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The Universe Within

I just watched a documentary that I found to be very insightful. It covers teachings of various religions traditions, scientific discoveries, shows how the natural world exists, the natural gemoetric forms of the world(Mandelbrot’s fractals and the Fibonacci spiral), also describes other shapes of sacred geometry (tetrahedron, the branch, the flower of life), it shows how vibration creates form out of sand and water with some trippy cymatic footage, it explains the cosmos, the energy spiral that is a signature within all the universe (the spiral galaxy, tornadoes, hurricanes, kundalini energy, our double helix DNA etc), and this has definitely compelled me to start regularly meditating, an idea I had entertained in the past but was unable to do because every time I attempted to meditate I was trying to hard to meditate which was creating a resistance (long story short watch the documentary for yourself). To say the least this documentary has opened me up to new ideas I had never entertained like the possibility that my over-indulgence of information and always learning new things on the internet may be a bad thing or at the very least lead to an unhealthy state of being if not balanced by seeking the answer to life from within as well. I had never considered learning too much info a bad thing before, and these past few weeks I’ve come to notice my twitter feed has been pissing me off more and more lately and this could explain why. Truth be told we cannot change the world without changing ourselves first, and in order to do this we must change ourselves from within as opposed to pursuing it from the external world whether it be through materialistic means or from seeking more and more information thinking that eventually we can buy something or research information and through either of these acts our reality in this universe- but this fails to realize that we are the embodiments of the entire universe and a part of it.

All in all it’s a 4-part documentary first parts embedded below and links to parts 2-4 are posted under it…

Inner Worlds, Outer Worlds – Part 2 – The Spiral

Inner Worlds, Outer Worlds – Part 3 – The Serpent and the Lotus

Inner Worlds, Outer Worlds – Part 4 – Beyond Thinking

End Log

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