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The Hutchison Effect and 9/11

Watched this conference by Dr. Judy Wood about what happened on 9/11 (full conference link here)– and a hypothesis of what may have caused it. Her analysis is strictly scientific in that she doesn’t make theories about who was responsible for 9/11 or why, but rather questions what happened on 9/11 and how.

In her analysis she points out in the pictures and videos many of the anomalies that occurred on 9/11 and how they look similar to some of the phenomena (known as the Hutchison Effect) videotaped by John Hutchison when he tried to duplicate some of Nikola Teslas experiments. This is more so about how the scientific establishment is suppressing a technology which could give the world free limitless clean electricity- and she believes it was this same technology used on 9/11 and it’s how they turned the towers to dust.

Where did the towers go?

Lack of debris


The Hutchison Effect

Toasted Cars

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