realize that not every Jew is involved in this kind of monetary manipulation and to blame an entire race or ethnicity for anything is stupid. These dark shadowey puppet matters have infiltrated every group, major religion, and the major parties in most countries and pointing your finger at one group is falling right into their game of divide and conquer.
Ever wonder what Gaddafi, Lincoln, and JFK have in common? Well aside from them all being political leaders, they each took steps into freeing their nation by printing their own interest free money- and they each paid the ultimate price. Yep Lincoln and JFK were killed for trying to free the US from the monetary system based on usury- not for abolishing slavery or the civil rights movement, and no Lincloln didn’t slay vampires. Gaddafi contrary to popular belief died for printing his own interest free currency- and just thinking about how they showed Gaddafi dead on the news is almost like they’re sending a message to anyone else who tries to pull that shit. Don’t fuck with the bankers- or you see this video of Gaddafi- this will be you. Other US presidents were also killed for going against the banks- and this would explain why there hasn’t been a politician to speak out about this huge problem whenever there’s a debate about the economy- except for maybe Ron Paul, but doesn’t look like he’s going to even get to speak at the Republican convention despite his pervasive popularity all over.
Every major country is indebted to these Rothschild central banks, this is why the governments continue making new taxes or increasing taxes. This is why we have to do our taxes every year, and why the government deducts from your pay checks (if you don’t get paid under the counter or sell drugs that is). Yet still the debt is never paid off and governments usually turn to covert ways of stealing from the populous by doing a bail out, which just creates inflation and instead of you having less in your account, everything just costs more. That or they do it overtly via austerity measures. In addition to the world being in debt, there are so many people with credit card debts that have them working a job to pay off a debt that keeps growing from the interest rates. Then there’s graduates who can’t find a career and have huge student loans that keeps growing. This is why so many people in countries all over have taken to the streets- and though I sympathize with their frustration I really can’t remember the last protest that actually made a difference- aside from getting people arrested, beaten, pepper sprayed, shot with rubber bullets, and depicted as anarchists by the media outlets but I doubt this was the difference being sought. The worst thing about this is it’s all based on fiction. Money isn’t real yet it has become something that people value over anything else. Materialism has created a bunch of cunts willing to capitalize over their fellow man in order to get that new car, video game, or watch. This never ending debt keeps most people working jobs they hate til they’re bitter 65 year olds wondering where the time went, not to mention where their social security money and pension went.
In order to solve this problem we need to come together as a people and demand that countries start printing their own money, while bringing all debts to zero like Iceland did. Also we need to act in non-compliance towards any occupation that perpetuates this system, like riot cops or loan collectors. But so much more needs to be change like the drug war, and the corporate structure. This planet can house and feed every one on the planet and it’s no mistake that it doesn’t. But I honestly don’t have the solutions to the mufti-faceted problems effecting humanity and I don’t see any thing being done by the population to turn the tides because if you control the media, the education system, and you have a system which chemically dumbs down it’s people you can easily get the people fighting one another instead of realizing that they are all in the same boat- the majority of the population being manipulated by the upper 1% and all their methods of deception from propaganda mainly. So in turn we’re looking at an unavoidable chaos and an unavoidable World War 3 which will make WW1&2 seem like minor historic events- and at this point I welcome it.

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The Hollow Earth

I first read about the idea of our planet being hollow in one of David Icke’s books “The Biggest Secret.. The Book that Will Change the World”, and it did because now every one thinks hes a little crazy for thinking that the world leaders are shape-shifting reptilians. Personally I would think the notion of the world leaders being shape-shifting reptilians to be ridiculous but, with how they can start genocidal wars, lie to the public to say its for our security, keep the planet enslaved, and keep the worlds minds enslaved with mass-hypnosis from a cathode-ray in a tube- maybe Icke’s on to something. I did like this book as at the end of each chapter he sites his sources, and any time I was skeptical (which happened frequently as I was still new to a lot of this info at the time) I’d check his sources and every time his info usually checked out. Shit like HAARP, the Presidents of the US all being related implying that monarchy rule is still around under the guise of a democratic process, all the secret societies, the rfid chip being the mark of the beast, and finally what this blog is about the hollow earth.

I was watching some videos on this more recently, and it renewed by interest in the theoretical civilization which is called “Agartha”- the land that’s never cold, inhabited by a race of giant supermen who live to be a thousand because they are not exposed to the elements of our atmosphere and what not. Just thinking about a land where its never night because there’s an inner sun, and it never rains because the earths crust is your shelter, and where different people and animals inhabit- sounds like a good place to migrate to. “Journey to the Center of the Earth” is a fictional story based on this. Not to mention Lord of the Rings taking place “middle-earth”. And don’t even get me started on the locusts in “Gears of War”. Then there are these <a href=""bible quotes about hell, suggesting that hell is really in the inner earth. Even though I don’t believe everything in the bible or any other scriptures to be true, I still see these as historic documents which have some truths once you skip past all the mistranslations and also look into the books not included in the bible. Also I look at any different religious scriptures as they are ancient texts that may hold some clues to our origins and the past. Still I would never conform to a single segregation as it’s limiting to finding the most accurate truth in my opinion. Apparently according to this idea, there are many openings throughout the Earth, like depicted in the picture below.

Admiral Byrd had many expeditions to the inner Earth after he first discovered it in 1927. The thing that is really weird, in 1947 Admiral Byrd had the backing of the US military on an expedition to the inner Earth. This was called Operation High jump and even though he had 4700 troops with him (I guess this is nothing considering the 18000 at the Olympics right now) the operation ended early early. Some say the Nazis were secretly hiding there, and that Hitler didn’t die after WW2. It is a widely accepted fact that a lot of Nazis fled Germany and went to Antarctica and Argentina so who knows. Just seems like a lot of troops to bring on an expedition, and for the expedition to end prematurely with some casualties is suspicious.

You may think all of this is ridiculous because everybody knows the Earth’s interior is a mantle of hot lava with a hot core. But have you seen it yourself? Or are you just going with what they taught you in school? Sure we do have Volcanoes, but that still doesn’t prove that the entire interior of our Earth is completely filled with magma and lava. It is a fact that the Nazis did go on expeditions throughout the world searching for proof of their Aryan lineage. It is also a fact that the Nazis went to Tibet where one of these openings to the hollow Earth is allegedly located. It is a fact the Nazis had UFO technology and that many high ranking Nazis like Himmler were occultists. All these things about the Nazis just makes them seem so much more mysterious, like The Thule society, the symbols the Nazis used, their rapid advancement in technology before and during WW2 things like rocket technology, UFO technology, their superior jets and subs- not to mention their use of propaganda. The Nazis definitely had some technology far beyond anything used conventionally prior to WW2- probably why the US had so many Nazi scientists transferred to positions within the US governments with what is known as Operation Paper-clip. Maybe the Nazis are still active in the inner Earth right now, waiting for the perfect time to strike! Dun dun dun! Or maybe their not….whose to say? But in conclusion- I have to work tomorrow!

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Mind Control Assassins

Added July 21 2012
OK-it went from mere speculation that James Holmes was a programmed assassin to most likely being the case. Looked into some additional information last night and found out how the UN was going to be voting on a gun ban vote in less then a week prior to this incident. Now the US can sign this bill basically taking away the 2nd amendment without as much criticism- and with a lot of supporters. I’m not a big gun person personally- but I do know that this is one of the things that needs to be done for the new world order to be implemented. On 7/27 the US is going to sign this gun ban bill.

This article seems to have more then enough evidence showing that this was just another false flag- problem-reaction-solution event which seems to be the case now a days any time shit happens that gets over-covered by the media.

From July 20 2012
In light of the shootings that just took place in Colorado last night- I feel compelled to write about mind controlled assassins, as I know this possibility will be overlooked as the media and the people reflect about the attack that just happened. Another thing I have to mention is how many people see this as such a tragedy- but there are many other worse examples of mass killings– like any time a predator drone attack kills the same amount of people in Pakistan it hardly gets mentioned. Are American lives more valuable then Pakistanian lives? Or is it the sheer idea that such a scenario could’ve happened to you or someone you know that makes this easier for westerners to sympathize? Probably the latter. There’s also all the shootings that go on in the streets from gang violence which happen on a daily basis- and contrary to what you believe even innocent people get killed during these shootings. I guess when this sort of thing happens outside of a war- whether its a domestic gang war or a foreign war people start freaking out.

I’m just dreading the coming blame game and the “what to do” initiative that will be pushed by the media. Whose fault is it- Gun control, video games, tv, movies, heavy metal, rap, the schools, the times? seems like any time this shit happens the media needs to engage the public with a debate on what to do and who do we blame…
What if, just hear me out here- what if hypothetically this attack was made possible via hypnotizing someone and programming them into doing something like shooting up a movie theater after a certain trigger? Not saying that this is for sure the case but such a thing is possible. Just saying I find it odd that the suspect had tear gas and riot gear, not to mention how close this theater was to a police station, and his attack was exactly 13 years and 3 months after the Columbine shooting and only 15 miles away- don’t know if 13 years and 3 months is significant numerology or what not. The suspect had a clean criminal record and there’s no clear motive. Also the fact that the news went out of their way to confirm that “he’s not a terrorist” even though given these actions he clearly is. Just thinking they probably said this to make the killer seem like your average run-of-the-mill citizen so they can justify taking away the average Americans guns/rights or having more security in public areas like theaters.

I’m leaning towards this being a programmed killer being used to once again try to take away the 2nd amendment in the US. I’m personally not a big gun person, I choose the pen instead of the sword- or rather the keyboard. If i hit someone hard enough in the temple with this keyboard, they’ll be knocked out…but I think the people should be allowed to have guns because a country where the police have all the guns and the people have no way to defend themselves can get tyrannical…
I guess we’ll have to see how this plays out, if you skip to 3:30 in the video embedded below Michael Tsarion mentions additional information about mind controlled killers.

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Our Sun in a Binary Star System? the Annunaki, and The Moon our Artifical Satellite…

The problem with science is that any time any new idea is presented to the scientific community it is always dismissed as ridiculous until for such centuries before it becomes accepted as truth. This was first because of the Catholic church deliberately suppressing knowledge that may cause people to start questioning the Church’s “divine rule”- but they did this under the guise of the crime “heresy”. Ptolemy wrote about the Earth being the center of the Universe until Copernicus first suggested that the Earth revolves around the sun. Gallileo was sentenced to house arrest for the remainder of his life by the church for supporting Copernicus’ theory. So the Earth was first flat, then we said it was round and that the Sun and stars revolved around it, then we said the Earth revolved around the Sun… When each new paradigm was first mentioned it was seen as ridiculous but eventually it became absolute truth after the evidence piled up, so what if our solar system was actually part of a binary star system? Apparently most stars in the universe are either binary or triple star systems, so its not a completely ridiculous idea- it just may not be apparent from our perspective and the current position of the other star in our theoretical binary star system.

“All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.”
– Arthur Schopenhauer

There is a phenomenon known as the precession of the equinox. This happens every 26,000 years and the ancients were well aware of this as they were about many other astronomical details that we just found out in recent history. The effect of Precession moves the Earths axis and poles- giving us a new north star, as well as a new equator and this moves us into the next age. We are currently some where in between the age of Pisces and the age of Aquarius. Apparently the antarctic was located somewhere in the equator in the past, which explains how (well at least how they made the map of land covered in ice) there was an ancient map of it discovered with perfect accuracy of the land under it’s current sheet of ice. So this astronomical event happens every 26,000 years and is believed to be caused by the earths orbit being on a wobble, kinda like a top before it completely stops spinning. But maybe it is cause by our sun being in a binary star system, and every time our 2 suns pass the center of their gravitational pull it causes precession.

If you didn’t watch the video above I recommend that you do- it’s less then 8 minutes. Maybe this other hypothetical star is “the planet of the crossing” aka “Niburu” the planet/dwarf that Zechariah Sitchin’s translations of the ancient Sumerian texts described in great detail being in a long elliptical orbit with our sun? These Sumerian stones also say that an advanced race known as the Annunaki came from this planet, Niburu and created humans with their DNA as a slave race to mine gold. These Sumerian texts describe how the Earth was formed, and how this advanced race made us using genetic manipulation. There are many parallels to this story and the book of Genesis: God(or the Gods/Annunaki) who lives in heaven (or the heavens/stars) created humans in his image(annunaki created us with their DNA). This would explain why we have “junk DNA” and why we can only use 10% of our brain- as we were made with limitations so that we wouldn’t be able to surpass the supremacy of the Annunaki. Also funny how the word Genesis has the word Gene in it, as in genetic modification. I suggest you check out the movie Prometheus as it depicts this same idea, and also some interesting transhumanism themes.

Above picture is Iapetus, Saturn’s 3rd largest moon. Looks like the death star in Star Wars..

The Annunaki passed on modern civilization to us, and I theorize that they placed our moon around the Earth since our moon is another astronomical anomaly. I theorize the moon to be an artificial satellite put there by them to make our planet liveable so that they could come here and get their gold and move out. A few things about the moon that support my theory, is it’s size being way to big for our planet, the fact that the moon has a cycle of going from new moon to full moon- maybe something the Annunaki did intentionally so they have an idea of the time/date while on Earth. Then there’s the distance factor- if our moon was any closer we wouldn’t have tides, any further and the oceans would be to high- so our moon is at just the right distance for life to exist on this planet at all. Also the fact that when there’s an eclipse the moon fits perfectly with the sun which is either a astronomical coincidence (pun intended) or intentional. I believe there are many possible artificial moons in our solar system, hence why I posted the picture of Iapetus above.

So if the Annunaki really do exist then where are the Annunaki today then? Maybe in the hollow earth? Maybe back on Niburu? Maybe in the interior of the moon watching us from a safe distance, waiting for us to get all the gold off this planet so that they can move on? Maybe they all died thousands of years ago? If Niburu is real, when is it going to come back? Maybe December 21st 2012? Maybe thousands of years from now? Whose to say? All I know is this year the sun has been very active with frequent solar flares, storms, and a lot of sunspot activity- could this be because Niburu is getting closer to us which is effecting the Suns activity? If you’re interested in Niburu and the Sumerian texts check out any books by Zecharia Sitchin- and if you refuse to believe any of this- that’s great! I encourage everyone to have their own beliefs on any topics and I’m not trying to force my beliefs on anyone- I just wrote this blog to open people’s minds to some of the alternate possibilities.

If you’re worried that Niburu is going to wipe out humanity soon, don’t be- I’m sure we’ll find a way to wipe ourselves out long before that happens.

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