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Sikh Shooting, Anti-Climatic Mars Mission, and Dumb Spending

Last Sunday yet another lone shooter strikes in America, at a Sikh Temple killing 6 people until he was shot dead by police responders. The shooter used to be in the military and prior to his leave he joined the military psychological division. Once again a man who had no clear motive- and once again I can’t help but get the feeling that this was another mind controlled human predator drone. There’s always a connection to the military, never any real motive, the anti-gun stories precipitate in the media afterward, and there are anomalies like cop told mayor to prepare for a shooting 3 weeks before this attack, yet mayor says in an interview this event was shocking. Similar to the Bush administration saying they couldn’t of imagined being attacked with planes even though it was one of the training simulations they were doing on the day of 911. The killer was an alleged white supremacist who played in a hate-metal band but I have yet to see the lyrics of the band he was in but a band name “End Apathy” doesn’t seem too neo-nazi to me. Maybe he was a neo-nazi douche, maybe he wasn’t- either was I still think this was but another false flag, designed to build on the case for gun control. Another thing that bothered me was the Sikh who said “we are not Muslims, yet we are collateral damage for 9/11” implying that had it been a shooting at a Muslim temple this would’ve been justified? This had nothing to do with 9/11 and I bet this false flag was planned to cause yet more division by getting another religion involved. But still I do see how the Sikh’s can be frustrated being called bin laden when they’re in a completely different religion- I live in a part of the world where there are a lot of Sikhs, and I always see ignorant generalizations but the dumb majority who don’t understand different world religions- and nor do they care.

In other news, the Mars mission was a success but I can’t help but think this story is truly blown out of proportion. Not to mention the celebration of when the rover successfully landed- it almost looked like an acted celebration- I bet that was like their 4th take. Apparently this is just a repeat of other mars missions, but this time the rover that they dropped on the Martian atmosphere was much larger, so it required a different method for landing. I personally think this is just another way of making Americans feel patriotic again, and to distract them from the fact that the American empire is in unsustainable wars overseas, and the wars only appear to be gradually moving towards another world war. Just reminding Americans that they still are the leaders in space travel. Still when you consider the fact that this mission cost $2.5billion, while the US spent over $500billion every year for the last 5 years on military, and apparently 2012 is going to be over a $trillion spent on it’s military, you get a clearer picture of where the US has it’s priorities. If the US spent even half of the money it spends on military on space travel it would still have the highest military budget in the world and they’d probably have space colonies by now. Just saying this whole Mars mission is made to seem a lot more epic then it really is, and certainly more epic then it could be if the money spent to kill brown people and destroy nations were used constructively instead. Not to mention the crappy pictures they’ve released that almost makes me doubt this event actually happened.

Speaking of the US’s foolish spending, Obama gave Israel $70billion recently, in addition to the $3billion Israel gets every year. All the mainstream news reported it as $70million, but as you’ll see on the last link it’s billion and the MSM is downplaying this since they don’t want Americans to start revolting, or revolting more so that is. But if you want to win the next election I’d say that’s a smart move on Obama’s part. The remaining days before election day we’re going to see both Obama and Romney sucking Israel’s cock as that seems to be the key to being successful in politics in the US, and also in several other Zionist controlled nations. If you doubt the influence of the Israel Lobby, I suggest you watch the 50 minute documentary below to see why no one in US politics speaks against Israel and stays in office afterward.

Probably why Israel broke the truce against the Palestinians on the US presidential election day November 4th, 2008, and when Hamas retaliated with some rocket attacks (allegedly) Israel initiated Operation Cast Lead. 22 days of terrorizing Gaza resulting in 1400 dead Palestinians, mostly children. They used white phosphorus and scalar weapons and it was this event that made me realize Israel’s true nature as a terror-state, that Israel controls the western media, and that the US is under Israel’s control because as this was going on, I was getting online updates of all this shit I couldn’t believe, while the news on TV failed to even mention it most days.

But in conclusion, I have to wake up early for work in the morning so….

End Log

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