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Anonymous and The 4th Branch

So apparently Anonymous hacked the federal reserve, and next stop they plan to hack Goldman Sachs. Oh ya, and they leaked this story about Obama being able to assassinate Americans without trial or due process. They use the word leaked, a word reminiscent of Wiki-leaks- who Anonymous supports. In addition to these stories a few Anonymous accounts on twitter were claiming responsibility for the lights going out at the Super Bowl. Then there’s this recent story on new internet legislation where the Obama Administration is going to and to quote from the link: “issue an executive order aimed at bolstering U.S. cybersecurity as soon as next week, according to two former White House officials briefed on the administration’s plans….The administration is preparing the order amid recent high- profile cyber attacks, including the security breach of a U.S. Federal Reserve website, intrusions at the New York Times and other newspapers attributed to Chinese hackers, and a wave of denial-of-service attacks that disrupted the websites of major U.S. banks. ” I’ve been saying this since December, Anonymous false-flag = new world wide web = my balls in a vice-grip.

Now all I see on Twitter is a bunch of people supporting Anonymous every time they post a tweet about who they hacked this time, and this bothers me because it’s a reminder of how most people lack the ability to critically asses shit like this, but I suppose it’s not their fault seeing as it’s what our education system produces- a vast majority of people who have a strong ability to memorize and regurgitate shit but an atrophied sense of thinking critically or questioning the legitimacy of the world as the mainstream news presents it.

Here’s some of the shit that only adds to my belief that Anonymous is another false-movement. For starters the fact that the fed openly admits to mainstream media sources that Anonymous did in fact hack into their servers which to me this is bullshit as openly admitting this would reveal to the public that such an attack is possible and potentially set the stage for other possible attacks. Now instead of supporting Anonymous or recommending other sites that should be hacked, people should be asking Anonymous what their desired outcome for these seemingly specious cyber attacks? Do they even have a desired outcome? As a matter of fact that do! and it’s to control the internet because both Anonymous and Wikileaks are fronts for the same “lords of this world” who are slowly bringing about a new world order a world where they’re ubiquitous in every sense of the way- like Santa Claus or God- only this is reality as opposed to a way of controlling people via superstition, and I think they’re very close considering how many people have cellphones tracking them on a radar, how many people post every part of their past, present, and plans for the future on facebook, how they have license plate scanning technology to track and display where any car has been on a map, then there’s spy drones, how cameras are at every corner of the streets and subways, facial recognition, and don’t mean to make you paranoid or to sound overly-paranoid myself, but they could be potentially watching you through the camera on your computer/cellphone/ipod etc. I know for a fact that this is possible because there was a time in my life that I used to hack into peoples computers- mostly for shits-and-giggles- I could look into peoples webcams without them being aware. The next phase would be reading thoughts, and with the predicted future of a transhuman civilization maybe future brain implants will make every bodies thoughts open to being heard, thought-crime here we come!

The fact that the mainstream media covers Anonymous, Wiki-leaks, and even Alex Jones is what really makes me question their validity. This is my litmus test for trying to disseminate the truth from bullshit. The media is the 4th branch of the government, and they simply cover what they’re told to cover and when both Anonymous and Wiki-leaks gets regular media coverage this is a HUGE indicator that this is all just a psy-op false flag illusive pretext which will justify controlling the internet in ways that I can’t even begin to fathom. Check out the video below where Anonymous supposedly hacks fox while it’s live on the air, and tell me that’s not a crock of shit? ok I’m done.

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