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April Fires, Media Liars

Last night I stumbled upon this page from nodisinfo.com which has many pictures of suspicious characters that were at the Boston Marathon Bombing.

Today however as you probably already heard, the FBI released photos of the 2 suspects as depicted in the image below.

Also read this tweet quoting the FBI:

Now 3 suspicious things here. 1) once again they’re not telling us specifically the evidence that makes these 2 guys the FBIs prime suspects, so it’s like 9/11 all over again. They tell us whose responsible, and we take their word for it- I mean they wouldn’t lie to us. 2) the tweet embedded above is an incredibly odd thing for them to say. I mean, “only look at the photos the FBI provided”? Which leads me to 3) the photos the FBI provided are incredibly pixelated, the video shots seem to have missing frames, and each photo seems to have been photoshopped to the point of obscurity, and to the point where no 2 photos even match in quality. I mean the FBI themselves can’t identify these 2 guys, but they have “strong evidence” that they’re the ones responsible.

Now I wouldn’t have questioned the poor resolution of the photos until I saw this ultra-HD picture of side of the marathon where the bomb went off. Check it out, it’s like playing where’s waldo, only if waldo were a potential terrorist:

You can zoom in on the picture above and see all sorts of clear faces. You’re telling me the FBI has been investigating for 3 days and the best images of the suspects they can provide aren’t clear enough for any actual recognizance of the suspects? Get the fuck out of here! Like I’m trying really hard not to jump on the “it’s a conspiracy” bandwagon right away, but they’re really giving it away with these photos of blurry faces, when ultra HD resolution shots are available. Then when they make a statement, “only photos people should be looking at are the ones the FBI provided”- considering the photos they provided are completely shit, this is an illogical statement. Just compare the images from the first link on this blog, with the ones the FBI released, and tell me which ones seem to paint a clearer picture (pun intended)
of the suspects involved.

Then we have the ricin in envelopes mailed to politicians, which is a blatant parallel of the anthrax mailed after 9/11. 3 days before the ricin letters were sent Soligenix began clinical trials on the ricin vaccine called RiVax, and just like how Bayer made a shitload of money of Cipro (the anthrax vaccine) after the anthrax letters, Soligenix market shares have jumped since those ricin envelopes were sent. Just more fear used to generate profit.

Finally the Waco explosion last night. I had said that I was afraid that the Boston Marathon thing wasn’t going to be the last attack this week in my last blog, and I provided many examples of the many acts of death and destruction that seem to occur regularly around this time of year. I hope it’s over now, but I still think we have yet to reach the climax of the planned chaos of the week. I believe the explosion in West Texas was a deliberate act. I think it’s some sort of burnt offerings like I wrote in my last blog.

In conclusion, I gotta work in the morning.

End log

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