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May Day, Cispa, Obama, Osama, Olympics, and Bilderberg 2012

Yesterday was May Day, and once again people took to the streets on a global level. The May Day protests, are basically the continuation of the Occupy Wall Street movement that started last fall, but now the climate shouldn’t get in the way of the protestors; but will this demonstration have any impact on anything? I personally hope for the best for these protestors, as a lot of them seem to be well educated people looking to standup for what they believe to be right. Having said that, I don’t think anything will be accomplished by this- but I suppose I’ve always had a defeatist attitude with regards to actually making a difference on this planet. Maybe I’ve just been jaded after coming to the realization that not only is everything not as it seems, but most seemingly benevolent causes are actually the opposite- and seemingly grass-root movements like the occupy movement, or even anonymous are in actuality probably controlled, or at the very least have been co-opted to further the sinister agenda.

Speaking of anonymous… it was their attacks which brought about the justification to CISPA which just got passed by the US house. CISPA is an acronym for the Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act, and if passed will leave all our files in cyberspace open to warantless searches… so basically all your emails, tweets, and any other content you have online the government will have access to. Obama said he will veto this bill, but Obama has said, and continues to say a lot of things. Such as the NDAA bill, which I heard that he said he would veto, but he signed it on New Years Eve, while most people were too drunk to take notice. That’s the biggest thing that worried me about CISPA, the fact that it can be used with the NDAA to basically detain anybody who is “belligerent to the government”. Just like Nazi Germany, but on a global level, and if CISPA passes, will people just disappear at random, without a trial, because they stated their opinion on twitter? I guess only time will tell.

Going back to Obama, 1 year ago yesterday was the day that he announced that they killed Osama Bin Laden. Without any proof of this claim, since the corpse was tossed in the river for a proper Islamic burial, and the picture they had of Osama’s corpse was much too graphic to show the masses so it wasn’t released. Still, despite the lack of evidence, that he actually got Osama, people got together and celebrated after the announcement, taking his word for it. In addition to lack of evidence that they got Osama, there is also lack of evidence that Bin Laden was responsible for 9/11 anyways. There was a dubbed tape with this guy (on the left) who looks nothing like bin laden (on the right) in it:bin
Plus there was an interview with Bin Laden on Al Jazeera shortly after the attacks which he denies any involvement in the attacks, but this never surfaced to western media sources. Not to mention all the other reports that Bin Laden was dead already. Even if you did have suspicion that Bin Laden was responsible for 911, there should’ve been a trial, not an assassination just because you’re pretty sure he was responsible. What would he have had to gain from this? Oh ya, that’s right he was jealous of our freedom… I guess thats why our freedoms are slowly being taken away, that way no other terrorist gets jealous and plans to kill a bunch of people over it. I’ve probably said most of this before, but it still bothers me how the world accepts all this as fact and doesn’t think for themselves at all.
“We’re the puppet people! put it on our TV its true! Put it on our TV it’s true!”-Bill Hicks

The fact that this is being used as a campaign tactic, is messed being that they’re boasting about an assassination without a trial, which is not the way of the American Justice system, or at-least it wasn’t in the past. Still people seem to overlook this fact, as everyone is sooo sure Bin Laden was responsible for 9/11, despite the lack of motive. The masses just see the WTC towers fall, question whose to blame, the media tells them Bin Laden, Obama announces Bin Ladens dead, the masses finally feel that revenge was served… very black and white, villain attacks, good guys kill villain… yep…

Speaking of false flags, there has been a lot of speculation that the next one is going to happen at the 2012 Olympics in London. Once again, I don’t know if it is or it’s not, as there have been many other dates after 9/11 where people suspected a next false flag but nothing happened. I’m just going to throw it out there. Olympics 2012, or possibly Chicago (after the attacks depicted on Source Code) is what I’m thinking could be potential false flag targets. Just noting how the attacks on the WTC were foreshadowed in movies, both attacks in Chicago, and a nuclear attack in London during the Olympics have been foreshadowed in movie or shows so even though nothing is for sure and we’ll have to wait and see, I’m just going to throw that out there.

Last thing, this years Bilderberg meeting is going on May 31st-June 3rd in Chantilly Virginia. For those who don’t know what the Bilderberg meeting is, it’s basically all the elites (celebrities, royal family, politicians, and media moguls)coming together for a meeting once a year, and they discuss… well one can only imagine. Shit like this that happens annually really takes the theory out of conspiracy theory. There is clearly a conspiracy at hand when you bring the Bilderberg meetings into the picture. All the elites meeting in secrecy and I doubt the shit that they talk about in these meetings is benign

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