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Corporate Distortion and the Freedom Illusion

When you take a look around the world, it becomes clear that our way of living is unsustainable. Some people will argue that over-population is to blame, but I beg to differ. I think that even though population may be a small factor in sustainability, the real problem is the entire paradigm of our current corporate driven, consumption based system, with a monetary system based on usury, and also institutional religions which manipulate mans irrational sign by using fear and shame to create a bunch of robotic believers who don’t hesitate to put money in the basket at mass. How much of that money actually helps the poor? God knows- pun intended.

You see, all corporations are under pressure to keep growing so that their investors are pleased with their investments and don’t end up selling. So corporations put the greater good for humanity and the well-being of the planet second and third to the bottom line, capital, profit, *plays worlds smallest violin*. This is why sweat shops exist in some countries where free trade has also been implemented. This is why prisons are privatized and prison populations in the US have increased by 700% since Nixon declared the war on drugs 40 years ago (the American version of sweatshops). This is why the FDA regularly approves drugs without adequate testing to ensure the drugs are safe, and pharmaceuticals kill more people then all illegal drugs combined. This is why cannabis is still illegal despite the fact that it’s the most useful plant on this planet which can do anything from cure cancer, to make oil, or create the strongest fiber for clothing- and I haven’t even scratched the surface with it’s uses. This is also why the US has invaded 66 countries since the end of WW2, and by the looks of it 67 is just around the corner. This is why we are still using gasoline for energy and why we are using so many ineffective and sometimes dangerous methods for power. It all goes back to the corporate sponsors, their lobbyists, and the presidents promises he made them after they gave him campaign contributions which is what really wins or loses elections if the winners aren’t prepicked from the get-go (this wouldn’t surprise me). This leads to an unprecedented amount of corruption in politics- and simply voting democrat instead of republican or vice versa never changes anything.

Then we look at the world as a whole, and you see obesity and diabetes rates soaring in the west, probably due to high-fructose corn syrup (a cheaper alternative to sugar for more corporate profit) and the methods of industrial farming, then on the other side of the world starvation and cholera are epidemics, because there’s no food or even clean water in a lot of places. While this is happening the US spends a trillion it doesn’t have on it’s military- all part of the military industrial complex, oil companies, any corporation who can profit of whatever any given country has to offer (just think about Afghanistan) and I’m sure the long-term goal of a new world order is also a factor. Then you see floods on one side and droughts on the other, and with HAARP (an ionospheric heater) being able to control the weather how do we know this isn’t just another method for milking profits. But no need to think about this chaotic imbalance on the planet when you’re at the mall shopping. Maxing out your credit cards on shit you don’t need, only to get a temporary feeling of happiness followed by a need to shop again. I’m sure there’s a release of dopamine or some other neuro-transmitter(s) for people when they splurge, and in that way shopping is like a drug for some- all cleverly implanted in you via commercials and ads that manipulate one’s irrational desires or gets you singing catchy jingles and saying catchy slogans because you’ve seen the commercial so many times. “Bet you can’t eat just one!”, “the energizer bunny keeps going and going”, “Nobody beats the brick!”, “Always coca cola”, “Make 7up yours!” etc. This coming from a person who has watched nearly zero commercials for the last 2 years- just goes to show how deeply engrained even a person who avoids ads is with the corporate slogans.

In addition to the corporate monsters which were created to meet the demands of goods and services of a growing population, the federal reserve has highjacked nearly the entire planet, and the governments of every country is in debt by huge amounts of money putting pressure on them to raise taxes gradually while hiding the tax under some bullshit euphemistic name. So pressures on while we’re on this treadmill. It’s like plate spinning, we’ve got our bills as a plate, taxes as another, our materialistic needs another, and an ever increasing inflation rate making the plates bigger and harder to balance. If the plates fall, you go bankrupt- so you work week after week, at a job you may hate, in a repetitious cycle counting down your days of work until the weekend- which you will probably use to spend money on something you don’t need to cheer you up temporarily amidst the economic slavery you call freedom. Then you go home and watch the news which pumps you full of paranoia- that anyone and everyone around you could be a shooter/rapist/a child molester, or that a terrorist wants to kill you because of this freedom you have which is so amazing right? At the same time everyone else thinks the same about you. Everyone keeps there head down at their cellphones, and I predict at this rate that simple human conversation is going to be very hard for the next generations. The entire planet is under pressure, maybe even those big elite families as well. Their pressure is the fact that they know we have the numbers, and if we ever realized how much their fucking us we’d have their heads. So they’re under pressure to ensure we remain divided, dumbed down, and too stressed out making ends meet to ever organize amongst one another and revolt on these elite pricks who have taken all the wealth and are gradually bringing about a new world order which will include such features as a micro-chipped population and a hivemind always monitored by a computer to which we will all connect to. We will be forced to subordinate… but on the bright side they might have technology which can release feel-good chemicals into our synapses so that we will be happy to serve at least… ah? ah? alriiight….

How do we change such a complex interconnected web of deceptive dilemmas? That’s something I don’t know. There would have to be some sort of organizing, which would need many people to wake up to some of these facts, but most people are too stressed making ends meet, or too stupid to comprehend any of this because of all the toxic chemicals they ingest regularly (aspartame, fluoride)to even begin to fathom that they’re being fucked in the ass on a regular basis. Most people in the west believe they are free, and will work their entire lives with this belief, and the illusion of freedom makes it that much harder for people to feel the need to take down the powers that be. I wrote this blog, not with the belief that this is going to make any difference, but rather to get this shit out of my system- and maybe this will plant seeds amongst some, maybe it won’t, either it’s going to take more then a few seeds to fix this mess we’re in as a race- because if we continue the way we’re going all I see in the horizon is chaotic times, but maybe this is how it has to play out…

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