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The Electric Universe

I meant to post this a while ago but I also meant to maintain employment and not to be facing potential incarceration for selling the most useful plant on this planet, cannabis. If you won’t accept that cannabis is the most useful plant on this planet, congratulations, your corporate masters have done well into conditioning you into the douche bag you are today who probably has rigid beliefs, and a close-minded know-it-all attitude, because you attended everyday of elementary school when they taught about drugs and you believe anything the MSN says as truth without needing any proof. But that’s another topic.

Speaking of beliefs, I read something last week about them shooting a particle faster then the speed of light, which disproves Einsteins theory of relativity. Here is that story -> http://news.discovery.com/space/faster-speed-of-light-110922.html

This was by no means a shock to me for I have watched the documentary at the bottom of this blog a while ago, and I have learned of a new theory that seems to make more sense then all this anti-matter, dark-matter, string-theory, multiple-dimensional, big-bang hypotheses these so called Physics experts are pulling out of their asses for reasons to why all their crazy ass calculations (that I could never do so gotta give them expert credit for that at least) don’t seem to add up. Every since I first heard of the big bang theory, I thought God was a man who banged something or someone and the embryo ended up being the universe. Then my teacher put in a VHS about it and I realized that the big bang was more like an explosion and after the explosion the universe began expanding from that moment. It seemed like bullshit then when I first heard about it, and it seems like bullshit now. There was also always problems with the math behind it as they got closer to the big bang the calculations would always screw up which proved to me that it had no merit. Still today everybody talks about the big bang like its indisputable fact and that’s how the universe was created.
Well I like this documentary because it starts off talking about our changing view of reality in the beginning. It mentions in the beginning our constantly changing view of reality, it makes sense of why ancient myths are basically the same in all cultures (aside from the names), it accurately predicts the nature of various cosmic phenomena, and it can be proven with our technology that the universe is electric and composed of 99.9% plasma… Any how, check it out… Thunderbolts of the Gods:

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